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Thank you for visiting this page. I try to provide interesting and relevant monthly newsletters that cover my work and my interests and anything that I think relates to the energetic changes we are going through right now. Please feel free to share these pdf's with anyone you choose to but I would ask that you do so with care as there is sensitive information contained within them. 

I would also add that a huge amount of time goes into writing these and my social media posts and I have to use them to sell my books and services as that provides me with the time to continue to share the information that I king get given in a variety of ways. Just buying a book or two or one of my services really does help considerably. 

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Rory Duff March 2024 Newsletter_c - Cloud omen - rediscovered St Michael alignment church - shadow energy lines, new archaeological dating methods show Steiner epochs, Giza pyramid function observations, Turbo cancer science explained, 30 statement challenge pdf - Holding balance within to choose the future we wish to see.  

November and December 2023 Rory Duff Newsletter  - Purification, Dali paintings, Crossing the Abyss, Rome update and a challenge

Rory Duff September 2023 newsletter - A look back over the last ten years from 2033. World temperature map water opportunity and event updates

Rory Duff August 2023 newsletter - A tale of three cities, Betterway conference speech, heart of Rome, repairing nodes 

Rory Duff June 2023 mini update newsletter - An update on future events and a connection between Rome and Peru.

Rory Duff May 2023 newsletter a - Wekiwa springs, freedom, the few and the many, compartmentalised knowledge, Geo-engineering, Cancer lies and a Zimbabwe, Florida, Texas alignment.  

Rory Duff March 2023 short news update - Aurora, the Ides of March and Grounding

Rory Duff February 2023 quarter newsletter 280123 - Alien passports - The Zeta Key - The IgG4 problem - Electric Universe and Benker grid connection - Solutions to the number one issue facing us - Ancient language sounds new again when sung. 

Rory Duff November December 2022 newsletter - Synchronicity strikes again - Who are the Watchers and what are they doing - A Da Vinci prophecy? - Another European stonehenge and the difference between Division and Separation and why it will make all the difference.

Rory Duff September October 2022 newsletter - Space is all light & not dark at all - Changing colour of our Sun - Avebury energy history - From a Unipolar World to a Multipolar World - just what is going on and what we must do. 

July 2022 Rory Duff newsletter - The War on Spirituality, schisms. prophecies & soul forces -  Mercury retrograde & Astrology supported by a complete theory of quantum gravity - Energy line spirals and 1st order nodes.

Rory Duff June mini newsletter update message - Includes a Sacred Network website update on progress made so far.

Rory Duff newsletter May June 2022  Galicia energies - Heart rhythm resonant breathing creating light - Michael Jackson - Sufi principles, hearts and awareness centres.- Social network update

Rory Duff March 2022 newsletter v2._compressed   - Breugel & Bosch painting revelations - War and Surrender and Steiner - Cosmic light - Native American Indian Buddhist Earth energy connection. 

Rory Duff February 2022 Newsletter.. - Nodes and Large Vortex differences - vortex rings and surprising heart anatomy - Heart/Brain connection - Social coherence, breathing and cosmic health - Introducing the Social Network

Rory Duff January 2022 Newsletter 1  A look at duality & curiosity - the wizard of Oz prophecy that is relevant today - Suppressed science update - the Tipping point we have all been waiting for - Great expectations for 2022

Rory Duff Newsletter December 2021_compressed - Crossing the Abyss - New Knights Templar site in Spain found on a 4th order node - Bioweapon proof Dr-CAMPRA_Technical report - The silence in sound  - climate questions - Saturn meditation - Positive news

Rory Duff November 2021 newsletter - Violet ray - poems and plays - Czechia energy nodes and a surprise on another type 4 European Ley - Light stopping light science drama - breathing tips - Extreme medical researcher with highest credentials speaks out - good news

Rory Duff October 2021 newsletter_ - Energy from the land - The ancient Scottish highlands - The most significant type 4 Ley line in Europe and where it runs - The science that explains how intelligence must have arisen in the Universe as part of creation - Massive Dee update showing the charade and the lines and who knows this. 

Rory Duff September 2021 newsletter. - Spiritual Emotional and Physical Preparations - East Sussex Type 4 energy lines and nodes and training days - Tennessee sacred site - Magnetic field and solar problems uncovered in the science with a massive cover up - the true cause of recent lung inflammation problems - three problems with one solution - Dee updates.

Rory Duff August 2021 newsletter- Eagle theme - Deceptions over time and our future - Peace Hope & Joy speech from a Hopi Eagle - Black Elk vision - The two great Hoaxes of our times

Rory Duff July 2021 newsletter c - Green Snake theme - One of the most significant European Leys - The smoking gun when it comes to a certain type of mRNA vaccines - Science to make you fearful - Fatima secrets and papal lies - Snakes and rock stars - Vaccine and lock down fatality analysis

June 2021 Rory Duff newsletter_compressed (1) - When is a Ley not a Ley? - Analysis of passing through the galactic current sheet & what we might expect - A Salvador Dali prophecy perhaps ? - Statistical analysis of a global fraud 

May 2021 newsletter 010521 - Forest churches theme - Ethiopian sacred surprise - Gamma ray radiation causing problems shown by top statistician - More and more synchronicity - The great separation predicted long ago

April 2021 Rory Duff Newsletter for site - These times are not normal - Electric Universe and Plasma cosmology only can provide us with answers - galactic cycles, predictions and prophecies - Introducing the E'epa - lung damage clues - death coding fudging - Anatomy of a synchronicity - crystal twinning and underlying changes to geometry

March 2021 Rory Duff Newsletter for site - moving lines - introducing the Worlds radiation problem - magnetic anomaly signs and problems in Brazil - How science really advances and what is actually going on - Tesla's Action and Reaction provides us with nature's problems and solutions

February 2021 Rory Duff newsletter - The time line competition we are in -Kingfisher synchronicity - Groups of 12 & Group meditation - tools of the numinous & the golden age - Genetic manipulation to stop us evolving - Rudolf Steiner's brilliant foresight - Tesla's genius - Bill Wood interview warning to us all regarding timelines - plus THE BLUEPRINT FOR LIFE 

January 2021 newsletter_compressed - Transformation - Scotland and Ireland type 4 Energy connections & lost sites - PCR test anomalies and lies - Galactic current sheet alert - Meditation analysis with acceptances and an 8 step process  

December 2020 Newsletter (3) - Waterhole Management lessons - Incoming Cosmic wave alert - Happy Jack Sacred site search trip - Morphic resonance experiments revisited -Tracking lines of Spirit

November 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter- Everything is changing, Type 3 Energy line harmony times explained by science, Giants at the gate, WH Yeats and the new Bethlehem, Are our strengths really our weaknesses?.

October 2020 Newsletter_compressed - Angelsey sacred sites, Reality check to help with positivity, SAFIRE promise, Empathy check & Spiritual modules.

September 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter- How to ride a Superwave, Sacred site location service, More synchronicity, Tree of Life guards, Group Meditation formats and structures.

August 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - 1st Order node Group Meditation, Spanish trip group surprises, Expert/Idiot strategy, Where Mainstream physicists keep going wrong.

July 2020 Newsletter final draft._compressed - Beauty, Nature and Gatherings - The USA's sacred corridor - Node effects - Benker protection, Electric landscaping & Electric volcanoes - Cosmic preparation.

June 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Evaluating freedom - Remote dowsing key learning - Jumping genes and our evolution - Hopi tablets new full interpretation - Learning from Gibran's prophet

May 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Riding the Bow shock waves - Dolphin joy - Predictive dowsing - The fall of the big bang theory - California dreaming - Spiritual learning modules

April 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter -- Covid 19 Bird symbols - - Free energy from the Safire team - Internet & the power of the people to create positive change - 

March 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter -- Carlsbad USA trip - Polynesian rituals - Activating Sage node California - Fasting benefits and our coming evolution

February 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Ancient Ocean navigation - Jade node - Pounamu anchors - Waitaha secrets

January 2020 Newsletter - Why nodes move on their own - Superwaves, neutrinos and Emperors - King Herod and Silbury hill connection

December 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - Florida and New Jersey seminars and dowsing workshops - Finding Phyllis Schlemmer on a type 4 line - CIMP 6 and the coming cold - Ragnarok appeals

November 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Matching European leys to American ones - Dream detective work - Electric Sun - Avebury training and dowsing workshops

October 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - Benker blockage problems - Sedona vortex discovery - Prophecy rock timelines - Safire project major breakthroughs

September 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - A node Labyrinth appears - Major Jung Synchronicity -Aphantasia and Visualisation

August 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Rosslyn chapel Energy enigma - Dynamic Earth conference & the Safire project

July 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter How my guide introduced himself - A Boulder with a Native American Earth Energy map on.

June 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Beacon trees - Synchronicity & the Divine Feminine & the Evolution of Consciousness

May 2019 - Emperor Dragon Update- Wave effects on consciousness - Cosmic rays & climate change

April 2019 - 6th Dragon arrives - Big Bang theory proved wrong by MRI inventor

March 2019 - Waiting for the last Emperor - Effects of awakening - Mini Novas

Feb 2019 - New waves of Energy - Magnetic reversals - Scientifically tested Healer success

Jan 2019 - New Dragons have arrived - Sun physics you may not know.

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