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Thank you for visiting this page. I try to provide interesting and relevant monthly newsletters that cover my work and my interests and anything that I think relates to the energetic changes we are going through right now. Please feel free to share these pdf's with anyone you choose to but I would ask that you do so with care as there is sensitive information contained within them. The latest ones are not put up in order to encourage people to sign up to my newsletters directly. 

I would also add that a huge amount of time goes into writing these and my social media posts and I have to use them to sell my books and services as that provides me with the time to continue to share the information I come across. Just buying a book or two or one of my services really does help me considerably. 

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Rory Duff January 2022 Newsletter 1  A look at duality & curiosity - the wizard of Oz prophecy that is relevant today - Suppressed science update - the Tipping point we have all been waiting for - Great expectations for 2022

Rory Duff Newsletter December 2021_compressed - Crossing the Abyss - New Knights Templar site in Spain found on a 4th order node - Bioweapon proof Dr-CAMPRA_Technical report - The silence in sound  - climate questions - Saturn meditation - Positive news

Rory Duff November 2021 newsletter - Violet ray - poems and plays - Czechia energy nodes and a surprise on another type 4 European Ley - Light stopping light science drama - breathing tips - Extreme medical researcher with highest credentials speaks out - good news

Rory Duff October 2021 newsletter_ - Energy from the land - The ancient Scottish highlands - The most significant type 4 Ley line in Europe and where it runs - The science that explains how intelligence must have arisen in the Universe as part of creation - Massive Dee update showing the charade and the lines and who knows this. 

Rory Duff September 2021 newsletter. - Spiritual Emotional and Physical Preparations - East Sussex Type 4 energy lines and nodes and training days - Tennessee sacred site - Magnetic field and solar problems uncovered in the science with a massive cover up - the true cause of recent lung inflammation problems - three problems with one solution - Dee updates.

Rory Duff August 2021 newsletter- Eagle theme - Deceptions over time and our future - Peace Hope & Joy speech from a Hopi Eagle - Black Elk vision - The two great Hoaxes of our times

Rory Duff July 2021 newsletter c - Green Snake theme - One of the most significant European Leys - The smoking gun when it comes to a certain type of mRNA vaccines - Science to make you fearful - Fatima secrets and papal lies - Snakes and rock stars - Vaccine and lock down fatality analysis

June 2021 Rory Duff newsletter_compressed (1) - When is a Ley not a Ley? - Analysis of passing through the galactic current sheet & what we might expect - A Salvador Dali prophecy perhaps ? - Statistical analysis of a global fraud 

May 2021 newsletter 010521 - Forest churches theme - Ethiopian sacred surprise - Gamma ray radiation causing problems shown by top statistician - More and more synchronicity - The great separation predicted long ago

April 2021 Rory Duff Newsletter for site - These times are not normal - Electric Universe and Plasma cosmology only can provide us with answers - galactic cycles, predictions and prophecies - Introducing the E'epa - lung damage clues - death coding fudging - Anatomy of a synchronicity - crystal twinning and underlying changes to geometry

March 2021 Rory Duff Newsletter for site - moving lines - introducing the Worlds radiation problem - magnetic anomaly signs and problems in Brazil - How science really advances and what is actually going on - Tesla's Action and Reaction provides us with nature's problems and solutions

February 2021 Rory Duff newsletter - The time line competition we are in -Kingfisher synchronicity - Groups of 12 & Group meditation - tools of the numinous & the golden age - Genetic manipulation to stop us evolving - Rudolf Steiner's brilliant foresight - Tesla's genius - Bill Wood interview warning to us all regarding timelines - plus THE BLUEPRINT FOR LIFE 

January 2021 newsletter_compressed - Transformation - Scotland and Ireland type 4 Energy connections & lost sites - PCR test anomalies and lies - Galactic current sheet alert - Meditation analysis with acceptances and an 8 step process  

December 2020 Newsletter (3) - Waterhole Management lessons - Incoming Cosmic wave alert - Happy Jack Sacred site search trip - Morphic resonance experiments revisited -Tracking lines of Spirit

November 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter- Everything is changing, Type 3 Energy line harmony times explained by science, Giants at the gate, WH Yeats and the new Bethlehem, Are our strengths really our weaknesses?.

October 2020 Newsletter_compressed - Angelsey sacred sites, Reality check to help with positivity, SAFIRE promise, Empathy check & Spiritual modules.

September 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter- How to ride a Superwave, Sacred site location service, More synchronicity, Tree of Life guards, Group Meditation formats and structures.

August 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - 1st Order node Group Meditation, Spanish trip group surprises, Expert/Idiot strategy, Where Mainstream physicists keep going wrong.

July 2020 Newsletter final draft._compressed - Beauty, Nature and Gatherings - The USA's sacred corridor - Node effects - Benker protection, Electric landscaping & Electric volcanoes - Cosmic preparation.

June 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Evaluating freedom - Remote dowsing key learning - Jumping genes and our evolution - Hopi tablets new full interpretation - Learning from Gibran's prophet

May 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Riding the Bow shock waves - Dolphin joy - Predictive dowsing - The fall of the big bang theory - California dreaming - Spiritual learning modules

April 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter -- Covid 19 Bird symbols - - Free energy from the Safire team - Internet & the power of the people to create positive change - 

March 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter -- Carlsbad USA trip - Polynesian rituals - Activating Sage node California - Fasting benefits and our coming evolution

February 2020 Rory Duff Newsletter - Ancient Ocean navigation - Jade node - Pounamu anchors - Waitaha secrets

January 2020 Newsletter - Why nodes move on their own - Superwaves, neutrinos and Emperors - King Herod and Silbury hill connection

December 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - Florida and New Jersey seminars and dowsing workshops - Finding Phyllis Schlemmer on a type 4 line - CIMP 6 and the coming cold - Ragnarok appeals

November 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Matching European leys to American ones - Dream detective work - Electric Sun - Avebury training and dowsing workshops

October 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - Benker blockage problems - Sedona vortex discovery - Prophecy rock timelines - Safire project major breakthroughs

September 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter  - A node Labyrinth appears - Major Jung Synchronicity -Aphantasia and Visualisation

August 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Rosslyn chapel Energy enigma - Dynamic Earth conference & the Safire project

July 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter How my guide introduced himself - A Boulder with a Native American Earth Energy map on.

June 2019 Rory Duff Newsletter - Beacon trees - Synchronicity & the Divine Feminine & the Evolution of Consciousness

May 2019 - Emperor Dragon Update- Wave effects on consciousness - Cosmic rays & climate change

April 2019 - 6th Dragon arrives - Big Bang theory proved wrong by MRI inventor

March 2019 - Waiting for the last Emperor - Effects of awakening - Mini Novas

Feb 2019 - New waves of Energy - Magnetic reversals - Scientifically tested Healer success

Jan 2019 - New Dragons have arrived - Sun physics you may not know.