Murcia, Spain Tour

You may have watched the documentary, Holy Grail Found, read the books Grail Found, Grail Bound and the Grail Hunter, but there is nothing quite like visiting the places mentioned in them.

If you join this tour, you will not only be taken you to all the key places, but you will have many other activities planned for you as well. You will be taught how to locate the most powerful energy lines in the World – the Emperor Dragons. We will be meditating on one of the most powerful nodes in the World (one of the very few 1st Order nodes) and there will be seminars on some of the most up to date research I have been doing. I will be your guide throughout this tour so there will also be plenty of time for Q&A as well.




At the moment all Spanish trips have been postponed until all the sites over there have been opened up again in a way that will make the experience more enjoyable.



Hotel Jardines de Santa

Arrival day – You will be picked up from the local airport in Murcia, the new Murcia International Airport at Corvera and taken (35 min transfer) to a delightful hotel on the foothills of the Sierra Espuna (The same one that Rowena Colleen stayed at). This is a place steeped in history as only a few years ago it had been a monastery for hundreds of years. The energies here are amazingly strong and we will be able to do dowsing and meditation here to familiarise ourselves with the frequencies.

After settling in and having dinner there will be an introductory talk by myself that will set out what will be happening in the next six days and what we will be looking to achieve. For  more information on the hotel, please click on this link 

Your own room and breakfast are included in the price of the tour. Evening meals are not covered as that leaves us all with some flexibility.


La Bas Tida

Day 1 – We begin with a trip to Europe’s largest Bronze Age city that has been found on the mainland. It is a short trip by minibus to La Bastida where you will be taken around the ruins of where the Argaric people used to live. Although, we will not be allowed for Archaeological reasons to go to the top of the hill where their most sacred place used to be, you will be able to get a feel for how life was for them and why they made such a long trip from the other side of the Mediterranean to reach this particular site. After this there will be time for a short excursion around the nearby town of Totana. One of the main Emperor Dragons runs through the town and we will visit the main site is passes through. For those of you who dowse it will be the first chance to dowse these powerful lines. For those of you who do not, there will be a short introduction to dowsing. In the afternoon there will be time to learn to dowse the energy lines in and around the hotel. After an evening meal at the hotel, there will be a talk on the Emperor Dragons and where they can be found around the World and the work that has being going on repairing some of the nodes. All entry tickets to locations and all travel are covered by the tour price.




Lorca Museum & the Menhir la Tercia

Day 2  – After breakfast there is a 25 min minibus trip to the town of Lorca where we will head out to look for the Menhir la Tercia. This is an ancient standing stone that is just outside the town of Lorca and about a 30 min walk into the hills. There will be time again to dowse the main energy lines as we get near to this standing stone. This is also the first chance to do some group meditation in some powerful energies.

With time to rest at the hotel in the afternoon, you will be ready for dinner and afterward a unique talk about the legend of Caravaca de la Cruz and the Apparition/Templar window at the Sanctuario at the top of the hill in the centre of the town. You will then hear a more complete interpretation of the message than found in the book Grail Found. For reasons you will find out, it was not possible to divulge the full details in that format. All four corner murals and their Latin inscriptions will now be covered.    




Caravaca de La Cruz,  The Apparition Templar Window & Fuentes del Marques 

Day 3  - After an early breakfast we head out, on a 50 min journey, to Caravaca de la Cruz and the Sanctuario where you will have a guided tour of the museum and the Chapel. Fresh from the talk the night before, you will see in the full interpretation come to life. The enormity of the message will be felt as you will be right on top of the node at Caravaca - a truly sacred bathroom. 


After this there will be chance to do some dowsing outside the Sanctuario to locate the main type 4 energy lines that pass through the building. The Sanctuario has been a place of pilgrimage for centuries due to its many miracles that have been witnessed there. 


A light lunch will then be possible at the Plaza del Arco (Where Rowena Colleen also ate). This lovely small square provides us with a taste of what it was once like to live in this ancient town. 


After that we will travel to the beautiful Fuentes del Marques and its crystalline waters where we will see the beautiful Marquis fountains and the ir springs. It was here that the Knights Templars used to spend much of their time relaxing in the 13th Century. There you will be able to walk under the cool of the trees next to the calming sacred waters. For those of you keen to find the type 4 lines there that run from the Santuario, there will be time to do this too.

The drive back to the hotel will offer a chance to see more of the Sierra Espuna mountains and its wonderful views.

El Berro, The Sierra Espuna mountains & a 1st Order node

Day 4  - This is the day when we set out to find the 1st Order node. This involves finding the Emperor Dragons and tracking them towards the sacred centre.

We start with trip to El Berro, a small village high up in the Sierra Espuna mountains (Another place that Rowena Colleen stays with her two new friends). It is here that we discover the direction of the North/South Emperor Dragons. The views in the mountains are superb and the cooler crisper temperatures are wonderfully refreshing. 

We then travel round to find the East/West Dragons and measure their widths and their frequencies. This will then allow us to work our way towards the 1st Order node. There are only 7 of these on land in the World. Of these 7 only 4 are accessible. 

Having reached the node, we will have group meditation session. It is recommended that sunscreen and hats should be worn as this is an exposed area. We will be on a path but you may like to wear walking boots. 

The rest of the afternoon will be back at the hotel relaxing.







Cartagena Port City and a Roman Amphitheatre 

Day 5 –This day will give you a chance to relax and do some sightseeing and some shopping should you wish. A trip is planned to go to the ancient seaside port city of Cartagena which is about an hour away by minibus. There you will be able to visit one of the most well preserved Roman Amphitheatres that still exist today. It is situated right in the middle of the city and next to the main shopping street which is paved with polished marble.

In the evening back at the hotel there is a final talk by myself on some of my latest research with plenty of time for Q&A afterwards.








Day 6 – We will be returning to the 1st Order node for a final group meditation and putting in place what has been learnt from the week and we will be learning more from the energies



Departure day

Day 7 – Depending on the time of your flight, you will be taken to Murcia International Airport from the hotel by minibus.     

The cost of the tour does not include flights. People are expected to be travelling in many different ways to get to the Hotel – some from Spain and some Internationally. It is up to the individual to make their way to the hotel themselves but we will be arranging a free minibus service to and from the main Murcia International airport. It is up to you to let us know you will want to use this service and to tell us the times of your flights – both arrival and departure.



All hotel accommodation – Each person has a room to themselves - if you are wishing to share a room with a partner, please let me know and I will give you a revised cost. It will probably be slightly less.

All Breakfasts in the hotel

Airport transfers from Murcia International (Corvera) via the minibus.

All transportation cost to and from sites via the minibus

All entrance fees to museums and sites on tour schedule except for entry to the Roman Amphitheatre

Two evening seminars - Max 2 hrs each

All dowsing tuition

PRICE £1195 per person - Deposit needed by End of January £200 - non refundable unfortunately due to booking costs. The remaining payment is needed by the end of May.



International flights - people will be flying in from many different places. It is up to you to let us now when you will be arriving at the hotel. For flights to the new Murcia International airport at Corvera, we are arranging transport but you still need to let us know your flight details.

Drinks in restaurants

Meals or services not mentioned


Items of a personal nature

Private airport transfers - private taxis to and from the airport are not covered

Only places for 7 people are available - booking on a first come first served basis and only when you have paid the deposit