Having had a backlog of sacred site searches to complete, I have time to do up to two a month only starting from the 1st January 2023. It will have to be on a first come first served basis unfortunately though and due to increasing constraints on my time and the increasing costs I have had to raise the costs of these searches accordingly. Please do check the Sacred Network site first though as there may already be a nearby sacred site that you and your group could join. Click here for a link to that site.


Sacred places

One of the most enjoyable areas of work that I do is to create sacred places by working with the energy lines. It has taken years of research and practical experience to reach the point at which I understand enough to be able to do this. Nearly every location has different requirements and has a different starting point. It is not just about repairing the energy grid in a location in the most favourable way but also in ensuring it is linked to the grid around it in a harmonic manner up to the point at which it can integrate with the most powerful lines in the region.

I offer two different services here. One is to find a sacred site near to where you live where you can go to do your meditations, either on your own or in groups. The other service is a full geobiological survey. 

This full survey can take several days of work in some cases and there are occasions when more than one energy worker is needed in order to make moves in the right order and sequence. Help is also sometimes needed with any intermediary and final anchoring as well as final activation. Typically I provide this service for people looking to build retreat centres, sanctuaries, retirement villages and for owners of large estates who are looking to add greater harmony to that land for various reasons. If you are in need of this service you will need a full geobiological survey done. If you would like to read more about this, please click here. Each project is evaluated on its own basis with regards to cost or donations..

If on the other hand you would just like to know the location of a sacred site near to you, you should choose the option of the sacred site search service. Please read on to learn more about this. 

Sacred site search service

Many more people around the World are looking to meditate or pray on a sacred place. They know that there are many benefits both for themselves and mankind in doing this during one of the four harmony times. My research has shown that symmetrical intersections that include type 4 energy lines, or even the stronger type 5 lines, are where the more powerful sacred spaces can be found. These are the 4th order, 3rd order & 2nd order nodes.

There are literally a few thousand of these special places around the World but it takes time to find them and repair them remotely - if repairs are necessary.

Your help here is requested. We do not know which ones should be done first, but we do know that where we find them, local people, who would wish to pray and meditate on them in groups, should be aware of them before anyone else.

If you, or a group of you, are interested in finding the nearest 4th order node to where you live, we will prioritise our time to get you that information. There has to be a cost to this though because of the time factor and these costs
are shown below.

The costs of this service is different depending on where you live due to the work that has been done in those areas already and the work that still needs to be done. The searches, checks and preparing the reports can take up to 5 days now including the report writing for parts of the World that are not yet well known energetically. This is why the current prices are £500 for searches in Europe and £750 for the rest of the World.

So please help us and together we will build up a map of the most sacred locations in the World so that we can get hundreds of thousands of people gathering together on them during the harmony times. This will truly change the World for the better as well as help make our evolution of consciousness successful.

After you have signed up for this service, I will email you to confirm the area you would like me to search.

If you would like to see an example of the service I provide, here is one for the Quepos area in Costa Rica. Just click on the link here Rory Duff Sacred site search for Quepos area

Sacred location

The reason for the difference is prices is that the main type four lines in the UK have been found and it is just a matter of then finding the lines from these nodes that head towards the search target area and a sacred site there.

In most parts of Europe and the USA, many of these type 4 lines and their 4th Order nodes have also already been found and located and this means less time is needed to do this work.

There is much more work needed to do a detailed enough search in the other areas of the World and together with the mapping & the artwork involved in the final report, the higher cost has been trimmed as much as is possible as these can each take up to 8 hours to do.

The benefits that can come from a sacred space

Enhanced meditation - especially on the harmony days when the torus and vortex energy shapes appear (Main photo on this page shows an impression of this if the energies could be seen)

Enhanced creativity, Peacefulness, Increased growth in trees and vegetation, Greater varieties of visiting animal and bird life, Better sleep, Improved health, Less stress, High energised food - if grown in certain areas.

Target area after energy work has been completed


This Energy line map covers an area that is around 3km by 2km. What you can see are pairs of energy lines and five nodes where the lines intersect each other. Only type 3 lines are shown here. There are several other groups of lines in this area that also had to be worked up and connected to these new nodes. As you will perhaps note there could have been several other places where nodes could have formed as there are many intersections. Only when you track all the types of lines across an area can you begin to know where to start and what questions to ask. Just because there are several lines that seem to crossover each other near to one place does not mean it is correct to bring them all together into a node. There is always a bigger picture to consider and ask about.

The map below shows how this target area had to also be bedded into and connected with the more powerful energy lines nearby. The type 4 lines and their grid also needed checking and  a the local nodes also needed repairing outside of the original target area in order to complete the work. This now meant that the grid in the target area could work at maximum capacity. One thing to point out to also point out is that not all lines should necessarily run through nearby nodes. That this is so is because of the need to keep the nodes symmetrical. Without this symmetry, the node shapes (as can be seen on the main picture at the top of this page) cannot form. More information on types of nodes and energy lines can be found in my classification guide. Click here for more information.

Regional area with the target area outlined


The rectangular area in this picture outlines where the previous area sits within the regional setting. What can be seen now are the type 3 straight alignments (Leys) and not their pairs of energy lines. In addition to these alignments you can see two red lines. These are type 4 lines. In the South West corner of the map there are actually eight type 3 alignments that form a node with these two type 4 lines (Only six type 3 alignments have been shown on this map for reasons I cannot go into). There are also other types of lines that also meet at this node. Having a powerful centre of energy here that is now connected to the target area (rectangular area) is important in order to achieve maximum strength at the nodes in that area. All the nodes shown had to be repaired.

Target area before the initial mapping had been done


This map of type 3 energy lines is what was found in the target area before any work had been started. Mapping these took time and this was only this group of lines. We also had to map type 2 and type 1 lines and several type MP lines. As you can see from the map it is not easy to see a way forward and where the final nodes might be positioned. The end result that can be seen in the top picture took over 5 days for myself and my colleague to complete.

If you would like to see if it is possible to have a sacred place on your land or even just have a location check, please make contact with me via this website via the contact page.