Location Check

A quick location check is done remotely and will give you peace of mind that there are no adverse low frequency linear concentrations of sound or electromagnetic energies running through the area that you wish to have checked.

If there are any potentially adverse energies, these can be dealt with within the time and cost of the location check.

In addition to checking these energies, we also do a check to see if there are any water problems underground in the same area that might also amplify any potential sound or electromagnetic energy issues. We also check to see if any there are any psycho spiritual effects on people living in the property 

After the location check has been carried out we will send you an outline map of the property along with any linear concentrations that have been found. If any work has to be carried out, we will provide a before and after map with a short report on what was done and why.

In a few rare cases we may suggest further work is necessary which either we can do or which we can refer you to related specialists. This may even be to further enhance the Geobiology of an area so that it leads to the creation of special sites which would be good for creativity and meditation.

In any case, where further work is either required or desired, we would explain why we were suggesting these things and why they could not be carried out in the location check.

This  location check has a standard fee which varies in price depending where you live in the World. The reason for this variation is that in some countries all the locations of the main energy lines and their nodes are known to us and this makes it quicker and simpler to do the check.

All we need to know initially is the postcode of the area you wish to have checked. If it is not clear which your property is from the postcode, we may ask you to send us an aerial photograph clearly outlining which one it is. We will email you to request this if necessary.

Location check certificates 

If you are looking to sell or buy a house or even rent a home we provide certificates showing that a house has had a location check done and that it has passed. These certificates guarantee the work that has been carried out for the next three years. If you would like an update after that, this can be done with a 50% discount on the cost of the original report. After you have received the report after the check has been carried out please let us know if you would like a certificate for your property.

A house with a certificate will signify to anyone who is going to be living there that the place has had its energies checked. This is very similar to the work that feng shui priests do in the far east when they check the energies of properties for good or bad Chi - Sha Chi and Si Chi. The main difference between the two is that the location check does not go into the fine detail of whether furniture, windows, doors or room usage need to be changed. Instead it looks for damaging energies that may cause interference with harmonious living in the property as a whole.  


Large Estates and large offices

If you wish us to check a larger area than just a residential property and its adjacent land, we would need to carry out a full Geobiological survey. Please click on the link to find out more details on this.

Location check
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 "Absolutely thrilled with the report, the work, peace of mind and direction of advice from findings and will most certainly recommend your services Rory. Just to say to date there seems to have been a noticeable swift change already with regards to vigour & motivation and in my relationship with the home, site and garden with an increased sense  of 'sleeves rolled up' and new found fresh enthusiasm for DIY projects/ideas and commitment to carry the work through and inclusive of and with respect and resolvement in regards to the guardian spirit for the general area too. The birds and squirrels are arriving again, a joy to watch from the kitchen window with a cuppa tea in hand and from what feels like a more relaxed and optimistic view and stand point too 🙂 

Thank you once, again for your work, astonishing and fascinating,  and am very happy and grateful to have reached out to you." Ruth F. Oxfordshire