This video page contains a selection of relevant videos to the Grail project 

The 45 min Documentary Holy Grail Found

Just what the Grail is, what it means for us to day and how we can learn to find our true purpose in life is touched upon in this documentary. It seems that a small group of spiritually minded Templars were searching for this same path and we can watch here the clues they left behind for their followers.

A 40 min Introduction to Dowsing

Produced and edited by a lovely lady called Jill Jordan from Florida, here is a great introduction to dowsing, how it works and why it might interest you. If you are keen to improve the connection and communication between your conscious and subconscious mind, this will help you with practical steps to do this

Short 1 min Preview of the Holy Grail Found Documentary

The first minute is the same as the social media preview of this documentary. 

La Bastida 3D Reconstruction

This is a rather nice depiction of the settlement at La Bas Tida at the time the Argaric nation were living there. I offers a perspective into the way these people interacted with each other through where they lived and how they lived.


Where are we going ? The Fall of the three Shields - Video 3

An 8 min video that explains the three defense shields that have been stopping Galactic electromagnetic radiation and cosmic rays from getting to the Sun and the Earth. This is the third of four videos done by Suspicious observers who are looking at where our Solar system is going within the Universe. All four videos provide a fascinating look at what astronomers now think is happening with regards to movements in the Universe.

With the falling Shields, greater amounts of Galactic Energy will be hitting the Sun and the Earth. We are now finding the measurable effects of this on the surface of the Earth. The book Grail Bound explains this and how it will affect us in more detail.

Where are we going ? Earth without protection - Video 4

An 11 min video that explains the three defense shields that have been stopping Galactic electromagnetic radiation and cosmic rays from getting to the Sun and the Earth.

Energy from Space

A 1 hour video giving more details about the new energies coming to our Earth and why and how. This was produced by Kat and Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers. In their own words 'The Shift has begun'.

Acoustic Levitation

Sound has some amazing properties - none more so than the ability to levitate objects

Oscillation shapes produced by modulating sound in an acoustically levitated drop of water

Perhaps one of the nicest connections seen here to the petal patterns found around nodes and the shape of the annulus region around symmetrical nodes. It is now easy to see how different harmonics create the different but similar patterns in both cases. 

Note how the 6th harmonic shape mirrors closely to the Templar shape at the centre of the Labyrinth in Chartres.

Daniel Nunez Double Torus Phenomena


Open ended resonance

More mathematics, electronics and physics about the double torus shape


Pendulum waves

This popular video has been added as it shows how something that may seen chaotic in movement can return to order and then return to what appears chaotic again. Nature may seem chaotic to us at times but it is more likely to be just moments of a more intricate complex pattern of order. The energy line movements and their repeating times of moving in harmony my may well be responding in a similar way - possibly down to the complex but predictable movements of the large scale objects in our solar system.

Water has memory

Lest we forget and think we know everything. Water exists in all life, including in our cells. That it has memory impacts on us more than we currently know. No certainty exists in science - we are learning all the time. 

Wave structure of matter video

What we know about how our World is created is still very little. This video introduces what I consider to be a more likely reality to how our matter is formed. Where the energy comes from though is answered elsewhere and I will introduce the reader to that in my book Grail Bound