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One part of Geobiology is the study of how the Earth affects living beings on the planet. There are several ways the Earth does this. Natural electromagnetic energies and radiation energies are two fairly well known examples, but also of interest to us is how we are affected by Ultra-low frequency Sounds.

These have been found to move backwards and forwards within the Earth in spherical standing waves. 

By far and away the most likely source for these electromagnetic and sound energies is the spinning solid core in the middle of our planet. On the surface we find several different frequencies of lines in patterns that cross the landscape. What is interesting is that there is not a smooth range of frequencies but instead groups of frequencies with large gaps in between them all. The reason we think this is the case is that Iron and Nickel is also known to act as a mechanical filter. It naturally emits energy at certain frequencies and it filters out other frequencies which lead to the gaps.  

Where these sounds are detected on the surface of the Earth their high pressure zones are found to occur in fairly straight lines. (The above picture is a model example and does not reflect actual locations of lines and their intersections).

Where these linear concentrations of resonating sound intersect with each other, we find 3D sound wave shapes. These waves of energy are dynamic and they change over time. The 3D linear sounds have been found to move with predictable and rhythmical patterns that seem to be also affected by the position of the moon and the Sun and to a smaller extent a few other factors.

When we live and work on a place that has a high concentration of some of these sound energies, it can lead to adverse effects and ill health can sometimes result. This is especially the case with one or two frequencies and when there are additional problems with the presence of water and electrical equipment in a property.

There is however a positive side to these sounds. Humans have evolved with these low frequency sounds so it would be natural that we would find the majority of them to be beneficial - if they have not been adversely affected in the past. The problem is that these lines can relocate over time - as you might imagine with energies being sourced so far away at the centre of the Earth.

If you are fortunate enough to live or work on particular arrangements of low frequency sound concentrations, this has been shown to lead to good health and a much more successful life. 

Several different frequencies have been identified and their occurrence over the landscape seems to vary with the lowest frequency lines being much rarer and those with slightly higher frequencies being much more common. What has also been found is a relationship between the frequency of these lines and the width of the concentration zones with the lowest frequency sounds producing the widest zones.

Although these sounds have such a low frequencies that we cannot hear them, some people are more easily able to sense these sound energies than others and they are either drawn to live in some areas or they are put off living in other areas. Just think of being continually subjected harmonious sounds or on the other hand constantly being bombarded by disharmonious sounds.

You may not be able to hear these sounds but many people can feel the effect they have on their bodies and let others know if they like or dislike the feel of a place. 


What has been recently discovered is how to quickly recognise these positive and negative high pressure zones of sound and how to make changes so that an area is left with the most optimum arrangement possible for all living beings in that area.


There are times when a person’s ill health can be put down to living in what is essentially a continuous, inaudible, sound that has a frequency that resonates in a way that can damage living cells if there is too much exposure.

Early symptoms can be most easily seen as a form of stress that we call Geobiological stress.

This is something that can now be dealt with by our Consultants.


Let there be no mistake in understanding that this stress can lead to very serious ill health if nothing is done.

Fortunately several solutions have now been developed that can help solve these issues.

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Typical negative effects people report to us before our work are as follows:-

Lack of sleep, constant stress, continuous ill health, short attention span, unwanted musical interferences, hyperactivity, uncontrolled and intense negative emotions.

In fact, all the effects one might expect to find if you were to be subjected to a continuous sound that was disharmonic.

Typical positive effects found after our work are as follows:-

Enhanced creativity, greater calmness, deeper restorative sleep, stimulated self-healing (think of sound baths & sound therapy), revitalisation, increased focus, greater synchronicity, more positive emotions, improved success in life.

Scientific research into Geobiological stress

In 1989 a two year study on human association with sites that have harmful earth energies was carried out in Austria by Professor Otto Bergsmann – a medical doctor at the University of Vienna.

In that study 985 people were tested and over 6900 tests were carried out.

The study produced a 158 page report that showed that there were changes in the serum values of Seratonin and the levels of Zinc and Calcium in the humans who had been exposed to these energies for a ten minute period.

The research was done with the help of doctors, engineers and dowsers. The dowsers found the areas where the bad energies existed and the engineers ensured that these areas had no possible man made influences in them from electromagnetic waves or microwaves which might have influenced the test results and the human subjects.

Tests were also done in neutral zones in order to provide a standard by which to assess the effectiveness of the study.

Only healthy people were selected for the tests and none of them were told about the different locations and whether they were in either neutral zones or were in zones with harmful energies.

24 different biological parameters were tested and it was clear that there was a statistical significance in the values of Seratonin alteration, blood corpuscle decline speed and immunoglobulin deficiencies in humans that had been exposed to the harmful energies.

  1. Seratonin decreased by a factor of 6 in the subjects who were in these harmful energies. This decrease in Seratonin also affected Tryptophan levels. Tryptophan is an essential Amino acid that is needed to prevent illness and death.
  2. Immunoglobulin IgA showed the highest significant drop.
  3. Blood corpuscle decline speed slowed down.

The conclusion of the report was that, without doubt, spending time in a zone where there were harmful earth energies was contributing to a ‘Location Load Effect’ on the regulatory systems of the human organism and it was this that posed a risk to human health.

In 1985 Dr Veronika Carstens published a study that showed that there were at least 700 documented cases where terminal cancer patients had regained their health, without any conventional treatment, after their sleeping area had been moved away from a zone with harmful energies to one where there were none.

Polish Professor Tomas Janowski and Barbara Tombarkiewicz studied the health of 309 cows kept in stalls in a building where three of the stalls were affected by harmful earth energies. Cows that were kept in these three stalls suffered ill health problems over and above a normally expected figure.

Hair and blood analysis showed lower amounts of trace elements. Their report concluded that the microelement disorders in the animals staying in these three stalls, was the primary cause of the many diseases. When the cows were moved away from these stalls their health improved.

The report went on to say that ‘…the influence of a disturbed energy field on the living organism is slow and cumulative in time and can cause dysfunction of the organism, but after it stops the dysfunction can regress.’

What is interesting to note is that the Cows have no conscious knowledge of these energies and if they were harmful or not and yet their health was still affected.

Not having knowledge of these things is no defence against them as many humans are finding out.

More controversially Dr Hans Nieper, a Cancer specialist, wrote in his book ‘Revolution in Technology Medicine and Society’ that in his studies at least 92% of all the cancer patients, that he had examined, had remained for long periods of time within harmful zones of earth energies. This included sleeping in them.

Cancer as a disease of ‘location’ is becoming more accepted in Germany and throughout Europe.

Geobiologists there are often called in to advise on moving patients so their beds are in safer positions.

Dr. Paul G. Seeger, a former Chief of Cancer Research at Charite` teaching hospital in Berlin said that ‘ No serious-minded criticism, be it ever so prejudiced, can afford to ignore proofs of the existence of these harmful earth energies.’

Fields of Energy and disturbances

The Energy line maps on the left show just how many of these linear concentrations of sound can be found over an area.

These maps show the low frequency concentrations of sound over the area around the City of Bath in the UK.

The top map is a composite overlay of all three below. The three maps each correspond to a different field of frequencies. Although there are lines shown, these are just the high pressure linear zones of a concentration of the energy within an overall field of energy.

As you can see in some of these maps, an emerging pattern can be seen. This is more obvious with maps over a larger scale. These larger patterns are what you would expect to see with spherical sound waves reaching the surface of a sphere like the Earth. One of the constant aspects of these patterns is that the lines appear as pairs. This corresponds to the standing wave paths out from the centre of the Earth and back to the centre of the Earth. Each of the pair of lines represents both parts of the standing wave.


What can also be seen are disturbances in these fields where lines are not quite conforming to what might be expected. The reasons for this and what can be done are all looked at by our Consultants.

Only three fields of energy are shown here. In reality there are more fields and with more lines. One of these missing fields is known to cause much greater problems for people than the others and if you have  one or more linear concentrations of energy from this field running through your home or place of work, you may well find greater difficulties in life.

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