Dowsing Observations

This book was first published in 2011 and had an updated version in 2012. I began dowsing for water for farmers in Africa when I was in my early twenties and working as a structural geologist on the mines. We dowsed, then drilled for water and we were always 100% accurate. Back in the UK I continued dowsing as a hobby and became interested in Earth Energy lines that Hamish Miller had been dowsing and what was causing them. The only thing I could do was to start dowsing them myself and making my own observations. I soon realised I needed others to help me though. This was particularly necessary in order to get good feedback through the cross checking that could occur when dowsing sites. This book is a compilation of what I discovered and includes the mistakes that I made and what I learnt from those. What I soon realised was that these energy lines were not all behaving in the same way and that they had a natural side to side movement. This movement was not the same for different groups of lines and I labelled it then as a signature. This was to later evolve into what was to lead into the first ever classification of earth energy lines and nodes. This would be a great book for those with an enquiring, perhaps scientific mind to show how you can start on a journey of discovery into these energies. There is still so much more to discover in this field and the only way that is going to work is to make more observations. The book includes the beginnings of how the major type 4 lines (The ones like the St Michael and St Mary lines) were found across England.

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