Public Speaking

Rory Duff has been doing public speaking for over 20 years on a wide variety of topics. 

If you would like him to come a give a talk to your audience, or if you represent a speakers bureau who would like to use his service, please make contact via the form on this page.

The following are the short 1 to 1 1/2  hour introductory  talks that he now does for social groups

  1. How Dowsing Works – how it works from a scientific viewpoint and how we can all benefit from learning how to dowse.
  2. The Universal prophecy and the coming awakening of consciousness – What is physically happening within our solar system and our Universe and how is this affecting our consciousness and what we must do to prepare for these changes.
  3. Geobiology- positive and negative effects we need to be aware of – How Earth sounds & electromagnetic energies can affect us both positively and negatively and how we can benefit from this and how we can avoid living and working in certain areas.
  4. Goethe’s fairy tale - An update on Rudolf Steiner’s interpretation that has huge implications for all of us. - The fairy tale has been described as one of the greatest literary works ever written. Steiner often said if formed the very basis of his anthroposophical movement.
  5. Energy line classification – the first ever full classification of the Earth's energy systems and their different characteristics and frequencies. How to detect the ones we need to be aware of.
  6. The Grail Quest - Synchronicity, The Law of Attraction, The Cathars, The Templars, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Alchemy and the Grail stories are all investigated to show how they each contribute towards how we can find our own unique path in life.
  7. What makes a place sacred - A look at why and how particular places have been labelled as sacred in the past and how we can make some places sacred again today. Spirit Nature. 


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Speaker Reviews

  1. Glastonbury Positive Living Group

"An absolutely fantastic evening with Geobiologist, Dowser and Earth Mysteries expert last night with a large turn out to listen to his brilliant story of Synchronicity and Earth Ley Line/Node Repair.

This is a journey which began in the very same building he spoke in last night, six years ago in 2012 when he gave a talk about Earth Energies and a theory that he was developing about some significant major Earth lines and associated Node/s in Spain. Yesterday was the story of the adventure that ensued as three very interesting men, complimentary in their skills and sensitivity to the work, came forward after the 2012 talk eager to pursue these theories as a team.

Rory is a wealth of fascinating information on his subjects and he is author of the superb 'Grail Found' ~ a careful study of the Grail legends along with meticulous scientific enquiry which coalesce at the Worlds most sacred sites.

'Science and magic meet again when we encounter Rory and his astounding perceptions and ability to go deeply into the exploration of the ancient mysteries.'

Many of us in town already know Rory and are looking forward to exciting events he spoke of last night to tune in to the significant energy dates ahead over the next few years as a community. These begin on 20th June 2018." - Samia.