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Holy Grail article -

Origin of the Holy Grail legend found in South East Spain.  (General interest groups)

The first ever reference to a Grail was found in Chretien de Troyes book La Compte du Graal.

At that time in France a Graal was a French word for a shallow dish or bowl. In Chretien’s story it was not special at all. The only possible thing that might have been portrayed as special in that story was a wafer that was carried in the Graal which was fed to the Fisher King's father. We are told that this wafer was keeping his father alive.

This story was thought to have been written around 1181 AD. Unfortunately Chretien died before he could finish it and in the years that followed his death several writers finished his work in different ways and others rewrote their own versions. It was in these versions that the Grail took on greater importance and significance. In one it became the Holy Cup of Christ, in another it became a sacred Middle Eastern stone and in one it was said to be an invisible, changing shape and could only be seen by a Holy person. It was almost as though the story tellers were aiming to win hearts and minds and trying to make their own stories the most popular one.

To do this, they began to add special properties to the Graal (which was also referred to now as the Grail and the Gral by different writers). These special properties suggested that the Grail could heal people, could rejuvenate them and take years off their age and it could provide eternal nourishment. In one version it was also said to be able to manifest whatever anyone needed in life and to be able to offer assistance towards some kind of Spiritual enlightenment.

The origins of these special properties are now explored in a new book called Grail Found. In the book these properties are found to link with what a small group of Knights Templar seemed to be looking for and it was these properties that helped the Holy Grail story become legendary.

At that time though it was only the beginning of the 12th Century and several decades before Chretien’s story had been told. In other words these Templars could not have been searching for something called the Grail. What we find out in the book is.............................

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Geobiology Article One

Living in one place too long may be causing you extreme health problems (Health Magazines and Websites)

Imagine living somewhere where you were constantly subjected to a horrible sound. You might perhaps try and cope with it for a while and shut it out in as many ways you could find. However if you were to live with this noise for several years, what effect do you think it would have on you?

Imagine again now that this sound was still present, but now outside of your range of hearing. Would you think perhaps that you would now have no problem? Or would you be concerned that although you couldn’t hear it, it would still be doing you some physiological damage over time?

Noise pollution we know is a very real problem and studies have repeated shown that it affects our health. For example a study was done in an area around Heathrow airport and reported in the British Medical Journal in 2013 (a). It showed that the aircraft noise was associated with increased risks of hospital admission and increased deaths from stroke, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. This research was done after another study on aircraft noise pollution and mortality and heart attacks reported in the Epidemiology magazine in 2012 (b). In this study they also found that rates of ill health increased in people who had lived with this noise for over 15 years.

A connection between noise and our emotions has also been shown where high levels of road traffic sound have led to an increase in annoyance. This study was reported in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine in 2012 (c). Our stress hormones increase with a constant annoying sound. If we endure prolonged high levels of these hormones, it begins to adversely affect our health.

In addition to this, early investigations have potentially shown that it is not just sounds we can hear that can affect us. High frequency Ultrasound, which is way above our range of hearing, also seems to affect us physiologically. A report in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (d) suggests that enough evidence exists for much more research to be done in this area.

A group of Geobiologists now believe that certain Ultra low frequency sounds, well below our range of hearing, could also be giving us health problems if we live in one area for too long.

Geobiology is the study of how Life affects the Earth and how the Earth can affect life. In the latter case what has been found are several groups of very low frequency sound pressure waves on the surface of the Earth. These are now thought to .........................

(1340 words excluding references)

Geobiology Article Two -

Earth Energies – their varieties, a scientific classification and their changing significance right now to life on this Earth.  (General Scientific interest groups)

Earth energies have in the past been labelled by scientists as too dubious to take seriously and most of them then shied away from investigating them any further. There was good reason for this. Firstly there was no underlying scientific explanation for them and how they might occur and secondly any measurement of these energies had always generated data that was difficult to reproduce again later either at the same site or elsewhere. The most well-known research was done by Paul Devereux and colleagues on ‘The Dragon project’ 1 back in 1977. Hard evidence for magnetic and radiation anomalies were found but not in any way that was repeatable over time.

This now has changed with the greater knowledge we now have of the Earth’s interior and on Outer Space and the ‘electric’ nature of the Universe. Several sources for these energies have now been found and these form groups of Earth Energies which can be further subdivided based on their frequencies, their annual rhythms and patterns and their apparent average widths.

The classification table below for Earth Energy lines is one that myself and my Geobiological colleagues are now working with. Classifications are purely for communication purposes and they can never replace reality – just aim to get as close to it as possible. For this reason they are always open to improvement and we are open to suggestions and further debate on this in order to help progress this new Science.

Just why we are using this table is because we find that different lines affect people in different ways and it is good to know which ones we are talking about. For instance one group of lines can be particularly harmful to humans if we are in its presence for too long....................

(2170 words excluding references (216 words) This can be edited down a bit if necessary.

General News Article -

Geobiologist solves ancient puzzle to find origin of Knights Templar Grail in Spain (General interest groups)

In 2012 Geobiologist Rory Duff went to Southern Spain with a team of researchers looking for one of the World’s largest intersections of ultra-low frequency Earth sounds. The aspect of Geobiology they were interested in was how the Earth itself affects life.

What surprised them was that they found that this intersection was at an Old Bronze Age city. They also found that one of the linear concentrations of sound led from there to a Knights Templar site about 50kms away.

It was at this Templar site that they came across an ancient puzzle consisting of 42 mysterious symbols. This puzzle came with its own local legend. The townsfolk have always said that if anyone could interpret the symbols and read the message, it would change the World for good……………………..

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