About the Grail 

The Grail was first mentioned in a story called 'La Compte du Graal' by Chretien de Troyes. It was used to describe a typical French bowl that was widely used in France in the early 14th century. In the story it had no magical power but at the end it was said to hold a holy wafer that was served to the Fisher King's father and that it was this wafer that was keeping him alive.

This story was written many years after the early Knights Templar began their quest. What they were looking for was not even called the Grail by them. New evidence suggests that they were looking for some kind of powerful, invisible divine essence.

Subsequent stories about the Grail changed it from being a bowl into a Cup, a Stone and an invisible sacred object.

It was this last description that drew my attention. Its description can be found in the book Perlesvaus - the higher history of the Grail. This was a book that was said to have been written about 20 years after Chretien's novel. In it, the Grail is first described as a Cup but then it is said to be invisible, to change in shape and to hover in mid air.

Perlesvaus is a story that describes the journeys of King Arthur and his Knights in ways filled with synchronicity which has been said to have been written by a Cistertian monk. It has a spiritual aspect to it that none of the other Grail stories quite manage to achieve and this again drew my attention.

Further investigations led to the possibility that what we were finding in our research into Geobiology was what was being described as the Grail in this book. With the quest for the truth uppermost in mind, a group of us have been led down a path of discovery that has completely changed our lives.

We would now like to share these experiences with as many people as we can so please do have a look around this site, watch the videos, perhaps read the books and maybe come along to the seminars and dowsing days. 


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