Books by Rory Duff

The following books will be coming out over the next few months. They have been designed to be read in a particular order - shown below.

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Grail Found 

42 strange esoteric symbols are found around a filled in window in an old Templar chapel in Southern Spain. The local legend has it that if the message was ever fully understood it would change the World for good.

Many curious round shapes and patterns can be seen on the ceiling of another Templar chapel in the South of France

Two different sets of hieroglyphic figures are found in a book on Ancient Jewish Alchemy. One has been deliberately changed to hide the truth.

Deciphering these mysteries has led to finding the strategy that a small group of Knights Templar had been using in order to find something that was very special to them.

Following this same strategy led a team of Geobiologists to a very unique  place in Spain.

This was a site that was where an old Bronze Age city had Archaeologists really puzzled. The city now offers us a tantalising glimpse of where an amazing legend might have once began and how we can all now potentially benefit from this today.

Secrets that link the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the Egyptians, the Gnostics and many other people and cultures from around the World show that, we have either missed something deeply profound in the past, or we have been deliberately shielded from this truth over the centuries.

This book examines the Grail legends from new angles and puts an interpretation together that connects with several other mysteries from around the World. The result brings an incredible breakthrough in the understanding of our World and how we are affected by it and how we can be helped by it.