Geobiological Surveys

Geobiological consultants can identify where these linear high pressure concentrations of ultra-low frequency sound are found and where these intersections are sited. They can also establish if they are harmonic or not and whether a positive difference can be made to an area.

A few of the frequencies of these vibrations are just not healthy for humans to be in for long periods of time and this can cause a variety of health issues. There are geobiological remedies to this though which are very effective.

Solutions can be applied to help people who live or work in areas where there are negative effects and there are nearly always chances to apply enhancements to an area in ways that increase its potential to have a positive effect. 

If you are concerned that you may be affected in these ways, or if you want to benefit from having more harmonic sub audible sounds immerse your property or estate, a full Geobiological survey would be right for you.

We locate these linear zones and their intersections and will provide you a map of them with the harmonic sites as well as a before and after map if we have to do any repair work. .

The above is an example of an area of land that is around 2000 acres. The lines shown here are just the type 3 lines. There are many others. As you can see there are many pairs of these lines but none of them cross over in a symmetrical node. The task here is to bring the right pairs of lines together into strong nodes and to have these in the best possible position in regards to the existing buildings on the land. 

After a team had worked on this location for six days, with several consultations with the owner, five strong earth energy line nodes were created and more importantly, none of the other intersections were moved to form asymmetrical nodes. Each of these five locations, as well as more that are not shown as these lines are just the type 3 energy lines, are now fully functioning sacred sites.

If you would like to consider having this geobiological survey, please let me know via the contact page and we will be in touch to answer any preliminary questions you might have.

For more about Geobiology & the scientific research into Geobiological stress you can it read here

Geobiological Surveys

If you are just interested in checking your own property, you might like to read more about the location check service here.

If you are just interested in finding a sacred site near to where you live, you might like to read more about the sacred site search service here

Where the size of the subject area is more than just a standard size property with a garden, or where we are specifically requested to spend more time on a location, for example to cover the area of a large estate, you will need a full, on site, geobiological survey carried out.

If you have a retreat, or are planning to build one, or even if you have a large estate, you may prefer to have the full geobiological survey mentioned above. This will not only give you peace of mind that your property is energetically healthy but it was also provide you with the knowledge of special places you can go nearby that are good places for prayer or meditation. In larger estates there is every chance one or more of these will be within your area.

In all cases, it will mean you are in a much better positive to begin to counter any adverse effects that may have been caused, or exacerbated, by bad frequencies or disrupted nearby discordant intersections of these sub audible sounds.  

This survey includes the mapping of your property of all the main lines of frequency and their intersections and the repairs to any of them where necessary. All the nearby nodes outside of the subject area will also be checked and repaired thus providing a sort of shield around your area. A before and after map will be provided to you in the final report.

The report will also look at how electro-pollution, The local environment and psycho-spiritual issues might be affecting people and any livestock, if desired, in and around the property. (This check is not done on the existence of these things, just whether they are adversely affecting the occupants) 


Depending on any effects that are found, it may well be the case that some can be sorted out by ourselves, somethings can be sorted by moving certain things around within the property, like furniture or electrical appliances and there may be some things you need alternative professional help with. Where we can make recommendations here we will if asked.

If a full geobiological survey is of interest to you and you would like a quote for this to be done, please use the contact form on the contact page

Our work done over the last 10 years has included 2000 + acre Estates, Stately homes, National Trust properties and gardens, Farm Estates, large multi-story offices and many main residences.