Geobiological Consulting

Geobiological consultants can identify where these sounds are found and where these intersections are sited. They can also establish if they are harmonic or not and whether a positive difference can be made to the area. Sometimes there are solutions that they can apply to help people who live or work in areas where there are negative effects and there are some occasions when they can apply enhancements to an area in ways that increase its potential to have a positive effect. 

If you are concerned that you may be affected in these ways, or if you want to benefit from what these sounds can offer, one of the Geobiological Consultants can help you.

We locate these zones and their intersections and, if they are proving to be harmful or they could be beneficial, we have several solutions that can help.

Large projects and specific requests require a full Geobiological Survey

Where the size of the area is more than just a standard size property with garden, or where we are specifically requested to spend more time on a location, the cost will be greater than just an initial location check. This will also reflect the design and installation of any solutions.

This can require more than one consultant to do the work.  Larger projects may also include any necessary research into the Geology and Hydrology of the area and also possibly Electromagnetic and radiation checks.

The cost for this will includes time for planning, preparation and for a final report. You will be advised on the project cost in advance of any work carried out in the Consultation report. Initially though you must request a location check. Should we think you need a full survey, we will get back to you with reason why. 

Reporting back to you

For a successful location check you will receive is an email with an attached aerial photo with all or any relevant linear concentrations of energy that run on or near to your property. The email message will also inform you of the findings of the consultant and if any work was carried out. If work was done you will also receive an attachment that outlines what was done. These are given in confidence and remain under copyright and remain the property of the consultant so these cannot be reproduced or digitally shared in any way unless you have the permission of that consultant. 

For larger projects and special requests, you will receive a final report. Depending on the nature and size and scope of the work, any recommendations will be also made. This work is also subject to the laws of copyright but permission to share these reports may be possibly obtained if the consultants are agreeable to this.

The reason for stipulating these copyright rules is down to the possible sensitivities of the location and other inhabitants living nearby who may or may not be affected by any work done or not done.

Full reports are not provided at the end of small projects unless expressly wished for in advance but customers will be given a full appraisal of the consultation and details of any small amount of work that had to be carried out.

Past work done over the last 10 years includes 2000 + acre Estates, Stately homes, National Trust properties and gardens, Farm Estates, large multi-story offices and many main residences.

If you would like to book a Location check or a special project, please email us initially via the contact page and we will be in touch.

All projects start with a Location check which has to be paid for in advance or any negotiations or discussions. If you would like a special project, it starts this way as well.

Tailored positive solutions

In some cases in the past we have found that locations have caused considerable damage to a person. In these cases, the immediate work we do to rectify the situation cannot bring relief fast enough. 

What may then be also recommended is a series of individual training and coaching sessions to help reframe a person's outlook in life. They will  also be provided with a set of exercises that they can utilise in order to continually become more successful in their life. 

Rory Duff has put together 50 mental exercises over the years of his work as a trainer,  coach and N.L.P, practitioner and and energy awareness instructor. Relevant exercises are chosen that will best fit an individual's position and frame of mind and their desired outcome. These can be delivered by Rory himself of by a few of his licenced consultant who have fully completed his training courses. 

Geobiological consultants

We purposely limit the number of consultants we work with. However we sometimes find the need to train up new consultants. This takes time and is an experiential based course with several validation checkpoints along the way before a person can become someone who can carry out location checks.

With regular quality control sessions, they can progress to doing full project work and eventually being able to run the mental fitness coaching sessions. If this path is of interest to you, please email us and we will provide details and costs for the course when we next decide to run them. Please note that previous experience will be taken into consideration and this will limit the cost side to becoming one of the consultants we use.