Guidebook to Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes - new 2nd Edition.


This 2nd edition of this book contains an expanded classification of Earth energies, Earth energy grids, Nodes and now includes a new classification of large Vortexes along with their descriptions. In addition to that it contains maps of Energy lines around the city of Bath in the UK and a wide area around the Avebury stone circle.

It also contains large scale World maps showing the locations of the six pairs Emperor Dragons as well as a map of the major type 4 alignments that cross the UK.

The guide also contains details about dowsing as well as a scientific hypothesis for how the different energy lines and the energy grids are thought to come about and how & why they differ. Whether you are just interested in this subject or someone who is looking to improve their dowsing, this book will greatly advance you further in both areas. 

Rory Duff has been dowsing for over 35 years and In 2012 he was awarded the Billy Gawn prize from the British Society of Dowsers for his research into Earth Energy lines.




Some background information                                                


Map of North Wiltshire Energy lines           

Earth Energy lines                                        

Earth Energy classification table                 

Linear high pressure zones of ultra-low vibrations - Earth energy lines/Song lines  

World maps of Emperor Dragons                

Meridian lines – Type 5M, Type 4M,            

Type 1-3M, Type 1                                       

Type 1-2M flip lines                                           

Type 0, Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3 lines         

Maps of Type 1,2 & 3 lines across the centre of Bath – (as at Jan 2020)                            

Type 3 line update                                       

The Type 4 lines - St Michael & St Mary type       

Map of the UK’s major Type 4  Alignments (Leylines)- March 2021                                

Emperor Dragons – Type 5 lines                        

Expansion and contraction and line movement.                                                 

Shadow lines                                                

Avebury Maps of Type 3 & Type 4 lines      

Node Classification                                      

1st order nodes                                             

2nd order nodes                                            

3rd order nodes                                                

4th order nodes                                                

5th order node                                               

Asymmetrical and symmetrical nodes & node patterns                                                 

Large Vortexes                                                                                       

Energy grid lines & their intersections             

Type HC, Type B, Type DC & Type H lines   

Type HC lines                                                

Type B lines                                                  

Type H lines                                                      

Type DC lines                                                

Type MP lines                                                                                                  

Appendix - How dowsing works when searching for Earth Energy lines.                       

Other books                                           

Energy line checklist                                       

Node & Large Vortex checklist                      


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