Guidebook to Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes

This book contains the 1st ever classification of Earth Energy lines and Nodes along with their descriptions. In addition to that it includes a map of the Energy lines around the City of Bath and the main lines around Avebury Stone Circle. It also includes the 1st ever map of the major Leylines that are found  to cross the UK.

It is a perfect companion to those who are beginners to dowsing energy lines as well as being very helpful to advanced dowsers. It also contains an introduction to the science behind dowsing energy lines. Rory Duff has been dowsing for over 35 years and currently runs the Bristol Dowsing Society. In 2012 he was awarded the Billy Gawn prize from the British Society of Dowsers for his research into Earth Energy lines.




Introduction                                              5

Some background information             7                          

Leylines                                                    13

Map of North Wiltshire Energy lines    16

Earth Energy lines                                    17

Earth Energy classification table           21   

Electromagnetic lines – Type HC,              

Type B & Type DC                                   23

Type MP lines                                          33     

Map of the City of Bath map                 35

Sound lines                                               39

Meridian lines – Type M (a, b & c)        41  

Type 0, Type 1, Type 2 & Type 3 lines  45

Bath map of type 3, 2 &1 lines               50

St Michael & St Mary type Serpent lines   53

Map of the UK’s major Alignments        56

Emperor Dragons – Type 5                     58    

Avebury Map of types 3 & 4 lines          63

Node Classification                                 65

1st Order nodes                                        66 

2nd Order nodes                                       69

3rd&4th Order nodes                                70

Symmetrical & Asymmetrical nodes    71 

Appendix                                                   81

Details of other books                             87




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