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  1. Grail Found is an exciting journey through ancient myths, legends, secretive religious groups, philosophers and other notable figures from history. The author deconstructs the original Grail stories and draws on related work from eminent researchers and visionaries as he pieces together the clues, connects the dots and presents the science to support those of his conclusions which might otherwise be considered more subjective by some. For those who like me are searching for answers and for greater spirituality, I genuinely feel Rory's work has the power to change lives.

Ash Woodham.


2.  Sometimes a book will fall on to my desk that I just feel is destined to become a classic on a subject. In this case, the book is Grail Found, and the subject is the hidden mysteries of the Grail. And yet this weighty (542pp) volume is much more than a collection of Grail myths, Templar conspiracies and the like; one would argue that too much has already been written about these subjects, much of which has not always been based on convincing arguments.

This book is different, however, for the author comes to some conclusions about the Grail, the Knights Templar and medieval alchemists that I have not come across previously.

Rory is a first-class and well-respected dowser, and has approached the whole Grail/Knights Templar/Freemason/Cathars field from the direction of his in-depth study of ley lines and of his dowsing of the earth energies that criss-cross landscapes like the old serpents of myth and folklore. He argues that secret messages have been left in Church architecture, the Kabbalah, Gothic windows and Alchemical manuscripts and suggests that these dowsable forces of the Earth are at the very heart of the Templar mysteries, more than I and others had previously thought.

He argues that the ‘Templar Grails’ were actually the energy centres, to which they had to pilgrimage to at key times of the year for maximum effect, to feel the ‘Divine presence’. He concludes that the energies they were seeking actually form grail-like vortices as they come up out of the earth at these key sites; the rising energies will form a chalice-like vortex at these special times. The author has dowsed these chalice-like energies at several important sites connected with the Knights. He also shows how ley lines connecting these sites may have led the Templars ‘home’, to where they could find their personal interactions with God – opening up their inner Grails to the pure love of Divine intervention.

He concludes that at this present time of global crises, that time is of the essence in re-connecting with these forces in a mindful way again.

But be warned, the book is a long, in-depth read and one gets sucked into this lengthy volume at one’s peril, for one soon realises that this is the book that sets out to solve mystery after mystery.  For any Grail historian this volume is a must, for the author looks exhaustively at many retellings of the Grail stories and dissects their characters, and gives new interpretations as to what is really being passed on in the stories; it’s a case of often reading between the lines, in true Da Vinci Code style.

The book is well-referenced and authoritative and I can see it becoming the main work on the Grail mysteries for years to come.  

Peter Knight,   Author, Stone Seeker Publishing.


3. Rory's careful study of the Grail legends and meticulous scientific enquiry coalesce at the Worlds most sacred sites. This book is sure to rouse the curious to unearth this ancient knowledge where science and magic meet. A unique and timely work.
Phil Heavens 

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