We have several types of events planned and others that are under preparation in order to prepare for the coming changes to our World so please bear with me. Please look at our calendar page for details. In the meantime here is some general information on them with links to pages with more detail on. If you would like early notification of any in particular and a chance to book early to guarantee a place and to obtain an early bird discount, please let us know via the contact page . In the meantime listed below are the type of events held and some further details on them.

The one day Grail Seminar/Workshop

This seminar/workshop delves even deeper into newly discovered esoteric secrets of the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the old Alchemists and the Egyptian and Chaldean mystery schools. It goes much deeper that can be described and detailed in the Grail series books.

Further investigations into the works of Goethe and Steiner are shown to lead to new interpretations on human evolution and the Grail mysteries. This includes an illuminating connection between Steiner and Caravaca de la Cruz.

It is because of the need for having a strong background knowledge on these things,it is necessary that all delegates have read the books Grail Found and Grail Bound beforehand. There will be no time on the day to cover the content that has already been written in these books on these subjects.

What the day will also include are interactive practical mental exercises and techniques that will assist with synchronicity, manifestation and how to prepare for the coming changes.

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The Gatherings

These free Group meditation/prayer sessions are held four times a year at 12.00am (Midday) on the harmony periods when all the energy lines come into harmony. It is on these occasions that the special sound energy shapes form interact very well with our own energy fields if we resonate with them the right way. The ultimate aim is to have Gatherings occurring all around the World on sacred sites during these harmony periods. They are, and should be, free to everyone who wishes to hold one or attend one. This website will help where it can to let people know when the time is right. We will also be able to let you know about some of the locations. The rest is up to you. Got to the World Harmony Trust (click here) website for more details on these gatherings. If you are unaware of where a good sacred place exists to hold these gatherings near to where you live, there is a service we can offer via this website - click here 

The Awareness and Dowsing courses

There are three competency and evidence based ‘learning to dowse’ courses that we run and a 1:1 coaching course to become a Master dowser. They have been designed so that you can learn to find your own sacred place near to where you live. Just doing this will bring you many, many benefits, some of which we have touched upon in the geobiology sections on this website. The first course is a general awareness course that includes a section on learning to dowse the sound energies. It is open to everyone. The second is about learning to map the sound lines over an area. You must either be an experienced dowser to do this course or have done the first course first. The third course is an advanced Level 3 course on remote dowsing. You need to have completed and passed the second course and have completed a mapping exercise correctly before being able to do this course. To pass the advanced course you will need to show you are competent in eight different aspects of dowsing.  Those delegates who pass this course will be certified to be able to go on and do location checks. The fourth course is more of a coaching course that brings a dowser up to a level of being a Master dowser. The course focuses on creating sacred spaces and improving bad locations.

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A trip to the Grail sites in Spain

This is a week long holiday with a difference. There are guided excursions to see the Caravaca Templar window, the Grail site with the major intersection (1st Order node) of Ultra low frequency sound waves and you will also visit the archaeological excavations of the Bronze Age city La BasTida. You will have the opportunity to swim in the sea where the Emperors cross from land to water and have a trip into the beautiful Sierra Espuna Mountains and a chance to meditate or pray near sacred springs and waterfalls that are filled with powerful energies. There will be a workshop and a talk on one of the evenings as well as time to relax in the towns of Cartegena and Puerto de Mazzaron 

It will likely cost in excess of £1500 excluding flights but including hotel and transfers. If you are interested please indicate so in the contact page and I will be in touch with you. Likely dates are late August and early September.

Grail Fitness Training

If the prophecies are correct then we are going to find many more people with mental health problems around the World and many people just struggling to cope with the new energy environment. The Grail Fitness Training concept has been created to help people increase their mental fortitude in ways that will lead a person to successfully keep control of their mind through this transition period. This may seem bizarre at the moment but the indications are that people are going to be having difficulties establishing what is real and what is more like a dream. They will find their minds and their reality will switch between states to the extent that life becomes almost impossible.

This Training is so important for as many people to have as possible which is why it has been designed so that you are not only taught but so that you are also taught to teach it as well at the same time. The reason for this is as soon as you finish the course, you will be able to teach it to others yourself. This way we can share the solutions to as many people as possible in the very little amount of time left before the situation becomes too bad for the majority of people to cope at all.

There are three courses each working to a higher level of difficulty. When you complete a level, you can teach that level. This has been done this way so that these mental exercises strengthen the mind to a point where people will know what to expect and how to counter it.

It is called Grail fitness because ultimately, by gaining this mental strength, it will considerably help you with your prayers and meditations at the Grail sites. Whether you are already suffering from mental health issues or not, this course focuses on what you can achieve in the future and does not look to reinforce poor past habits or bad experiences. For details on the Grail sites look at the World Harmony Trust Website   and the Gatherings Facebook page

The Grail Fitness Training will start after the book Grail Bound comes out.


Grail Fitness Trainer Opportunity

I am looking for an initial group of people who will wish to go on and become Grail Guides. The idea being that you will be able to run these mental training sessions in your area. If you are interested in being one of the early guides, please register your interest via the contact form as soon as possible. These will be intense week long events in order to get you fully trained up and prepared.  Those people who register early will obtain good discounts. 

The courses cover around 50 exercises that extend over a wide range of areas and topics. Each are designed to be done in a particular order so that by the end of the course you can begin , with further repetition and development over time, you will become better and better at the following:-

Avoiding Stress and Depression

Enhancing your creativity

Improving your logic and memory

Increasing focus and awareness

Learning how to switch on intuition and inspiration

Discovering how to bring balance and harmony into your life

Turning Sadness swiftly into Joy

Taking Despair and spin it into Hope

Moving from Fear into feeling filled with Confidence

Gliding easily from angry thoughts to peaceful ones

Learning how to find purpose in life and

Learning how to attract what you need in your life to do that successfully

We do not delve into people's pasts with this course. The focus is on the present and the future which is why it is also applicable to people who possibly think that they may have mental problems as well as for those people who think they are already mentally fairly healthy but would like to be mentally stronger..