Grail Bound

Grail Bound - The Universal prophecy and the coming Golden Age

Several Questions were left unanswered in the first book of the Grail series - Grail Found. Grail Bound, the second book, answers them by outlining a new Science behind it all. It also explains why the Grail was once thought to be a stone and how and why the Templars missed finding their most holy location.

The book also covers the main reason why a group of Geobiologists went to Spain in the summer of 2012 and what  they had to do when they got there.

Progressing on from the first book, Grail Bound throws a spotlight on the several prophecies that come from around the World and from different time zones. What the Incas, the Hopi's, the Buddhists and the children who had visions at Fatima and Medjugorge have been telling the World, now seems to be beginning right now. The evidence comes from a surprising source. The changing patterns of low frequency sound lines show how the Summer Solstice in 2017 was a life changing moment in our history. This now appears to have been the start of a Universal prophecy that we need to be aware of and prepare for.

Grail Bound explains this and explores old sayings from around the World as to what we should do. If the timing is right, we have less than 7 years before the transition period ends.

It also seems that we are not going through this potential awakening alone. If the prophecies are correct, it appears that there are 'Beings' from the inner Worlds that are going through this too. Some may be here to help us, but others appear to want to hinder us and stop us evolving our consciousness.

The book ends on a positive note by highlighting what we can each do individually to help each other reach this Golden Age.


"There is so much I want to say about this book.   But then, that would spoil the delight of all the new insights and understanding that comes from actually reading it for yourself; however the list of contents (shown below) gives you some idea of the breadth and scope of the research which the author has undertaken here.

First of all though – you really do need to read the first book: ‘Grail Found’.   It is packed with information which is necessary to understand before this book can be fully appreciated.   Book One is the framework upon which all of the other information can be placed; the knowledge is drawn from so many different subjects that it is almost like a jigsaw.  Each piece fits with similar ones and yet once they are all in place you can see a whole bigger picture.

Except this jigsaw is 3-dimensional and more!

Prophecy has always seemed a bit of a vague word to me.  People I did not know from long, long ago leaving doom-laden hints about ‘things that may happen’. 

But then my questions were always “what things?” and “how will we know when?” and “what are we supposed to do?”

This book cuts through all the confusion.  Armed with the information in this book, all of our ancestors’ efforts to help us are brought into sharp focus and we can begin to clearly see what it means for us and what each of us can usefully do.

There truly is a wealth of information in these books – however much of it is at the leading edge of our understanding of the world and most of it contradicts what you were probably taught at school. 

Large swathes of it is not new, it is actually part of the fabric of our existence.  We are in fact re-discovering what was known before (hence the prophecies).

And yet, like the audience in the cinema who get swept up in the story on screen and never ask where the projector is and who is operating it, most people today never question what they are told about the world and our place in it.

So, read this book.  Read it a second time, because you’ll see so much that you missed!

And then, it falls to you to go and do some research;  explore the concepts presented within these pages; learn what any unfamiliar words mean;  find out for yourself whether this new information makes sense to you, whether it stirs your gut-feeling that it is true (and therefore the textbooks are in error).

Be aware you may find it challenging; it requires the effort of keeping an open mind.   Of comparing what you think you know with what you find here.

And then, the difficult question arises:  if the information in the book is true, why would it be kept from us all?  Why is it not taught in schools and colleges?

The answer to this will become obvious as you study these two books.  The rabbit-hole awaits . . . ."

Sally Stamford


I enjoyed Grail Found but was frustrated by the number of questions left unanswered.  As promised, Grail Bound provided answers from the start.  The explanation of how the earth’s inner core could act as a transducer changing its fluctuating energy input into seismic waves seems very plausible to a non-geological scientist.  However, I do feel a bit uncomfortable with them being described as ‘sound’ despite the precedent set by Professor Elsworth in helioseismology.

Rory’s journey has led him through a fascinating series of mythical prophecies from around the world.  Several of these prophecies look forward to a new ‘Golden Age’ that will be heralded by distinctive signs.  As one of the foremost earth energies researchers, Rory has been able to bring to our attention recent changes that can be found by dowsing.  The width and strength of energy lines across the world have been growing in recent years and new ‘Emperor Dragon’ lines have been found and their number is increasing.  These new lines, and the nodes where they cross, are seen as a confirmation of the coming new age.

As a dowser I found the story of how the Emperor Dragons were located and the repair of their node in south-east Spain especially fascinating.  Having experienced the beneficial effect that energy lines and their node has on spiritual growth and healing in my own place of worship I am in awe at the potential that the Emperor Dragons promise.

At its close Grail Bound tries to be positive in the face of the challenges of the coming of the ‘Golden Age’.  However, the availability of the increasing number of extremely powerful nodes across the world must give us hope. 

Thankfully, there is a growing number of people like Rory who are committed to helping our earth and the life that depends on its health.  I look forward eagerly to further books in the Grail series.

Dr. Chris Tonge


Very smooth, highly informative and mentally sneaky! It gently burrows radical thoughts into the mind in such an inoffensive way. Very clever and a good read.

Alan Middleton

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Preface                                                                              7

Introduction                                                                     11

Part 1 - The Q’ero Prophecy                                      17            

Loudspeaker Earth                                                        26

The Mysterious Hum                                                     48

Interaction and collective fields                                    57      

Geobiology                                                                       73

Anchors abound                                                              82

Grail Stones                                                                       96

Part 2 - A Hopi Indian story and the prophecy of the

Blue Kachina                                                                  109

Rediscovering the Emperors                                          114            

Seth                                                                                    117

Locating the Grail                                                             125 

Finding the right people                                                   128

Part 3 - The Maitriya Prophecy                                    133

Establishing the truth                                                        138

Types of observations                                                       145

New Scientific thinking                                                      149

Teleportation                                                                       157

Seth on the Science of Creation                                      162

Defining lines                                                                       170

Harmony pattern changes and the prophecies             184

Other Worlds                                                                        193

Part 4 - The Fatima and Medjugorge prophecy           199

Snake Dream                                                                         203

Hearing a sacred sound for the first time                         207

A critical point in time                                                           210

Grail Bound                                                                             221

New 1st Order nodes and a link to the prophecies          227

How and when our Galaxy might be influencing  life on Earth   231

Black Holes ?                                                                        236

The question of time for the Precession of the Equinoxes   239

The Three Shields                                                                252

Inca Gateways                                                                      261

New Observations                                                               267

More prophecy sayings and some new interpretations  274

Final Summary of the Key points                                         281

Mythology or another Final Prophecy?                                286

Summary of the Universal Prophecy                                    291

The evolution of consciousness & a glimpse of what is to come   299

The changing lines                                                               307

A suggested solution                                                           309

Appendix One – Old & New Scientific thinking                 311

Appendix Two – Further thoughts and implications with  the New Science 349

Theosophy and the new Science                                      349                       

How Healers heal                                                                355

Ki /Chi Energy and Meridiens                                           357

The Chaldean philosophy and the Universal Mind        360  

Appendix Three – What can we do?                              365

Acknowledgements                                                           395

Bibliography                                                                         397    

List of figures                                                                      407