Sacred Network

The 1st stage of the new website has now been completed and the founding members have access and they are already registering, creating their profile pages, forming new groups and joining other groups. 

The email notification system is working well as is the booking system and event listing system. Details of over 120 sacred sites have already been put onto the map and there is more to go on. 

For a full outline of the sacred network project please download a pdf of the prospectus -Sacred network prospectus 300122



The 'Go Live' date for everyone is going to be the 10th December. I will put details up on this site as well as social media and send out a group email.

Some of the Sacred Network's functionalities

  1. Anyone will be able to create and promote an indoor, or an outdoor, group meditation event on the sacred network website. It will then appear on member’s newsfeed pages and its location will be easily found on a world map of all events.
  2. Anyone will be able to book up to attend local onsite or online events, if there places available. The facilitator of that event will get notified of their booking and will be able to send that person further details of that event.
  3. These events can be held anywhere in the World but there will also be verified locations on the World map that identify where there are symmetrical energy intersections and their types.
  4. Aside from meditation groups, it will be possible for anyone to create, promote and join onsite, and online, discussion & dialogue (D&D) groups on spiritually related subjects.
  5. There will be support groups that you can promote and run with your own skills and ones you can sign up to.
  6. Early in 2023 discussion modules on subjects related to spiritual development of groups that have been proven to be fun, rewarding, illuminating will become available via the site. There is a cost to joining the support and D&D groups, but having done a few of the modules, anyone can become a facilitator and go on and earn an income from running them. The website will even help you attract people to your group and it will simplify the process with an automatic payment system.