The Sacred Path School, the Seminars & the Sacred Path Modules



Sacred path school

This school has been set up to help people prepare for the coming evolution of consciousness and so that you can help others prepare to do the same thing. It is group based learning and not individual learning. The initial focus on enquiry through discussion and established key learning points. It progresses to sharing dialogue and bringing forth insightful learning. This is done through the sacred path seminars that level 5 facilitators can run and the sacred path modules. Each delegate receives a notebook for the module they are doing. This contains information and notes boxes to record your thoughts. When you have completed a level, you can become a facilitator for that level with the help of a guidebook which includes all the information you need to be able to run successful groups of your own. This has been set up so that you can even run these part time or full time.. 

Sacred path Seminars

Link to book tickets at the London Seminars

The Seminars  share the very latest information that has been learnt so far about the Universal prophecy. They are also designed to introduce people to the content of the sacred path modules. There are opportunities to sign up to join a group with a facilitator to do the course of modules and there will be discount offers for those wishing to become a future facilitator of these modules..


What is happening to the World & What we need to do?

We are facing the single most important event in the World right now and hardly anyone is talking about it. Millions of people are suffering without knowing the real reason why. This profoundly matters as greater understanding will help us to know the correct actions we must take. Millions more people will also feel intense confusion, despair, fear and sadness with no obvious cause unless help is given.

The de-stabilisation we are seeing all around us now is part of a natural cyclic process that needs more discussion and deeper understanding so that we can prepare well, and then help others prepare for the evolutionary changes that are soon to come. 

The next coming seminars and workshops are as follows:-

If you click on the images below , it will bring up pdf posters that I would very much wish that you share with anyone who you think might be interested in attending.

Seminar 1 The Evolution of consciousness, Symbolism and Prophecy - Learning to understand what is going on and recognising the signs - Event Dates:- 6th April, 20th April  Time 11.00am to 5.30 pm Venue W6, London.

In the first of the two seminars Rory Duff will bring you up to date with the latest observations and signs of the Evolution of consciousness and what we can expect to happen over the next few years. We are in a spiritual struggle and the clues to overcoming this are appearing in many places. We will examine what is happening energetically and how this is affecting us all in different ways. Clues gained from the Knights Templar search for the Holy Grail, some enigmatic Heiroglyphic figures found under Temple mount in Jerusalem, solving Pilgrimage site puzzles in Southern Spain, and prophecies from the Hopi Indians, Goethe, Steiner, Jung and Revelations are all covered along with up to date learning so far –including  the coming solar purification event. Symbolism and prophecy is weaved into the day along with interactive learning exercises. 

Seminar 2 The Evolution of consciousness & Learning the secrets to group meditation - Observing the signs and learning what we need to do - Event Dates:- 22nd June and 6th July  Time 11.00am to 5.30 pm Venue W6, London.

In the second of the two seminars Rory Duff looks at the more practical aspects of group meditation and how that differs from Individual meditation. Ground breaking information is shared that will bring you a refreshingly new perspective on what is really going on right now and where it will lead. What has been learnt so far is shared as well as the areas, clues and symbols that we still need to decipher and learn more about. Observations on the movement of energy at the nodes and in the grids are covered as this  now becomes relevant in regard to how our own bodies must move  to be in alignment, and in resonance,  with these changing flow patterns.

Comparisons with Steiner’s Eurhythmy and Deunov’s Paneurhythmy, along with the intuitive movements expressed with indigenous tribal group rituals and dances, are made with the information given to Jung by the Elemental he called Ha. Images from his red book are shared in an interactive session in ways that offer further potential insight as to how group meditation can become a more and more effective way to bring about the World harmony predicted by the Universal prophecy. The day concludes with a look at all the potential roles and functions involved in Group meditation and what has been learnt so far about how to work with these energies.

Group meditation workshop – A best practice look at how to create a successful group meditation in a way that can continue to be improved

Event date 20th July Time 11.00am to 5.30 pm Venue W6, London.

This is a follow-up workshop from the group meditation seminar for all those people who attended that day who would like to delve deeper into the practical aspects of group meditation. The aim of the day will be to build your own set of processes for group meditation from a template of exercises drawn from different cultures around the World and from past and present practices and key learning points from these. These can be added to over time in a step by step order as base competencies are reached and as intuitive guidance begins to work at the subconscious competency level. The workshop will look at preparations before a ceremony, like building rituals, as well as how a group can support one another.  Both remote and onsite group meditation techniques are studied and practiced and a final group meditation will take place at a nearby node a short walk away from the venue. All facilitators who organise group meditation events will want to come along to this workshop as the day allows time for experiences and ideas to be shared in ways that will help in the tailoring process of best practice that your group will be happy with.

Link to book tickets at the London seminars

Meditation Workshop 20 July
Tickets are only open to those who have purchased tickets and attended the Meditation seminar. You will be contacted. Discounts will be for those who have attended both seminars. You can register an interest in attending via the above link.


Sacred path modules

These sacred path modules have been designed and tested to help individuals working in groups to prepare for the energetic changes that are now occurring on and around and within the planet.

We do not yet know everything we need to know, so we have to create and work in groups that can look deeper into their subconscious minds in order to seek insights and possible answers to their questions. This is done through group discussion and group meditation but to do this well, there are many skills and techniques that can be taught and learnt. The trick is to learn these from the geniuses of our past who were excellent at these things. This is what the sacred path modules help a group to do as well as helping a group to begin to work together in a really effective manner.

We also learn so much more when we teach, and, as constantly learning is part of our journey, the modules are designed so you can go straight on to facilitate the modules for other groups of people. The facilitator guidebooks have been compiled to help you do this. These come complete with many questions that open up discussion and dialogue.

Just one of the many things you will discover is that when we work in groups we move from finding our own 2D individual perspective into discovering the 3D perspective of the group.

This leads to whole new ways of seeing things with new meanings emerging that we could never discover on our own.

Notebooks have been put together that fit with each section of the modules so that everyone can record their own thoughts and feelings in ways that enhances and cements their learning experience.

It is easy to forget much when we just read a book, but when we share dialogue and hold discussions in a group and record our experiences, much more information sticks.

This retention is of critical importance because of the enormous amount of wonderful guidance we have been gifted. This covers a wide variety of topics and this is where a good memory allows for far more comparisons to be made between it all.

When we do this, we receive new insights.

As your focused conscious minds are seeded in these ways, we can then move into states of awareness so that we gain ‘insights on insights’. It is this that leads to breakthroughs and discoveries on what we must do to prepare well.

It is precisely this sort of methodology that is also going to bring both prophetic information we need in a timely manner as well as just how to meditate in groups.

We are already aware that group meditation is not like individual meditation.


A brief look at the modules

The modules start by taking the best possible look at the true nature of reality with the Blueprint on life.

We progress to look at the difference between long and short term prophecy and the necessity of how we too must become prophets. We start by using Goethe’s Fairy tale to help us learn about symbolism and how to interpret prophecies.

We then go on to look at and explore synchronicity at a depth never done before so we can find the path we need to follow and one where we are being helped along the way. Steps and skills are covered that will bring the fun of getting more and more synchronicity occurring all around you.

We then take a look at how to recognise signs and symbols, and how to also ‘preset’ these, in ways that help us interpret our dreams and any visions far more accurately.

We study key messages from the work of Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner and many other great people in the past in ways that are fun and beneficial to our own journey. By sensing what they were experiencing, telling us and foreseeing, we will be able to more easily sense the changes we are experiencing. 

Just being able to notice these changes more easily is what will help us, and others, with our understanding of what is coming and how best to prepare.

We study the very latest research in Geobiology and how that integrates so well with the prophecies and past and present experiences. It is a subject that also offers us clues to understanding just what a group needs to do during their meditations.

We study 15 Universal prophecies from around the World in order to get a better idea of what to expect and how to prepare for the next 10 years.

We look at 9 different spiritual practices from around the World to understand their similarities and differences so that we can more clearly see how we individually can progress our own practice and how we can integrate that within group meditation.

We have already learnt that group meditation is very different from individual meditation and the final level 5 modules delve deep into this but this is where the group itself begins to come into its own with its own intuitive practical work together.

Unsolved glyphs with strange instructions, secret knowledge passed down through generations along with intuitive movement and sounding all come together with Geobiology so the group can solve the riddles and conundrums of working effectively at sacred sites as the veils between the Worlds come down.

By the time the group has completed all the modules, they will be ready to meet the challenges mankind is facing with a positive frame of mind. Working autonomously now, they will be able to help others to learn to do the same.

Living without the negative emotions of fear, doubt, anger and despair, is critical when it comes to learning how to become more heart-centred in our life as well as in our meditations. Going with the flow of synchronicity will help you find the right path for you in your life as you get given the help you, and those around you, prepare best during this transition.

Having completed these modules with your group you will have formed a strong nucleus that can begin to grow strong spiritual communities. This is hugely important when it comes to some of the challenges we will be presented with.  

There are five levels and a total of 9 modules, which will take a group that meets once a week for 90 mins, around 75-80 weeks to complete them all. Groups should have a minimum of 4 people in them and a maximum of 6. Higher numbers are possible but it will take longer to complete a module.

There is a variety of ways you can do the modules but in order to start the final level 5 modules you must have done all the previous ones. The group will also have needed to have completed the meditation module together and have started facilitating other groups on the first two levels.

When you have completed a module you can become a facilitator for that module. There are some quality requirements that need to be met for facilitators wishing to facilitate the higher level modules.

There is always a cost to attending a course but, with these learning events, you can recoup your cost almost immediately by facilitating discussions yourself with a group you put together. If you wanted to continue with this, it would bring in some helpful extra income for only a few hours a month.

If you develop this enough, you could be facilitating several groups a week and earning a reasonable income.

Curiosity, an open mind and a desire to learn, develop, grow and to work in groups and to help develop other groups is all that is needed.


Level 1 Blueprint for life module - a discussion module

How to create a far more effective and purpose filled life with the understanding of this blueprint.

How to develop an effective strategy to determine what is real and what is true.

How to navigate through life in a more positive way during some of the more irrational times we come across in this World.

The importance of working together in groups and how beneficial this can be to progress well in your life.

How individuals can work more effectively when they come together in groups.

Level 1 Prophecy module

You will learn:

How easy it is to begin to get glimpses of the future?

What can we tell from previous prophecies that will help us make better decisions today?

How to more correctly interpret, as best as is possible, any symbols and/or prophetic visions and dreams you are given?

Level 2 Jung red book images module – 1st part - Moving from Discussion into Dialogue

How Jung was led to experiencing a different view on the true nature of reality, with the challenges it presented, such that we too can see how to address the challenges that now face us individually and collectively in life.

How the symbolism in his images can be interpreted both individually and collectively and see how 2D interpretation comes means so much more with a 3D group perspective. This will help you to become better at your own interpretations of dreams visions and other creative imagery.

How the search for the Holy Grail played such a huge part of Jung’s life and how this helped him develop new breakthroughs in his thinking and how his experiences and observations can help you successfully navigate your own path in life.

How to put to use your new understanding from having done the previous modules on the blueprint of life, prophecy and symbolism.

The red book and its images offers mankind an absolutely fantastic opportunity to understand more about the true nature of reality and, by examining it within a group, it also offers the chance for a group to really learn how to work well together.

Jung’s red book was not published until 2009, 48 years after his death. A few people have tried to interpret its images and writings but it is more than likely that they have all failed. The reason for this is that the new understandings from the science of Geobiology in the last 10 years, has been found to be the key that begins to really unlock their puzzling nature.

What we can learn from this leads us far closer to understanding of Jung’s own path in life and the chance of that helping us understand more about our role and our path in life too.

Level 2 Synchronicity module - Moving from Discussion into Dialogue

You will learn:-

How to recognise when synchronicity is occurring in your life and what to then do next.

How to notice, explore and not miss synchronicities.

How to recognise when the Universe is trying to help you find your path in life and how.

This module will help you increase the amount of synchronicity in your life which will lead you to being able to much more closely follow your own unique vocational sacred path in life.

Many people seem to use the word synchronicity without really appreciating its true meaning and without recognising the need to explore the two acausal events to find out the messages being given.

There is so much that can be learnt and so many ways that synchronicities can be missed that it was best to begin this module by reading a novel that was written to introduce people to both Geobiology and Synchronicity.

That novel is called ‘The Grail Hunter’ and this is pre-requisite reading before the course as there are several questions about its contents that provide an essential learning framework to help the group recognise and explore synchronicities as well as how to generate more of them in one’s life.

By doing this module you will come to realise just how the Universe tries to help you find your sacred path in life and at a time when it is right for you to do so.

Level 3 Geobiology module - Moving from Discussion into Dialogue

This module aims to provide a baseline understanding of Geobiology and the study of how the Earth affects Life. It covers observations made on many of the different forms of Earth energy found on and around the surface of the Earth. It also covers the current hypothesis for how these energies arise and where they are most likely to be sourced. This then becomes an aid to beginning to understand more about how their different frequencies affect consciousness in certain places. Energy networks are different from energy grid systems and this difference is also looked at in order to prepare people for the second Jung red book images module and to also prepare the group’s understanding around the necessary different roles that are needed when it comes to successfully working in group meditation ceremony.

Level 3 Jung red book images module – 2nd part - Moving from Discussion into Dialogue

Jung can now be seen more clearly as a prophet and his visions and dreams are questioned in ways that allow for group dialogue and reinterpretation.

Conversations that Jung has with the Numinous, the Elementals and his Subconscious mind are looked at in new ways which in turn can lead to breakthroughs in understanding, as far as is possible, as the group comes to know about subjects like serpent wisdom and the path of individuation more fully.

With patience, the suspension of curiosity, the acceptance of uncertainty and just the desire to know only the truth, the group will begin to work together in ways that render new insights to come through.

With baseline Geobiological understanding, fuller implications of what was being shown to Jung begin to emerge. This helps present to the group new ways forward for group meditation as the veil between the Worlds come down.

At the end the group will begin to see the enormity of what Jung, Steiner & Goethe managed to do. They will also see just how they were influenced to change and just how well they have prepared us for our own future in both seen, unseen, conscious and subconscious ways.

Level 4 Universal prophecies module - A Dialogue module

12 Universal Prophecies are studied, many in more detail than ever before. Each one adds to our understanding of a future series of events and they give us a glimpse of what we must do in order to prepare for them.

These Universal prophecies come from individuals and groups of people from different cultures and time periods all around the World. They have been put together in this module in order for the group to both gain greater understanding through the stimulation of further insights on insights though the comparisons made between the prophecies and the sharing of dialogue amongst the group.

If they have not already been initiated, the formation of dream and meditation groups is encouraged at this stage with common presets or given symbolism playing a part in any interpretations.  This exercise is aimed at enabling all members of the group to become prophetic themselves.

Level 5 Group meditation module - Moving towards Subconscious Dialogue with greater clarity

Groups at this stage will now be working far more autonomously amongst themselves in preparation for continued work together.

The facilitator takes on the role of a coach who probes and prompts the group to look further into their states of focus and awareness in order to see if they can bring in new and appropriate information about the subjects they look into by seeding their conscious mind and then tapping into their subconscious mind.

This is where the group enters unknown territory, where there are few answers and little definitive understanding. They will also be looking for new questions relating to three initial subjects with a view to building clearer interpretations.

The group’s main aim here is make further discoveries about group meditation and how to identify different individual processes at work within the intuitive sequences required in group meditation.

The group’s secondary aim is to build a clearer picture of what the Universal prophecy is heralding as it moved from the long term into the short term.

Black Elks vision, another Universal prophecy, is looked at in great detail using the groups own built up methodology for subconscious dialogue in order to establish the meaning of the many symbols encountered within it. A study of Black Elks life and what he said has led to a newly revised, fuller, more complete and more accurate description of his vision. This has allowed for two meaningful interpretations to emerge – one that helped him during his life on Earth; the other being a longer term prophecy that helps us by letting us know just how to prepare for group meditation as the prophecy moves into the short term.

The group will also be studying so little known alchemical symbolism that has never been interpreted. The clues we are given provide us with guidance on how we should be working with the energies as a group.

This is the greatest conundrum that the group will face in all these modules and it will require the unique abilities of each person in the group to begin to identify what can be learnt from them.

The group also delves deep into Rudolf Steiner's thoughts on the evolution of consciousness and how that helps us understand more about what we must do.

Only by having done all the rest of the modules will the group have now ‘seeded’ their conscious minds in a way that will potentially help them make sense of what comes through from their subconscious minds as they attempt to interpret these symbols.

It may even be the case yet that we will only finally get the answers when many groups come together to practice what they have learnt to the point at which they are ready to receive the final necessary divine guidance.


The Sacred path diary

This diary is one that has been designed to help a person record any of their dreams, meditations, visions and synchronicities in the best way possible. It has been set up in an easy way so that notes are made in ways that are categorised such that interpretations and comparisons are easier to make. The diary has also been designed to work well with the meditation and synchronicity module and any symbolism that one encounters.

Meditation module - A Dialogue module

This module delves deeply into the many different and important physical and mental variables that are part of prayer and meditation. These variables have been identified from groups of people from all over the World who are, or who have been, known for their success in prayer and meditation.

Over nine spiritual meditative practices from different cultures are compared and contrasted by the group with a view to finding ways that might help them improve their own individual practice and ways that might help them develop group practice.

The module aims to help the group look to continually improve upon each of the steps they currently take that are part of the process they follow as well as encouraging them to explore how the process itself might be enhanced. This is why the course is both theory and practice.

This module does not have a facilitator and instead is driven by the group themselves as they work through the module. Due to the multi-faith nature of this module it can be highly challenging so a support coach is assigned to groups wishing to do this module. Their role is to support individuals and the group as and when the group decides and wishes. 

More  details on how to sign up for these modules can be found on the Sacred Network site where you can sign up in a public group to register your interest in beginning these courses. In due time, you will be able to join these group modules via that website.

The Toller Fratrum event is where we will be launching the first four levels of these modules.




Sacred Network 

I am delighted to say that the first stage of the Sacred Network site has been completed and it is now open for people to register and join. It can be found at Please click here to be taken to the site. 

For a full outline of the sacred network project please download a pdf of the prospectus -Sacred network prospectus 300122

Some of the Sacred Network's functionalities

  1. Anyone will be able to create and promote an indoor, or an outdoor, group meditation event on the sacred network website. It will then appear on member’s newsfeed pages and its location will be easily found on a world map of all events.
  2. Anyone will be able to book up to attend local onsite or online events, if there places available. The facilitator of that event will get notified of their booking and will be able to send that person further details of that event.
  3. These events can be held anywhere in the World but there will also be verified locations on the World map that identify where there are symmetrical energy intersections and their types.
  4. Aside from meditation groups, it will be possible for anyone to create, promote and join onsite, and online, discussion & dialogue (D&D) groups on spiritually related subjects.
  5. There will be support groups that you can promote and run with your own skills and ones you can sign up to.
  6. Early in 2023 discussion modules on subjects related to spiritual development of groups that have been proven to be fun, rewarding, illuminating will become available via the site. There is a cost to joining the support and D&D groups, but having done a few of the modules, anyone can become a facilitator and go on and earn an income from running them. The website will even help you attract people to your group and it will simplify the process with an automatic payment system.


The Sacred Path modules

Our World and its energetic environment are changing and that is now brings challenges and opportunities.

Many of us are noticing subtle, internal and external transformations and some of us are even getting signs that we must prepare for the future and that we must help others to do the same.

This has been called an awakening by some; others are calling it the start of an evolution of consciousness.

This has been spoken about in many universal prophecies by people in our past. Understanding these past prophecies and recognising ones that we are given is something we must all learn to do well.

These modules will begin to help you do this. As predicted events move closer to our present, we need to develop a sense of their timing. The latter could well become a matter of life and death for many. Collectively we have an important part to play here.

We are transitioning between epochs into a time zone that humans have not experienced for around 12000 years, but we are not doing so alone, we are being helped.

Our evolution is not something that is going to just happen to us if we sit back and do nothing. It is something we must make strides toward. This is not going to be easy as we will be purposely challenged.

The sacred path modules are designed to help you overcome these far more easily.

Learning this will be like learning to ride a wave on a surfboard and teaching others to do the same. Surfing is not easy, but it can be done. We know that if we fall off, we can always get back on and try again. In this case though, we know that the larger waves are coming.

We must start learning soon. Learning to surf in the smaller waves is much easier than learning in the bigger waves. Starting now will give you longer to hone and develop your skills.

We all face the same choice, we are either going to be able to help others or we are going to need help ourselves.

We will either be: ‘surfing the wave’ and ‘going with the flow’ or will be turning over and over as though we are in a washing machine.

One path leads to smiles, joy and a deep, centred feeling of love; the other leads to mental confusion for what will be a long rinse cycle.

But, reading about surfing and watching others surf will not be enough, we need to practice and for that, we have fortunately been given some clues on how to do that from some of the great people in our past.

However that too will not be enough as there is still more we need to learn. Vital knowledge has been lost over time that we need to rediscover that. The sacred path modules will help you learn to do this.

We are moving from a time of individual consciousness to group consciousness and this requires a different learning dynamic – we must learn to work together in groups.

Groups that work well together will find ways that will help them discover what they need to know. The sacred path modules aim to help people find their real strengths and weaknesses as well finding out their uniqueness when working effectively together.