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The Key to the Secret of the Ancients

The Key to 'The Secret' is a secret that has been handed down by word of mouth over the centuries.

Many people have written about the Law of Attraction and that by working with it you can create any reality you want. This book explains how part of 'The Secret' has been lost over those centuries. This seems to have been the most powerful part of 'The Secret' and it is now called the ‘Key’.

The Key was once used by our ancient ancestors to great success and through recent studies on Earth Energy lines, this Key has been pieced back together again.

Knowledge of the Key and how to use it links up many fascinating areas and the book covers these as well as people who are using parts of the Key in their work today, sometimes without even realising it.



Foreword                                                          9

Acknowledgements                                        11

The Present                                                     13

The Two parts of the Key                                 16

The Reality                                                      23

Design Human Engineering                           27

The Journey                                                      28

Organ memory                                                 30

Biology of Belief                                               31

The Science                                                     35

A useful decision making strategy                 37

Science in crisis                                                 38

Big Bang failure                                                 39

Old Physics has no solid foundations             41

New Quantum Gravity Theory                         42

The Big Breed theory of the

Creation of the Universe                                 43

Age of Universe is 62 Billion years                 45

The New Science                                              46

Relativity theory not needed                          49

Intelligent Design or Evolution

– A Dilemma Solved                                            51

Scientific proof of God?                                   55

The Energy                                                       57

Yin & Yang & Chi/Ki Energy                          57

Chi Gung                                                         59

Feng Shui                                                         63

Earth Energy lines                                            65

The Secret                                                           69

The Perfect Plan                                                   70

The Law of Attraction                                          71

The Power of Sound & the Templar Knights        74

The Gnostic connection                                        78

Gnostic writings & the new science                       81

The role of the Serpent                                         83

The Global Serpent                                               84

The Proof                                                              91

David Thompson                                                 93

Pythagoras and Sound                                          97

Joao de Texeira de Faria                                     102

Carol Everett                                                         108

Chris Robinson –Dream Detective                     112

David Morehouse                                                119

The Places                                                             123

The St. Michael & St. Mary lines                         123

The Waitaha and the Navigators                         126

Energy line Maps                                                    128

Avebury and its many pairs of Energy lines        131

Dragon Hill and the Dragon wars                       133

The Key                                                                     137

Energy line frequencies & the 12 Observations  137

Pythagoras – ‘truth being a life’                          141

The Music of the Spheres                                     144

Seth                                                                         146

Co ordinate Points & the four

most powerful places on Earth                          150

The European Holy Grail Found                        154

The Turning                                                         159

Ego has to go                                                       160

Medjugorje lesson in praying                           162

Kyoto Temple bells                                             164

Mind & Body enlightenment                           167

The Power from the word for God                 168

Sacred Music                                                       170

The Discourse of the 8th and 9th                      174

Group Prayer & Meditation                            177

The Reason                                                       183

Individual realities                                           183

Group realities                                                185

The Helicopter moment                                 190

References, Books, Websites                       199

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