The Caravaca Templar Window

This little known Spanish Knights Templar chapel can be found in the town of Caravaca de la Cruz in Murcia - a region in the South East of Spain.

On top of the hill now stands a church called the Sanctuario. What is not well known is that this place is named as one of the top five holiest Christian sites in the World. We have to wonder why?

There used to be a circular window near the top in the 13th Century chapel but around the year 1313 it was filled in with an arrangement of plasterwork and glass shapes. Under the glass there are flowers that seem to have not degraded over time at all.  These flowers have still not been identified but the glass shapes are integral to the overall understanding of the hidden message.

The local town legend states that if every the message was decoded

it would change the World for Good.

This window is also known as the Templar window and the Apparition window.  It has been called an 'Apparition' window because of a miracle that was supposed to have happened there. A moorish King was about to be baptised into the  Christian faith when they realised there was no cross available. At that moment Angels were said to have flown in through the window with a piece of the true cross. The ceremony was able to then take place and from that moment on the town was known as Caravaca of the true cross.

Caravaca de la Cruz

The 42 symbols are now known to have an open message and a hidden one. It is the hidden one that carries the enormous potential to change the World for good. It is one of the top five holiest Christian places in the whole World for a reason. 

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Above the entrance to the Sanctuario

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