How can I benefit from a positive Geobiological space ?


Not all Ultra-low frequency sounds are bad for you. Some combinations of sound can be positively good for you.

The following are just some of the phrases people have used when describing living in a positive low frequency sound environment:-

Enhanced creativity,

High levels of synchronicity,

Inner peacefulness,

Greater manifestation,



Increased awareness and sensitivity to the truth,

Deeper sleep patterns,

Less hyperactivity.

Solutions with regards to what we can do about these low frequency sounds have slowly emerged from a combination of measuring them and learning about what our ancestors knew about them.

This has led to the discovery of rhythms and the changing patterns of those rhythms that occur over time.

Understanding which frequencies are good for us and which are bad, which rhythms and sound combinations to work with and which to eliminate have all helped in  providing us with the tools to make a positive difference to a person’s life.

All of the low frequency concentration fields of sound energy fields have been identified now and these together having tracked them over hundreds of square kilometers has led to a high degree of geographical knowledge of how these sounds vary from one area to another. This in turn has aided our understanding as to what to watch out for in our work.

With our Consultants strong geological background, we have found that knowledge of hydrology and rock type is integral to being able to also provide robust and strong solutions that last over time.

Sounds are affected by the density changes of rocks and with areas of underground water. In some cases they can amplify the effect and in others it can dampen it.

With what we have learnt we can now make a major, positive difference to a region and this will bring benefits, similar to those mentioned above, to anyone living in that area.


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The above 3D image represents the concentrations of sound energy in the middle of an intersection of sound waves. This particular formation only occurs four times a year in very special sound intersections. Meditating in these places can bring extremely positive results. On large estates our consultants are sometimes able to deliver solutions that will lead to these sound formations occurring in a special place. Please contact us for a location check and we will be able to tell you if this may be possible in your area.