Is where you live killing you ?

 In 1948 Dr Ernst Hartmann, MD, wrote that "Cancer is a disease of location. Aside from being a medical doctor, he and his brother Robert worked for the ‘Research group for Geobiology’ in Germany.
He went on to say that ‘we all produce cancerous cells on a regular basis, but they are continuously destroyed by our body's immune system.’

Geobiological stress does not cause cancer, but it does weaken our immune system and there is now good evidence to show that there is a higher chance of dying from Cancer because of where you live.

German Scientist Gustav von Pohl, working with the Berlin Centre for Cancer research studied the records of 48 people who living in the town of Vilsbiburg in Bavaria who had all died from cancer.

He found that every one of them lived and slept above an area that had a high level of Geobiological stress. This research was confirmed by Dr Bernhuber and the local mayor of the town and a year later the results appeared in the journal of the Berlin Centre. The journal stated that all Cancer deaths, without exception, were linked to these areas that showed high levels of Geobiological stress.

Five years later Dr Manfred Curry, head of a research clinic in Southern German, confirmed the link with adverse changes human physiology by showing a link with where people live and sleep and Erythrocyte sedimentation rates (ESR). This is the speed that red blood cells fall to the bottom of a test tube. A higher speed indicates an increasing amount of disease that the body is enduring.

In the1970’s Austrian researcher Käthe Bachler studied 3000 locations over 14 countries and she and her team interviewed 11,000 people to find out if they had any unexplainable illnesses or diseases and if there were any links with illness and location. Of the families reporting that they had ‘problem’ children, 95% of them were found to be living in areas of Geobiological stress. The research also uncovered over 500 cases of Cancer and in every one of these cases there was a link to an unfavourable area of Geobiological stress.

 The general conclusion is that if you live or work or sleep in an area that exhibits high levels of Geobiological activity, you will find your immune system is steadily lowered the longer you are living there.

 It may be that medically unexplained symptoms like feeling run down for no obvious reason, feeling exhausted, being continually depressed, showing constant signs of nervousness, always catching illnesses, having increasing marital problems, is down to where you live and sleep.

We have now found a good reason for this and we have solutions that can alleviate and eliminate these problems.

 How big a problem is this?

Our research has shown that the main reason for Geobiological stress is down to Ultra low frequency spherical standing waves of sound that emanate from the centre of the Earth. The problem is enhanced even more when underground water is also present and further still when there is a presence of high levels of electromagnetic activity. (Forced vibrations can occur and with that you get a resonance building and with that you then get increases in amplitude which can do greater damage.)

We have found several different low frequency sounds and some of these frequencies appear to be much more damaging than others.


Housing Density

Housing density has been steadily increasing over the last thirty years. New estates are now at around 25 houses per hectare in the UK (A hectare is 100meters by 100meters square).

Inner city apartments will have even greater numbers of people living in one hectare.

The concentrated high pressure zones areas of these sound waves can be the problem areas. In a hectare you will find at least half the area is made up of these concentrated zones.

Not all of these sounds though damage ones health. It seems that just those with certain frequencies upset our bodies over time. It has been roughly calculated that about 5% of the space in a hectare will be filled with concentrations from these bad frequencies.

That means one in ten people could be suffering without even knowing why.


Why have I not heard of this before?

You might well be wondering why you have not heard about this before. There could be several reasons.

Firstly, only recently has it been found out that the underlying cause of the problem is almost certainly due to Ultra-low frequency sound waves. Previously discussions on these things were supposedly  just down to electromagnetic energies and the Earth's Schumann resonances. These are more likely to be added disturbances due to phase relationship interactions with the sound waves.

Secondly, this information is politically and economically sensitive. The values of house prices might change and a person’s choice towards a route to good health might also change.

With people have less and less free time these days and more and more media sources competing for a person’s spare time, there is just too much information and research coming out from all around the World for it all to be reported in a way that large numbers of people become aware.

A famous German surgeon Professor Ferdinand Sauerbruch told all his cancer patients to relocate as fast as they could and to never return to where they were sleeping.

Moving house is possibly quite an expensive option. There are much cheaper ones. With the understanding of these sound waves and their intersections, there are now several good solutions that can mean being able to stay where you live.

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The following are case histories from the journal “Fortschritt fur Alle” 1976—85 and from Dr Paul Schweitzer and research done by Mr Wolfgang Mers. The diagrams show the crossing points of these sound lines where individuals slept. In all cases the precision of the intersection related to the location of the illness or disease in the person sleeping there. 

The good news is that things can be done about this without having to move home.