The Grail Seminar 

The Grail Seminar has been designed to take people on a journey beyond the two Grail Books - Grail Found and Grail Bound - into some of the deepest secrets there are in regards to meditation, manifestation, our evolving consciousness and how we can make the most of all this. To help delegates with this, there is a 120 page manual covering the full content of the seminar and more as well as places to record personal reaction to the practical exercises that are covered during the day long seminar. The day will shock you, challenge you, but will also leave you empowered and prepared for what is to come. 

We have entered a transitional period in human evolution. It is not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last time. This shift though is going to be a big one and it’s going to affect all of us. 

Recent research has shown that this coming event is cyclical and has been predicted by many visionaries in the past. In this seminar we will look further into what they said and why and this is interpreted with the latest knowledge we now have on these energy lines and what they are and why they occur and why things are changing.

The Grail seminar addresses the issues we are going to face and looks at how we can individually prepare for them.

One way this is done is by looking at the Grail hero Percival and the several stages of the journey he takes in order to find the Holy Grail. What we can learn from each of these stages is then compared to our own path in life and the steps we must now be brave enough to tread. 

The two grail books introduce many different topics and the reader is able to join up many of the dots between them. Within this seminar many more dots will now be connected up in order to help you see the full picture emerge. Although this picture is shocking, it is also beautiful and it will astound, amaze and empower you.

What could not be added to the books Grail Found and Grail Bound, is only ever going to be disclosed in these one day Grail seminars. Also included is a set of unique mental tools that will help you not only cope but thrive in the coming years as well as being able to go on and help others too.

This seminar has three aims to help you:-

Find out more about the coming change in consciousness.

Find out the secrets to prayer and meditation that have been taught in secret all around the World for thousands of years and which have only recently been lost or deliberately hidden.

Find out more about our own Inner Spirituality & the Nature of Consciousness.

 Its objective is that by the end of the Seminar you will:-

Know more about how to best help yourself, and others, prepare, in practical ways, for the coming changes in human consciousness and what to expect and watch out for along the way.

Know about the long forgotten practical elements to prayer and meditation that are of much greater significance than previously thought and have an idea on how to apply them.

We look at synchronicity along with the Templar manifestation secrets with a view to you being able to leave the seminar knowing how you can find and keep to your vocational path and, should you wish, finding your true purpose in life.

One of the reasons I wrote my books and started this website was that I had discovered that these global changes had already started. I knew it was going to be hard for many people to survive this transition. Only those who prepare well, will be able to go on and help the many others who will need assistance. The importance of this going into the next epoch of consciousness comes from the ancient sages and seers and is something that can only really be told person to person in group discussion within a seminar.

The coming changes will be mentally exhausting - even when you know what is happening. Some sensitive people are already finding these early times to be mentally challenging and they are suffering because of it. 

Grail -Seminars all have limited numbers due to their interactive nature and so we can all work more effectively and efficiently together. 

If you are interested in joining please register your interest early. There is an early bird discount if you book up a month before the course. This will ensure you have a place on it. There is a further 15% discount available even earlier but you will need to sign up to the newsletter on the contact page and express the areas you are also interested in knowing more about in the other form on that page. You will then be sent a link to a discount page for the Grail seminar, the dowsing courses and the Location checks. 

I will also promise you one thing. I will do my best to ensure that the Grail seminar will be one of the best value events you attend this year.



“Thank you Rory and all who made that circle magic, including the stones, the spirit of place and the Chi flow we were in all day” - Noel S.

“Thank you for a very interesting day on Saturday and it was a lovely group connection.

Lots to work with and see what else develops with deepening insight.” – Sandy H.

“I'd just like to add my thanks to Rory for putting so much work into making Saturday's seminar happen.It has certainly given me food for thought over the last couple of days!
It was wonderful to meet everyone, it's been a long time since I've felt so at ease with a group of people and I'm sure that was a vibrationary thing.” Sally S.

“Thanks for the lovely photos, but also a great day yesterday. So much information for us that is very exciting! You are a real pioneer in weaving together so many modalities and pieces of information to make sense of where we are headed. All of your conclusions are supported by the big astrological transits of the next few years, so this is very interesting to me. Also your final comments about my work shifting towards the galactic were fascinating. Thanks for sharing with us all so generously, and it was a great day all round.” – Pam G.

“Just to say how enjoyable it was to meet you all yesterday thanks to everyone and of course to Rory for making it so interesting.” – Helen L.

“Just a note to thank you for a great day at the Grail Seminar. It was a unique learning experience, spent in the company of a very knowledgeable group of people. The day was absolutely packed with relevant information and I came away having learned a great deal more about the Grail Journey. The visit to the stone circle was very special and I was genuinely saddened to have to leave the company of the group and go home. Thank you for all the hard work that went into the unique course content. I had a long way to go back to Dartford in Kent but it was well worth the trip.” Paul K.

Currently there is only one date planned for 2020 for the Grail Seminar. The price is £120 but this is available at a discounted rate of £100 if you have signed up to my newsletter. This one day course has limited numbers available which will be on a first come first served basis

Please note again that this seminar is only for people who have bought and read the two books Grail Found and Grail Bound. This is very necessary as the content moves straight on from where these two books ended.

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This is a day that includes several practical exercises so please come in comfortable clothes. You will also be given a Workshop manual to record your notes and thoughts. This will also include what is revealed during the day on the slides you will be taken through. Much of this information is not covered elsewhere in my writings and videos.