The Evolution of Consciousness Seminar/Workshop

This one day course draws upon recent Astronomical observations together with unique research on the science behind Earth Energy lines to show what is about to happen to us all within the next six years. 

Everything is pointing towards a coming change in consciousness. This seminar will explain the why and the when and how we can ride the wave of change. People are already experiencing dreams and visions of what is to come as well as increased levels of sensitivity and empathy. On the downside, there is a dramatic increase in mental ill health all around the World - much of this can be explained by what is happening. 

This Seminar/Workshop will help you build up a powerful mental technique that will prepare you for these mental and emotional opportunities and challenges that we are all going to be facing in the next few years. It will also teach you a personal way you can gauge how your personal transformation is proceeding.

You do not need to have read my books before attending this workshop seminar.


To learn more about the current physical changes going on in the Universe, our Solar system & our planet

To learn what is happening to us because of these changes and how this is evolving  human consciousness.

To learn techniques that can be practised that will help us through the difficult transition period leading to this change

By the end of the Seminar you will:-

Know why and what is causing these changes.

Know how this has affected us in the past and how it will affect us again.

Learn how to recognise these gradual changes and know what to do about it.

Have learnt mental and emotional techniques that will help you remain stable and avoid mental ill health.

This one day course is open to anyone.




The price for this one day seminar is £120. If you sign up to my newsletters you will get access to a discount price of £100

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