Avebury dowsing day

This day was held for the first time in 2019 and we had 14 people from my level 1 dowsing course come along. The idea was to hold a follow up dowsing day to the initial course to help people progress their confidence in dowsing. It was also an opportunity to learn new things. 

This day offers the chance to dowse the type 4 energy lines - the St Michael and St Mary lines, as well as a chance to learn how to accurately find the very centre of a large energy line node when there are lots of energy lines around.

The morning starts at the main circle and the avenue of stones. We then stop of lunch at the cafe near to the museum in Avebury where there is a chance to chat with others and to discuss dowsing and other related subjects. After lunch we move on to the Sanctuary where we learn how and why we all find the central line in a slightly different position.

A short stop is made at Silbury hill before a final dowsing exercise at the Longstones. 

Nothing like this dowsing day at Avebury exists anywhere else and you will learn things that will help your own dowsing go from strength to strength.




£30 - limited places

Instructions on where we meet will be sent out nearer to the date of the event.
 which is Saturday 4th July