The World Harmony Trust is a charity that has been set up to help people become aware of the coming spiritual awakening that is happening all around the World and to promote the significance of group prayer and/or meditation at very sacred sites in the World at very sacred times of the year.

One of the trusts aims i to find and as many of these special high energy, sacred sites around the World so that local people can gather around them for group prayer and meditation.

Attention:- Please note that the next harmony times are covered in my newsletters. Group meditations start at midday. So go to your nearest sacred site or join in wherever you are at midday.


The Awakening - A brief description about what’s happening

What is important to note when reading this, is that there is a connection between the science that follows & the Universal consciousness which we connect to through our meditations and prayers. 

A) The Science

The Earth, our Sun and our Solar system all rotate around our Galaxy – the Milky Way as it travels through space.

Our Galaxy, along with millions of others, is moving away from regions of space that have a repelling magnetic effect and towards regions of Space that have an attracting magnetic effect.

Our solar system is therefore continually passing through new environments in Space that have variable magnetic field strengths. We are currently passing out of a strong magnetic field that has been called ‘The Local Interstellar Cloud’.

In addition to that our galaxy has rotating magnetic field that extends outward along its galactic plane in a rippled, wavy spiral (like a Parker spiral). Our solar system, at our distance from the centre of the galaxy, passes through this galactic current sheet roughly every 12,000 years and it takes around 180 to 200 years to pass through the sheet.

During this time our Sun's and our Earth's magnetic field are affected and lower in their intensity. Something this leads to full magnetic pole reversals for the Earth, sometimes it is just magnetic incursions where the North pole moves South for a while and then back again.

During this time our protective magnetic fields reduce and we get more cosmic energy coming through to the Earth.

B) The Effects

Greater amounts of cosmic energies can affect us in many ways. It can affect our DNA, it can affect our health both physically and mentally and it seems it affects our consciousness in ways that affect our perceptions of reality. We seem to also find some of our natural abilities and skills are enhanced. These include the following:- Intuition, Empathy & even Telepathy. 

This has occurred many times in the past and on some occasions it has led dramatic evolutionary trends with increases in the numbers of new species that appear on the Earth. 

Incoming cosmic energies, both from our Sun and other Galactic centres, affect us in other ways as well. As they hit our atmosphere, they are converted into gamma rays and neutrinos. The latter high energy particles pass right through the Earth and get refracted by the Earth's solid & dense iron nickel inner core. In doing so it gives the inner core energy and this is transduced into ultra low spherical standing waves of sub audible vibrations, or different eigenmode frequencies, that reach back up to the surface. There, they can be sensed in linear high pressure concentrations that go around the Earth. If the Earth was a uniform density and a perfect sphere, these lines would make great circles around the Earth in many different directions.

This leads to many intersections and the ones that are between the rarer, more powerful, lowest frequency lines/fields coincide with some of the  Worlds most sacred sites.  

The linear concentrations are also found running through ancient sacred site that are also arranged in lines. The concept of leys/leylines, along with their associated pairs of Earth Energy lines, are now given scientific credence with this association with these ultra low vibrations. 

What has now been found is that by making regular observations on how these energy lines move and change is that they can be used as a signalling system that can tells us about the changing amounts of cosmic energy we are receiving.

What we understand now is that there is a connection between these vibrations and the Universal consciousness at a sub quantum level of reality. By connecting with these frequencies through sound and resonance with the higher harmonics of these vibrations, we can get a closer connection to the Universal consciousness.

C) The Observations

The first observation that something was changing in regards to increasing cosmic energy was that all the Earth energy lines started to widen after the Summer solstice in 2017.

In addition to that, up until 2018 there were only three pairs of very powerful earth energy lines (Three Alignments/Leys/Leylines). These six lines were found going round the Earth in what could be roughly termed  - great circles. 

In January 2018 however, another pair of Earth Energy lines began to appear on the Earth. They were fully formed by June 2018. When this occurred all the other energy lines widened again due to the extra strength of the energies now getting through passed the lowering shields of our reducing magnetic field strengths.

People around the World are already noticing the many effects this has on their life, their dreams and their mental state. Some people are aware that something is happening but most are probably not yet sure what that is.

This increasing energy is though to now be a contributory factor of the increased polarity in thinking, depression, general mental problems and the increased divisiveness between people and nations.

Through more research, two more major streams of galactic energy were predicted. These fully arrived back in February 2019 and in July 2019.

D) The challenge and the opportunity

It appears our ancestors have experienced these sorts of things before and their prophecies have been trying to warn us so that we can prepare for them again both in a protective way and also to benefit from the advantages that they can also bring.

These new energies therefore represent both a challenge to us and an opportunity if the prophecies are to be believed.

On the good side there is talk of an evolution of consciousness, an increase spirituality that will take us into a period of harmony that is now likely to last for 180-200 years - but only if we prepare for this the right way. This will lead to time of peace, prosperity, freedom, creativity and a wonderful interconnectedness between us all whilst still having our identifiable spiritual selves.

On the not so good side, we are told if we do nothing, we will miss that opportunity and probably have to endure all forms of hardship that will include control systems being enforced and potential slavery for the many in order to keep some kind of order in the mental madness that may possibly ensue

In the lead up to these events, we are told there will be a period of transition that many will find hard to endure as our minds will be challenged in many ways.

E) The timing

In regards to the timing, if the prophecies and the earth energy line observations are correct, we will fully enter the galactic current sheet in December 2024. 

We entered into the transition zone back in 2017

The time is at hand. We must motivate as many people as we can to come together and pray and meditate on the times of harmony.

These begin on the day before the Solstices and Equinoxes. These harmony times used to last around 12 hours but now they have extended up to 11 days in duration. This seems to be connected to the galactic current sheet as we fully enter it. 

The duration of these harmony times is projected to be 96 days long and all year round by December 2024. At this point in time all the energy lines will ring out at the same frequency - probably for over 500 years. This will allow us to learn how to make a perfect resonant connection at these sacred sites and this is when our learning can really begin. It is unlikely that anything will happen on the December 2024 date as we are always given a choice in this World. If we choose to seek inward spiritual development though, we will reap the rewards it offers and this will spread throughout humanity. This is the Universe's goal for us.

Thank you for reading this.

F) The Trust's aims

To raise money to help with the following:-

To raise the awareness that mankind is evolving right now in the World due to its changing energetic environment.

To promote the power that can come from groups of people all joined in Spiritual prayer and meditation at special sites around the World on four special times of the year - when all the energies come into harmony.

To find, promote and establish Grail sites all around the World where groups of people can come along and pray and meditate. This is open to all religious and spiritual people and done in a way that unites everyone. 

Funding is not requested at the moment. A new interactive website is being designed and when that functionality has been agreed and costed out, there will be a request for donations.


G) The next gathering

Please read the newsletters on this site for details of the timings for the next gatherings.

H) The sacred sites

There are many sacred sites around the World with symmetrical energy nodes

Praying or Meditating on these places is simple and best done with groups of people. Anyone, Any religion, any spirituality, any atheist can do this together.


You should do what you normally do when your pray and meditate. If we all do that, we all connect at a subconscious level. 

If you would like some basic guidance though, please read the following:-

Group meditation begins with:- 

Breathing in Love & then breathing out Love

VIsualise and Feel this energy coming up into your heart and down into your heart at the same time as your breathe in. Then as you breathe out imagine it going out into the World such that you become a conduit for the energy.

It is important to try and be as intensely positive as you can in these four areas Positive expectation, Self Esteem, Peacefulness & Joy

We tend to split the group meditation sessions at the moment into three.

The first is to connect with the energies and to ask if there is anything we need to know or do at that site at that time

The second is to then carry out any commonly agreed instructions that may have come through and to also send huge love out into the World

The third session is for more personal reasons and it can be for sending healing to friends and family for example

There is usually a 5 min gap between these meditation so anyone can share any thoughts or feelings or visions that came through. The aim is to look for shared and common themes so some validation can occur.

The first session is done generally in silence.

When any sound is ever made, it is to generate a frequency by sounding any of the vowels. From what has been learn a higher sound is made by some of the participants is made along with a lower sound from other participants. The frequencies are intuited such that an overtone comes about from these two sounds and it is the resonance from this overtone that seems to aid meditation.

A facilitator at these group meditations is only there to initiate proceedings. The less arranging that is done seems to lead to the right people being there at the right time.


Where and When

These harmony times generally start one day before the Solstices and the Equinoxes

As the duration times increase, some sites with many people will likely arrange further meditation sessions.


It works better and faster the more of you who do this together and even if you cannot make to an actual sacred location, it is almost as good if you imagine the last time you were meditating on a strong sacred location.

May light and love be with you.