RDSD 1st Annual Conference & Dinner

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There is plenty of research going on into Earth Energies all around the World. In my view though it is not cohesive and does not have enough participants. This annual conference aims to address this and to also really push back the boundaries of our knowledge.

A conference should be highly interactive and give everyone a chance to talk with everyone else. It is not a time to sit and listen all day to speakers. We all have something to offer and to share with like minded people. What has been really lovely over the years is the number of absolutely wonderful people I have met on my course and to also see how well everyone gets on with one another.

It is this atmosphere I would wish to recreate in these conferences and I believe it will lead to some great discussions and ideas for further research that can be done by all of us. 

With this in mind, let me tell you what I am planning and then I very much hope you will want to attend and, for those of you who would like to, contribute your own findings.

This 1st annual Rory Duff School of Dowsing Conference (RDSD) Earth Energy conference has been set up for anyone who has attended my level 1 dowsing course or any of my private 1 day courses on dowsing Earth Energies. It is only restrictive in this way because the common training background will help us immensely in our understanding to go forward in our communications about our research.

This is the Agenda for the day

Introduction – This is all about why this conference is necessary, what it aims to achieve and how it could grow to help millions of people around the World – with your help.

Annual group research project – This is something we can all be involved in. It is quick and easy and vitally important. This year it will be about the changing widths of the lines. Choose any type of line you want to, record its direction and then record its width every day at the same time of day. For anyone who has done a level 2 or higher course, or indeed if you feel you can do this too, you can also measure the width of the central band in that line. I will compile the results before the conference and we will discuss this at the conference. Ideas for further group research for the following year will be discussed. I will be producing an Excel spreadsheet template that I will be sending out so you can fill it in. Please email me to let me know if you would like to be involved in this project.

Dowsing experience discussions – This is a chance for anyone to discuss any of their own research that they have done this year. This can include their mapping work and what they have come across and what they found interesting and challenging. If you would like to contribute here, please get in touch with me at least two months before the course. After each short presentation there will be a  Q&A session

Classification update – The classification of Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes that we have been using was always set up to be expansive and flexible. This is a chance to explore how it has worked for us and to discuss possible updates to the classification.

Midday dowsing break – This year’s conference will be at Stanton Drew which will give us a chance to do a mapping exercise. We will split into two groups and look at the different types of lines that head into and out of the node at the Stanton Drew main circle. We will cross reference the findings between the two groups against a master map of the lines done some time before.

Update on my research – This will be a unique presentation into my own latest research on the Earth Energy lines and the key learns to take away from this. These are things I could not hope to communicate successfully with anyone that had not been through my level 1 competency course. The talk at this conference will be about the my work in the USA on the locations of these type 4 and type 5 lines (The Emperor Dragons)and the locations of their nodes and the synchronicity surrounding the work that is now on going at these locations.

Intuitive observations – This will be an open general discussion that will start in smaller groups. When we use our awareness in dowsing, many things come into our minds. It is hoped that you will remember a few of these in your dowsing or indeed in your life generally since you began dowsing. Much can be learnt by sharing these experiences, recognising them and how we follow them up. How we can have more of these will also be a topic that is covered.

Dowsing Q&A – This is a final conference question and answers session between us all with a view to improving the format of the annual conference and to choose future venues and topics for discussion.

Award ceremony – I would also like to recognise three people for their dowsing in 2020. The first is for the best newcomer to Earth Energy research and the second is for the most improved dowser over the year. There will also be one for the person who I think has helped promote my school of dowsing the most during the year.

End meditation at SD circle – we will end the conference with a group meditation on the node at Stanton Drew. In the past when we have done this, we have had some amazingly deep meditations.

Dinner evening at the Druids Arms

This is an open invitation to anyone who has done my level 2 or 3 courses only. It is a chance to share further research and findings in fields related to dowsing, meditation, the evolution of consciousness, synchronicity and the Grail. Anyone qualifying for this and coming to the conference will automatically have an invitation sent to them.


Conference date Saturday 3rd October 2020

Full price £60

Early bird price £35

To get your early bird price pay a deposit now of £20 (not refundable unfortunately)