May 2019 Newsletter

Thank you all for your continued interest in my research. This newsletter continues in the same theme as the last with updates in the variety of areas that I have listed below.

Earth Energy news

Readers of these newsletters will know about the three new Emperor Dragons that have arrived at the surface of the Earth from 2018-2019. One of the tasks this presented is to map these lines and to then look at the intersections they make with the existing energy lines. Their appearance creates new nodes and these nodes also need locating and repairing. What hinders efforts to do this is that this work is unfunded so only limited time can be given to the task on a regular basis. I am currently able to only put half a day a week into the task. Your support with this helps when you buy any of my books or services. What I want to tell you in this section of the newsletter is to give you an example of the sort of feedback I am getting from Spirit when carrying out this work. In order to find a node along one of the new lines, you have to start with a large scale map. When you get a dowsing result between two locations that are perhaps 200kms apart, you narrow down the scale and start again in the region you got your result in. This occurs two to three times before you get down to the scale where you begin to see the names of towns and villages. The final scale you get down to is a close up on an Aerial map that shows fields, woods and the local names for places. Last week I did this on the 6th Emperor Dragon to find a 2nd order node (One Emperor Line, type 5, and two pairs of type 4 lines). There are about less than 60 of them in the World and they all need to be found, checked and repaired. At the end of 2012 a group of us had done this for the 24 2nd Order nodes that had been found when there were just three Emperor Dragons on the planet. In this recent work there was no complete single intersection (node) but rather a ‘tic tac toe’ of lines. After further investigation a repair was carried out and a final search to see where the new node had ended up. It was quite a nice surprise to find it was on land that had been named Harmony farm. It was even better to find out that they had a website that expounded similar virtues. It just goes to show that lines move to where they want to be which is probably why these returning Emperors do not always return to exactly where they were several thousand years ago before they last left us. Many more of these repairs to go so there may be more interesting stories to tell in the months to come. I would add here that there are some occasions that I cannot repair the nodes. This is usually because the Emperor Dragon itself needs to be moved and for that, it has been found, that you need at least three gridworkers who are all in agreement.

Awakening Consciousness news

So we know this is happening but how do we know when it is affecting us. These great waves of cosmic energy have arrived and are still arriving and it is as though they come in sets – just like waves arriving at the beach. Aside from hitting us directly, they also come via the Sun and up from the inner core of our Earth. But how do we know when it is affecting us. The answer is not so easy to tell because of all the variables. To give you an example of what I mean, I want to tell you a personal story that recently happened to me. On Sunday 21st April I woke up with huge levels of energy. I felt fantastic and the day was hugely productive physically and mentally – gardening, shopping, cooking, running, writing and several other activities. It even lasted into the Monday. So was this noticeable difference down to these new cosmic energies? Well it may have been, but it may also have been several other factors. The day before for example, I had 5 hours in the Sun on the Beach in Llangennith in the Gower in South Wales. With my eyes exposed to sunlight without my sunglasses, could that have helped get information or programming of some sort into my mind more easily. Could the extra vitamin D have helped? The two swims in the very cold sea may have made a difference. The grounding with my bare feet on the sand may have helped. The hour of sleep midday under the Sun may have been restorative. The full moon on the 19th may have been a factor as indeed the planetary positions could have been. The good night sleep on Saturday night is another possibility. The glass of sake I had with my evening meal, something I drink perhaps once a year, may have provided necessary vitamins and minerals that I was unknowingly lacking in. The coconut ice cream could have done the same. This is a rarity. I have only one or two desserts a year so maybe that too made a difference. Was it that I have finally weaned myself off using the microwave to reheat food? It has been a month now. Maybe that finally made a difference. Was it the fasting I now do three days a week and have done so for the last two months? Was it the effect of losing a stone in weight over the last three months? Was it the three 30 min runs I now do each week? You can perhaps now begin to see it could be one or more of these things and even others I have not considered or mentioned. I could perhaps dowse to get an idea of what it was, but I have no feedback method in this regard to believe the dowsing result. So what is the point I am on about here? Whilst swimming in the sea, I was reminded of windsurfing days in my youth and the 7th wave principle. There is a saying that every 7th wave is the biggest. As I swam up and over them I thought about the galactic waves of energy and realised that these would be hitting us in a similar way if nature mirrors itself in the ways we have often seen. There will naturally be breaks between the sets of waves where we can rest and enjoy a break from the challenge of the next set. We will be tested over the next five years up until 2024 and 2025. Remember these waves have crossed long distances through the universe and just like waves of water; the larger the fetch; the larger the wave. There will be emotionally and mentally tough times ahead of us with this energy. So what causes these varying ups and downs we may never really put a finger on just one thing. Many things will be at play and the energy will be working on us in many different ways. This will be the case both in challenging and in rewarding times. It will also keep happening and the waves will keep coming and many times we will be hit, like we are hit by a wall of water in the waves along the shore. What we must try and do though is to body surf these waves and let their power carry us. It is the ride that invigorates us with is energy transfer to us when we connect with it.

So perhaps the learning we can take from this is to enjoy the good times and to enjoy the challenges as well. Remember too that we may not all be catching the same wave at the same time and some of us may be on the 7th wave. Another way of looking at this then is that we are constantly being affected - even between the waves as they come. The water/wave is still with us between the sets but these are the times when there is some respite perhaps. We must enjoy it while we can and somehow enjoy it too when the wave hits us/crashes into us/lifts us up as we ride it. Just how well we are individually doing this is something I am beginning to be led to understand with some recent communications with other dowsers but more on this in a future newsletter.

Science News

Following on from the last section, I recently came across an area of science where there seemed to be loads of variables involved as well. The area has become highly controversial but it is also extremely important we get it right and understand it fully. The subject is climate change and what factors are involved. At the moment Cosmic rays from Outer Space and from our Sun are being excluded from the calculations that go into the IPCC models. As you may imagine I am totally against all forms of pollution but we need to fully understand what causes our weather and, at the moment, it looks as though cosmic rays hitting our atmosphere cause aerosols to form which then go on to create low level cloud. More clouds mean cooler temperatures as more heat is reflected back off them from the Sun (Something called the Albedo effect). What you may not know is that the biggest greenhouse gas, coming in at over 95% is water vapour, so clouds and cloud cover have a huge influence on our weather. I am sure we will find out the full picture of what causes climate change quite soon so rather than going into this any further, which is actually not the reason for this section, here is a link if you are interested

Why I have provided you with this link, and what I found interesting in this video, is that it mentions three sources of cosmic rays. I had been previously aware of two main sources – the Sun and the Active Galactic Nucleii in the Universe. The third comes from the Earth’s Van Allen radiation belt. If you now recall in my book Grail Bound that I discussed energy from the Sun leading to the production of the type 4 lines and the energy from the galactic centres leading to the production of the type 5 lines, we now have a third source of energy from the Van Allen radiation belt that could be the source of another type of lines – perhaps the type 3 lines. The mechanism for all three being the same, with the energy reaching the inner core, and being transduced into spherical standing waves of sound. (The details are in my books and in my lectures).

It is wonderful how knowledge unfolds if you are patient and expect to come about via synchronicity and exploring things. Some of the key things we have to do is to keep an open mind, remain curious and have a healthy desire to find the truth.

Social media news

If you are reading my posts on my Facebook Page Leyline Science links secret societies and hidden knowledge to prophecies

Then you will know that it is often the comments I get, that lead to even more interesting areas to look into. Post 137 When is a pyramid not a pyramid? led to lots of discussion and more possible sites around the World that this question could now be applied to. The key finding for me is that pyramids are not the oldest monuments and very often they were built on earlier sacred sites. Take the Giza pyramids for example. They were built on a place that was already known to be sacred. This is interesting because the pyramids are probably pre Egyptian. They were certainly not built as tombs as there were no signs and symbols and hieroglyphics inside it like can be seen in other tombs in the Valley of the Kings. The Sphinx is now considered by most rational people to be an even earlier monument than the Pyramids and there are load of tunnels under ground the whole area that are also unlikely to have been dug out after these large monuments were put up. So this confirms the location being a sacred place long before the Egyptians arrived. I would now draw your attention to post 140 for some staggering details on what is really found beneath the Temple mount in Jerusalem. King Solomon and the Romans could not destroy what was found there. Instead they built over and around it. Evidence of an earlier more advanced civilization is almost impossible to denounce. The question I have for you though is where these people who built the original monument at Temple Mount might they have come from. The small secret I will share with you in this newsletter though is that both Temple Mount and the Pyramids at Giza are 4th order nodes and a type 4 pair of energy lines connect between them. This is a clue for you.

Courses, Seminars, Workshops news

My level 1 dowsing course on the 28th of April in Bath has now no more places and is fully sold out which is lovely to report and also the Grail Seminar at Stanton Drew on the 18th May has only a couple of places left. Remember you do need to have read both my books Grail Found and Grail Bound before you can come. What I can tell you is that it really does contain the most up to date research. What has really been hushed up in the news lately is the massive division that is going on within the Roman Catholic church. One thing that I cover in the Seminar has caused this major split. Just why this is the case is so now also has a strong link with the Caravaca legend. If you are unaware of what the legend is, you can find out more in my Holy Grail Found documentary.

What I can now reveal for the first time is that there is a second part to this legend that I could not release before now that all seems to be coming true. All will be revealed in the Seminar and in the 124 page manual that all delegates get when they attend.

My next seminar is on the 15th June. It is on the Evolution of Consciousness. Please book up early for this if you are interested. Details can be found here

Book news

With the six Emperor Dragons all now back on Earth, my next book and the third Grail series book has been started and is called Grail Ground. It may take longer to write than the previous ones and may even have to be split into more than one book. It will cover the locations of the six Emperor Dragons and their sacred sites. The information it contains however s not being kept from local people on the ground and I am slowly making contact with people who live near to the sacred sites on these lines. You help with this if you know people in the following countries. I just need to make contact with energy workers there. The countries and regions are:- Brazil, Australia, California – between LA and San Francisco, The Philippines & The Solomon Islands. There are other areas but at the moment these have been covered by people in situ.


This extra section contains a request for help. Does anyone have any contacts in Florida in the Orlando area (or within a 1 ½ hour drive radius) who might be interested in helping to arrange a seminar and a practical dowsing day. There is some work do there on some type 4 lines and the chance to track down a 4th order node. The reason for my request though is that my son is marrying a young woman over there next year and I am looking for some work over there to help cover the costs of the trip and the stay during that time. I have now mapped the type 4 lines in Florida and know where the work is needed. I thought it might be nice to share this with interested people over there. One of the lines connects up with some really interesting sites across the US too.

Thank you for your time