March 2019 Newsletter

  1. Earth Energy news

As of yet, there is still no sign of last Emperor Dragon. The energies have arrived but it seems to have still not stabilised and is still moving. It is as though it is looking for places to anchor itself and that may be existing strong nodes in other energy grids. We shall have to wait and see. The prophecies talk of the Black Snake being the last to arrive. Here are a few of the sayings that I mentioned  in my book Grail Bound.

“In the beginning the White Dragon was a friend to the people. It became too powerful. The Red Dragon came and they fought and 3 great times of shaking occurred. Then the Black Serpent came. The Serpents separated people from the Spirit (Sun).”

“After the Black Dragon there was a bright light in the sky for 12 days.”

“When Serpents awaken the time of great trials will affect the mind”

There is talk of new rays appearing in March on Social Media posts and I from my constant dowsing, and being told to wait, this seems to be when it will arrive. As for the bright light in the sky for 12 days, we just don’t know how much time, after the Black Dragon has arrived, that this will be. It could be days after, or weeks or months.

One thing I do want to say under this section though is that these earth energy lines are getting stronger. Two friend of mine, who do not know each other, have both suffered similar problems – both have damaged their pericardium – the fascia around their heart. The heart muscle seems to have expanded too much and this has caused severe pain and some life threatening damage. Hopefully they will both recover. In both cases, the doctors were mystified. However one of them has lived for a very long time on a strong node in his house and the other felt a discharge of energy from a nearby node that he now thinks he was on for too long. Please be careful Ladies and Gentlemen. We cannot spend the length of time on these lines and nodes that we used to. Yes we can get used to it and build up to being able to take the increased energies but – the extra energy that has been coming through has seriously upped the force given off when connecting to them.

The solution is to get yourself grounded as much as possible – more on that below.


  1. Awakening Consciousness news

A group of 30 of us at Bristol Dowsers had a mini conference a couple of weeks ago to discuss the above topic. At the outset I have to tell you that the people who joined us are some of the most experienced people I know with regards to energy work and they are also some of the most sensitive people as well to any changes. The questions that were asked were as follows:-

What has been experienced individually?

How has this affected us?

How should we prepare emotionally and physically for what is coming?

These are some of things that came out of the conference.

Some have experienced feeling immersed in light with a feeling of calmness and unity & detached from any fear and free from any illusion. Others report being able to remembering more dreams. Many say they find themselves waking much earlier in the morning and some even taking morning walks at 5.00am. Some of us, including those who are young and healthy, have experienced rapid heart movement in middle of night. Many have felt the desire to stop eating meat. More telepathy seems to be happening. We are becoming more sensitive and cry more easily at emotional scenes we are watching. There are several people who have had visions of tsunami waves. (This is something that the Aboriginal people have been reporting too). It was agreed that more chaotic and irrational behaviour has been witnessed as well as our ideas following the same trend.

More of us were sensing a feeling of despair and having to fight against that by finding small things to be hopeful about.

Some people sense a massive change is coming but don’t know quite what or when. Others have been saying that they have noticed a growing divide between those people who are awakening and those who are not yet. This has even led to friendships and relationships changing. A few were saying that they were enjoying spending more time along and even spending more time on self-care – almost as though they are preparing for something.

Some of the suggestions that were put forward and some of the things that had been tried and found to work are as follows:-

Some of the energy workers were finding that putting an energetic light around other people, helped them. Several reported that there is a much greater need for grounding oneself. Walking barefoot on the beach of earth was one good idea as was walking with a grounding stick. This suggestion led to the thinking that more people would benefit by taking pilgrimages to sacred sites with grounding sticks

Nearly everyone reported that they were becoming more aware of increasing synchronicity that was playing a bigger and bigger part of their lives. Some of the people at the conference were saying that more people should be asking for help from other people and from their guides.

Everyone was finding that showing gratitude more and more often was leading to better outcomes for everyone.

The desire for alcohol had gone from many people and indeed many expressed the growing need for clean, clear crystal spring water and to drink more of it.

It was suggested that because of the more chaotic energetic environment it was becoming more important to think of only one thing at time more. Whereas it was possible to do more than 2-3 things at once, this was leading to everything being more distracting and stressful. It was becoming more important to ‘Be in the Now’ with what you are doing in order to avoid stress.Most people who attended had said that that had switched off all media as it was polarising thinking and people.

All agreed that it was becoming more and more important to slow down as everything seemed to be speeding up. Trying to keep up was leading to stress and anxiety and ill health. This led to the thinking that the ‘higher frequencies’ are not really ‘faster’ frequencies at all but are in fact ‘lower’ ones.  High beta mental activity leads to the lower realms, whereas the more alpha mental activity lead to more easily accessing the higher realms.

Raw food was definitely becoming more popular and raw food smoothies are now being thought of as the best medicine. Food preparation was also a subject that came up and the need to be more mindful when doing this and to consider the energy of the food and at the same time connecting with good intentions. This was thought to be much more significant than you might think in regards to maintaining good health and something that is vindicated from the results that Maseru Omoto was getting with water when it was sent good intentions.

So hopefully you will find one or two things there that you will want to try in order to help with the coming changes.


  1. Science News

More and more these days you have to search within the alternative media in order to find new ways of thinking that we really need to be aware of. It could be too late by the time the mainstream catches up with it.

What I would draw your attention to this month are Nova’s. We have all perhaps heard of a supernova when a large star explodes and collapses, well it seems that there are degrees of Nova and degrees of a discharge of energy from a star. They also seem to be cyclical in that the smaller nova occur regularly but not as regularly as normal solar flare. The Nova also, obviously, do not occur as often as a supernova. 

The question now though is what does our Sun do? Does it nova? If so, how often does it do this? Well some people are now of the belief that it does this every 12000 years.

Here is a link to a you tube video that will tell you more about this. The evidence seems to be credible but if they are right, we may be in for a rocky ride over the next 20-40 years. See what you think. For me this could all tie up with the coming changes in consciousness we are going to experience. As for it being catastrophic, I am not sure that this will be the case.



  1. Social media news

Thank you to the nearly 2000 followers on my Leyline Science facebook page for continually reading my posts. If you like my work, please do share them with as many people as you can. I am also happy to say that I have now had over 200,000 views of my Holy Grail Found documentary. It has slowed down a lot though so if you have not seen it or you would like to help, please also give it a share and subscribe to my channel.

One other thing I wanted to mention here is the increasing corporate decision-making groups that are now deciding what we should watch and what we should not. It seems that if the private company does not like your content, even though it breaks no laws, they will simply close your account. This is a direct threat to freedom of speech although I do understand that a private company can also do what it wants. This seems to be the way of the World for the moment and with the sort of things I will be covering, I too may lose my you tube channel or facebook channel. A bit of pressure from a particular religious community with a word in the right ear at elevated levels of power and one flick of the switch later, I lose my way of reaching people with critical information. Any alternative media options you can think of, please get in touch so I can prepare in advance if the need is there.


  1. Courses, Seminars, Workshops news

For those of you thinking of joining me at the very first Grail Seminar on Saturday 18th of May, I can tell you now that the venue will be the Stanton Drew Village hall. We have this for the day from 10.00am to 5.00pm. The great news here is that we will now be able to finish the seminar with a very special visit to the Stanton Drew stone circle afterwards where everything you will have learnt and tried in the workshop breaks throughout the day will be able to be put into practice. If you are looking to stay overnight somewhere, the venue is only a short journey from Bristol centre where there are lots of hotels. However you might find some excellent B&B’s nearer to the hall. I wish I could tell you more about the day as I really am excited about running this seminar. Remember you do need to have read the two Grail books beforehand.

If this is something you just cannot do for some reason, I am in the middle of designing a Grail Quest Seminar. This will be open to anyone and you need not know anything about my work before you come to this one day course. The seminar focuses much more on the Grail stories and what we can learn from them in regards to finding our own way in life. The seminar looks at the hidden gnostic message in the grail books and what the knights Sir Gawain, Sir Lancelot and Percival, were really trying to achieve. Synchronicity and manifestation at sacred sites are really at the heart of one of the Grail books – Perlesvaus.

Lastly, the dowsing courses I will be running this year in the city of Bath have been redesigned by myself and are now all competency based. This will allow you to see exactly where and what you have to do in order to dowse or to improve your dowsing. If you’ve never been to Bath, you are in for a treat. We will be wandering around the centre of the town dowsing the different lines and following them to see where they go. We pass some incredibly beautiful buildings as we do so. It is a great day out so please book up quickly to avoid disappointment.


  1. Book news

I know some of you prefer to have digital books instead of buying paper ones. Authors have in the past shied away from doing digital versions because they can be so easily hacked and copied and distributed freely. I have been waiting for over a year now to be able to offer you a digital version of the book Grail Found that could not be hacked and is fully protected and that will allow you to share it with your friend on their electronic devices. It won’t go on your Kindle or E-reader but it will go onto your mobile or your laptops. The reason the wait has taken so long was because of the difficulty in buying it. It meant in the past buying cryptocurrency on an exchange and converting them to pebbles (pebbles are the alt coins that are used to encrypt and decrypt the digital book). Now though you can purchase the book via your device by using your own digital currencies – wherever you are in the World.

To do this go and download the free Publica App at your App store. Scroll along the latest titles or put Grail Found into the Search bar and you will find my book. Click to buy it ($10) and you will be taken through the simple steps.

What is nice is that the pictures are all in colour and there are hyperlinks everywhere so you can find pages quickly.

A year ago I travelled up to the London Book Fair just to meet the CEO of this company and to gauge where things were going with crytpocurrencies and publishing. It has taken awhile but it is now growing and will become big in the future. Their plans for the future include the ability for people to resell the digital books they buy. You will be able to buy them in bulk for a cheaper price and sell them on to your own market. Copies are a thing of the past and the author always knows how many are sold. None of the authors I came across felt they could believe the figures their publishers or distributers were telling them as they offered no proof. Cryptocurrency and the blockchain is definitely the future.


  1. Extra

What I love about trying to follow one's vocation, is that you never quite know what will come your way. As you will know if you follow my research, I have been looking into old prophecies and finding common interpretations between them. After a while of having done this you can get to see a sort of theme within them all that makes them stand out as something that is more than just a prediction of some future event. They are all about a really important single event that in our future. Now though it is very, very close to happening. So when I came across Black Elks great vision, alarm bells sounded almost immediately when I heard that this came to him when he was only nine and after he had suddenly had an illness. This vision had stayed with him all his life and he himself said he had never interpreted it. Hermaneutics is not an exact science. It is not just the case of looking up the meaning of a symbol in a book. We have to be mindful too that the Native American Indian languages are verb based whereas ours are noun based. This makes it hard to get a good translation from one to the other. Nevertheless, certain things stood out for me that made it impossible for me to not see the comparison with the other major prophecies on the evolution of consciousness and the coming golden age. I have no intention of spoiling it by providing an interpretation for you though. In the Grail Seminar I have added the English version of the Great vision to the end of the 120 page manual that comes free with the seminar. What I will do on the day is to provide you will a few clues and tips on what to look for and you will then enjoy reading about the vision and be able to interpret it for yourself. This ‘coming to know’ approach I am told is very Algonguin and something that David Bohn with his implicate order would have appreciated. If you are left unsure of what I mean here I would refer you to a great book called Blackfoot Physics by David F Peat which I enjoyed reading nearly 15 years ago.

All I would say in conclusion is that we are living at a time when some amazing things are going to happen. We do need to prepare though and this is what my work is all about. So please do share what you can with friends and colleagues and help me with this work.

Thank you for your time