January 2019 Newsletter

New Dragons are arriving

Hi this is the first of my newsletters for 2019. I have separated them out into six sections of news that will hopefully give you something to read that is of interest as well as updating you on some of my own research and work that I am doing.

  1. Science News

First out is the latest scientific news that now seems to be very relevant. Our Sun, long thought to be a large gaseous object, is now thought by some scientists to have a liquid hydrogen surface and a solid hydrogen core. This is going to turn astronomy and theoretical physics on its head and is thumbs up for the Electric Universe theory and a big thumbs down for relativity theory. The man responsible for find this out for us is Professor Pierre –Marie Robitaille – a World leading expert in magnetic resonance imaging. One of his you tube videos can be watched here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fynuCLQp1TE

As you can imagine Scientists in the World are incredibly angry with the Professor as he has encroached into their fields. Unfortunately for them though he seems to have discovered to past flawed thinking which he has now put right. With the Sun having a metallic core, it’s now even more likely that we have a transformer effect between the Earth and the Sun and a method by which energy can get to our own inner core and be converted into low frequency sound energies.

Some of you may have noticed the recent news about the unknown mysterious waves that were rippling around the World in the last few weeks. It is very possible these could be harmonics of the low frequency spherical standing waves of sound that are being emitted from the inner core. We shall have to wait and see.

  1. Social media news

For those of you who have not noticed the Rory Duff website has been updated. Please have a look and tell me what you think. New courses and seminars and books are now on the event calendar page – details are below too.

If you have not already found my facebook page it is called ‘Leyline Science links secret societies with hidden knowledge and prophecies’. With around 1500 followers now, it seems people like the short puzzling messages that contain revelations and new information about the earth energy lines and their nodes. Be sure to check it out here and please follow if you like them. If you are new to it, there are over 80 posts to now catch up on. posts, https://www.facebook.com/RoryDuffGeobiologist/?ref=bookmarks

My Holy Grail Found documentary gave me a surprise last month. It had been steadily watched by about 200 people a month when on the 18th November it suddenly got 20,000 views – a nice birthday present but I admit to be totally confounded as to where this publicity came from. A look at the stats didn’t help either. Nevertheless it is now up to 150,000 views and I now have over 1600 subscribers. Great news here is that I have now reached the new You Tube monetization levels for my channel. 9 dollars earned in December – thanks – it all helps. (The video can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4ZOzuZy8-E&t=649s )

I have just recently put a new video up of an interview that I did with Saira Salmon that I strongly suggest you watch. It looks at the question of our evolving consciousness and the probably science behind that. This comes out on Saturday 22nd December at 6.00pm – Click the link here then https://youtu.be/ZbQZgqMcEMQ  I will be online then answering any questions.

I have to say I love it when I am contacted by other groups wishing to link up because of the nature of my work and the common ground with what they are doing. The Tribe of the Sacred Heart did this recently and they have a wonderful mission statement that is worth reading – mankind would be doing fine if everyone adhered to these principles – have a look at their work on their face book page


  1. Courses, Seminars, Workshops news

I have just set some dates for these on my website, so if you are interested please let me know via the contact page. Payment methods are not up for some of these yet, so do let me know in advance if you are interested.  I have also been asked to run some online seminars by the British Society of Dowsers and to run some advanced dowsing courses for them – everything is now going competency based with certificates awarded at the end of them. You will eventually be licensed to run location checks for people – this will become common the future as people realise they could be living in a ticking health time bomb – and I am not just speaking about heart problems here.

One note I must make is about the new Grail Seminar/Workshops. There are two planned at the moment. They will be held in Bristol but only for those people who have read the books Grail Found and Grail Bound. My apologies for that but I just cannot cover all the ground I would need to in order to get you up to speed and ready to cope with this seminar/workshop. It delves so much deeper than the books and gives you a new perspective on the truth and what has been hidden from us in the past that will astound you. It is a practical based course too with exercises that will open up all your senses and which will challenge you into becoming mentally stronger – something we are all going to need in this coming transformation.

  1. Awakening Consciousness news

Speaking of transformation, this section of news is about the coming evolution of consciousness and it will provide updates on what is happening and what we are doing and what you should consider doing in order to survive mentally and emotionally.

All this is very much linked to the fact that we have increasing levels of cosmic rays now entering our atmosphere. This is unprecedented due to our three lowering shields. If this is new to you, have a look at the relevant video on my video page https://roryduff.com/videos/

The extra cosmic energy we know causes DNA to mutate and cells to be killed off. Past high levels can be seen to be linked to evolutionary events – watch my new interview mentioned above on this.

These energies don’t just affect us from above, they also affect us from below. Energies coming via the Sun and via the inner core of our Earth are converted to very low sound frequencies and it is these we find in surface patterns of high and low pressure zones on the surface of the Earth. These new galactic energies also affect all other energy lines and these already affect us in many ways. With the increased power and strength, living on or near to these lines is going to affect us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually (Sound and consciousness appear to be linked at the smallest and most subtlest of levels – the sub quantum level)

These new galactic energies are causing the new Emperor Dragons to reappear on Earth for the first time in many hundreds of years. Two more are about to join us and over the course of the year I will be tracking their location and reporting back where I can.

In the meantime, one of the first things you can do is to join in with the group meditations on the key holy harmony days – details are on the www.worldharmonytrust.net website. It is vital we get more small groups doing this all around the World exactly at the same time. Please do share this knowledge with everyone you know who likes to pray or meditate. This has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with love and the love of mankind and our environment and our spiritual growth and development.

  1. Earth Energy news

I am starting the New Year of 2019 with several talks on the first ever classification of Earth energy lines. This is important for communication between everyone and also in raising awareness of the problems and opportunities knowledge of the different energy lines can give us. At some point I will record the talk and put it up on a video for everyone but in the meantime do come along if you can.

The challenge this year, as mentioned above, is to find the new type 5 Emperor Dragons that are coming and where they intersect with the existing four pairs of type 5’s. It is of course their intersections, the nodes, that are really most important and whether they need bedding in to the existing grids (repairing). What we know already is that this cannot be done by one person. It takes at least three people to do this and they must all be in agreement with one another as well as being representative of different frequencies themselves. I will mention more on this throughout the year. The actual locations of the lines and the nodes will be only released to those people who have learnt to dowse these energy lines and to those people who live local to these new sacred sites if we are asked.

  1. Book news

The preview copies of the book Grail Bound have nearly been all sold. This will be unavailable in January and February and a new 1st edition copy will be out on the 1st March. This will be at the higher price of £25 – Currently they are being sold for £20 and the promise of a review by the reader that I can use on the website.

There are a few other books I have written now available on the website – just check the home page for details. The Key to the Secrets of the Ancients was released anonymously back in 2012 and sold well. This time I have updated the content and the cover. That it still has a freshness to it is really down to the many amazing people I met and spoke with, that are recorded in this book. Some of the top healers and psychics tell me their secrets and how they manifest what they need in life. Much of this information you will not find anywhere else.

On another note, I am looking for help. I am looking for a good literary agent who can sell my new novel ‘The Grailhunter’ to a publisher. It is a modern story about a young woman who is looking to find her role in life. You might consider it a heroine’s version of the Hero’s tale where she has to overcome challenges and obstacles in order to find her path in life. She finds that her own journey is much like the Percival’s (the knight in the Grail stories) in that she has to follow the same rules in order to find what she is looking for.

So if anyone might personally know of an Agent that might be interested in reading more, please do make contact with me or ask them to do so.

That’s it for the January newsletter. More to come in February. Please feel free to share this Newsletter on to anyone you wish and ask them to sign up to future letters on the website and to subscribe to my You Tube channel

Rory Duff