Glastonbury dowsing day

This is a day that is open to anyone who has passed my level one course or attended a private one day dowsing workshop with me. 

It provides a perfect follow up to the level one course after you have had a few days of dowsing on your own in and around where you live.

This day is similar to the Avebury dowsing day but different in one regard. On this day we will be learning to track different types of lines in towards the node at the top of Glastonbury Tor. 

The day will start off in the town centre where we will pick up the type 1, 2, 3 and 4 lines that head towards the Tor. This will be a great chance to get used to tracking a line and using the dowser mapping electronic system to record the locations of these lines.

The day is aimed at giving you further confidence in your dowsing and your mapping skills so that you can return home and map the area around where you live and find any lines running through your home as well as tracking them towards a nearby node. 


Glastonbury Dowsing day 2020 is Saturday 5th of September

£30 - limited numbers so book early. Instructions will be sent out nearer the date