February Newsletter

Thank you all for your continued interest in my research. This newsletter continues in the same theme as the last with updates in the variety of areas that I have listed below. I have also added an extra section at the end for things I come across or am sent that I think you or people you know may find helpful

  1. Earth Energy news

Well the December energies hit us in full force, went down to the core of the Earth, got converted to low frequency standing waves of sound and they have now slowly emerged back up to the surface. The 5th Emperor Dragon has now appeared and I spent a wonderful sunny afternoon in early January remote dowsing its location at Stanton Drew stone circle. Already I have had two independent sources of confirmation that this remote dowsing must be correct. Only one thing to say at the moment is that there is now much work to do by many people. Please look out for more on this in a new project I am commencing in the coming months.

So this leaves one more Emperor Dragon to still emerge. (There may be more but we cannot be totally sure about this either way yet) We know the energies for this dragon have arrived from a distant galactic centre but so far still no sign of it on the surface. There are strange things afoot and my colleague Tim G., who helped in the Spanish Expedition that readers of Grail Bound will know about, has found some strange observations on this new line. The lines are still moving and they are unstable. It is as though they are taking their time coming to their final resting place. Remember these six pairs of Emperor dragons seem to be each linked to a particular regular source of galactic energy bursts. By the time of the March newsletter, we should know more.

  1. Awakening Consciousness news

In case you have not seen my youtube video Interview with Saira Salmon, this will clarify much of my thinking in this area and it will also help you decide if you want to buy the Grail bound book or not, if you have not bought it already. The diagrams and pictures will also help you understand what is going on and how the earth energies play such an important part in all this.

As many of you will know, there have been greater cosmic energies arriving at the back end of December 2018. Some of these have come via the Sun and a transformer effect. Actual observations by people experiencing these energies vary but there have been some common threads. Lack of sleep is one, unusually waking up at strange times in the middle of the night, heart palpitations also being experienced in the middle of the night is another (This is quite possibly to do with the energies from the Sun having come through the Earth as we sleep on the dark side of the Earth) Either way we may need to revamp how we look at ground ourselves at night to get some protection – this is especially the case if you live on some of the more powerful energy lines. More on this in the future.

  1. Science News

First up is a science story that is being picked up by more and more people – that of the magnetic pole movements. I have known about magnetic reversals, where the North magnetic pole switches position with the South magnetic pole, since I was a student of geology in my 20’s. There is nothing new here, we see palaeomagnetism in iron rich minerals in rocks and we can measure their orientation as the crystals cooled and solidified. They would line up pointing in the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time. By looking at a range of these minerals across an area, we find that the magnetic poles shift roughly every 200,000 years. What may surprise you is that the Sun does this every 11 years. Here is a link to a brief summary about

Magnetic pole reversals by suspicious observers


What we know is that the field strength is reducing and the pole positions are moving much faster. It is likely, as we are long overdue a shift, that we could experience one within the next few years. Yes - the latest science shows they can occur in under a decade – not in a minimum of 50 years.

What I want to touch on next though is what we can expect when this happens. Firstly mankind has never experienced this on Earth before so we cannot be too sure about all the events that might unfold. However we do know a few things. The Earth’s magnetic field, and what makes it, is still unclear and unknown. Some people say it drives the rotation and spin of the Earth. There is no proof of this though. There is a series of videos/commentaries going round at the moment saying that the spin of the Earth is going to stop and start rotating in the opposite direction during a reversal. Some say that the spin will reduce a bit and then pick up again. This does not happen on the Sun though. These commentators suggest that when the spin is affected the momentum in the oceans will still keep going and Tsunamis will flood over the land which has stopped rotating. They say this is what caused the great floods we find evidence for in our history. I do not accept this though. If the spin of the Earth stopped and went the other way the water movement would wipe out all evidence of mankind as well as life everywhere. It could not have happened as there is too much evidence to the contrary. Even a slight halt to the spin would cause huge tsunamis but these would be found most in the equatorial regions where the spin is fastest. This is not where we hear and find the best evidence for past floods.

Instead what we are more likely to expect in a pole reversal is changes to our weather patterns as jet streams are diverted. More cosmic rays will get through to our atmosphere as the magnetic field strength has lowered so much. We know that more cosmic rays cause more clouds. This means wetter weather and colder weather as clouds reflect heat and sunlight and it is the changing Sun’s conditions that drives our changing climate. Sunspot activity and rainfall are highly correlated. Mankind is just responsible for pollution not climate change. If you a wondering why everyone is trying to tell you different, it is because of money, tax and power. Whether we have a pole shift in the next 5 or 10 years, one thing we can expect right now is much colder wetter weather due to the cosmic rays and the increased cloud cover. Have a look around the World right now and you will see extreme cold in countries that are just not used to it. New records are being broken everywhere. The Earth is not getting warmer and wont for probably about 20 years.

  1. Social media news

So much today on social media is also being manipulated with accounts being shut down and being demonetised. The suppression of the truth is the name of the game if you are saying anything contrary to the government and big corporate narratives.

Having said that, I have escaped being noticed so far and it is wonderful to see so many people enjoying my ‘Leyline Science Links secret societies and hidden knowledge to prophecies’ page, getting so many followers and comments. It is keeping me busy to just try and keep up with a few of them. (Thank you Ash, for all your help with this.)

One post recently (99) I would like to draw your attention to is the question I have raised about the Earth energy lines at Avebury. For a long time the locations of the St Michael and St Mary lines have concerned me – they just did not look as though they started off in these positions. The question I asked was if we should move these lines – essentially should we repair the node at Avebury. I will be starting a project to discuss this with more people in the coming months so please stay tuned, help, contribute, pass this information on, or anything else you would like to do. This is not just a simple node repair job. We should be engaging with large numbers of people on this subject even before we ask the question if they should be moved and well before any repairs are made if we are given the go ahead. I will keep you updated on this. Please join in the discussions on this, let me know your thoughts and if you would like to be involved and to join the meetings we will be having.

You Tube – thanks to everyone who has watched my Holy Grail found documentary. Nearly reaching 200,000 views and 2000 subscribers and I am now attracting the attention of some serious writers on the Templars and the Grail. Yes there are some stupid comments, we have to expect that, but also some serious interest which is great. I will be doing some more on how to dowse in the near future as well as some more filming for my next video Holy Grail Ground. This will come out with my third book in the Grail series Grail Ground – a book about the locations of the Emperor Dragons and the incredible sites these huge energy lines run through.

  1. Courses, Seminars, Workshops news

I said that anyone signing up for my newsletter will receive discounts on my courses so here is a link to a webpage with 15% discounts on the location checks, the basic dowsing courses and the grail seminars.


Please remember though you do need to have bought and read the two grail books to be eligible to attend the grail seminar. The content for that is becoming incredible and is still revealing itself to me too. Just two weeks ago I found some even more revelations in Caravaca as well as a Steiner connection there ! – I know. You just could not make it all up. Something about the truth emerging for all to see is unfolding.

If you cannot make the seminars on the dates given, I will be running more over time but these are really just for those people who want to explore the bottom of the rabbit hole.

It’s not nice down there - the truth hurts and challenges your views and perspectives and it’s not something you will feel that comfortable about if you want to talk about with anyone else who has not been to the seminar. It’s not all bad though, if you let it, it will be life changing in a wonderful way.

We all have to step out of our comfort zones at some time or other.

  1. Book news

Thanks to those of you who have bought my books already. I have had some great feedback. I am now though looking for specific feedback from those of you who have read the book Grail Bound. Just a line or two. The best will be entered into the front of the book and that will then become the first edition of the book. Only a preview edition has been printed at the moment. Deadline is the end of February for this.

Some of you ask why the Grail series books and the Green snake fairy tale are only available via my website and not via Amazon. The answer I can give you at the moment is that I do not want to publish these with an ISBN number at this point in time. It is a way of getting this information getting to the right people to begin with.

Hopefully those of you who came across my work have done so in an emergent way, maybe even in a synchronous way. As you will already know, the content is controversial and will attract huge negativity by some groups and organisations who would prefer that this information didn’t come out all (Some people just don’t like any change at all). This will undoubtedly happen in the future but by then, hopefully, many more people will have had a chance to read the works and decide for themselves what to think. This is why I value your support so much. We need to make what mankind is building towards as positive as possible.

  1. Extra

I would like now to offer you something either for yourself or someone you know who might be interested. My friend Carol Everett has started something called the Healing Sanctuary.

Carol is an amazing healer who was tested at Denki University in Tokyo. Under live TV in a science laboratory she eliminated a tumour in under 7 minutes. This was shown disappearing on a thermal imagery scan in the next room. You can read more about her and her amazing work on her website www.caroleverett.com

If anyone can help someone get better, Carol is one of the top ten healers in the World and has even been voted as such by an American Healers Association.

Here is the information she has said I could send out


Healing Sanctuary

Daily Healing Program – Your Healing Follow Up. (Jan 2019)

The Quick Version. High energy healing is now available to you almost on demand from my distance healing sanctuary. This type of healing has again been scientifically tested recently (see video and articles) so I am confident you will benefit wherever you are. The healing is for mind body and soul, it covers major health concerns you may have. This healing will be at your arranged times for high energy part and then in the background at all other times. This covers everything that you will need from healing. 

You register a month at a time in advance or longer if you want to, specifically to be part of the healing program. Part of your commitment is to specify your donation each month and re-register in the same way. If you stick to your commitment to the program you get around ten hours of high energy directed healing over the month, that’s around two and a half per week. Plus, you are on a 24/7 dedicated healing program. 

It is completely separate and different to the older Monday evening absent healing program. The Monday program has proven that previously, just from lower levels that it has produced many positive healing examples. The new healing is directed and is a collection of energies unique to your needs powered from the healing sanctuary. 

The registration is renewable after joining and you just donate monthly, or by regular payment to remain on the program as long as you would like to stay. You must physically re register though, this is part of your personal commitment responsibility. Joining the program is strictly one person, one registration. If you need to stay on the program longer than one month ensure you re-register in time. Those who let their program registration lapse will normally automatically lose their place. Pure healing energies are sent out to you not only to help with any illness you are concerned with right now and actually specify but much more towards renewed wellbeing. It is designed to help repair and rebuild the many lost neural network connections lost to us over time, such as losing the ability to increase your own immune system and defences in times of health crisis. As the sanctuary healing is extremely beneficial in many other respects of your life and karma there are also elements of the anti-ageing maintenance process enabled which help your body and mind maintain your health to a much greater extent. You can choose two slots a day of twenty minutes to suit your lifestyle or one slot of forty mins. The specified times are registered in the sanctuary program for healing in your own name. You receive direct healing energies from the sanctuary healing program. Just fill in the form at end of detailed version below and send back to me to join in. Love Carol


THE DETAILED VERSION. For Carol Everett Healing Sanctuary distance healing program 2019. Distance Healing. There is now a very high level of distance healing available to you to tap into on a daily basis. It has been tested scientifically again recently but this time, over a distance of six thousand miles away, that was from Europe to the USA. So, I am confident the distance healing has its desired effect. It’s available to you now each day when registered with Carol Everett’s Healing Sanctuary 2019. This important update to your onward healing progress will explain much about how you can benefit from a powerful distance healing program. Not to be confused with the usual absent healing program, this is a program of more concentrated and exclusive healing energy you can tap into directly at specific times you choose to suit your own lifestyle. See below how to join. 

What happens with Distant Sanctuary Healing? The healing sanctuary is a special healing sanctuary building where I do all my work at a distance. It is a porthole into other higher dimensions that help me and you. For this to be pure I meditate and have direct access to link in healing energy several times a day. Every time I work with people in the sanctuary the healing energies build up and up and remain there. If you are sensitive, then you can actually feel this when entering the building. I can also use the healing sanctuary as a gateway for the energies and this is exactly what you tap into during the sanctuary healing program. To reach this high energy state is something that is of course achievable by many others. But for you to keep the energies going yourself, you must do your part and value the energies that are helping you with me as a channel. In joining this high energy programme, you are committing yourself to work with these energies.

How does the sanctuary healing work for you? I will explain this as simply as I possibly can. For many years I have been healing at a distance and close up and sometimes using ‘hands on’. I have developed healing circles both in America and London. It’s exactly the same principle, either close up or at a distance. The healing energy remains constant and accumulates wherever energy is being channelled. During a healing circle or meeting I am often working with sensitive people and can feel energies building up in the group as a result. It’s the same with the healing when it happens in the sanctuary, it builds up and stored, almost like an accumulator. It means that people are able to partake in the distant healing program at times most convenient to them using the healing sanctuary energies. Many people want to participate in the program. You but you should decide which times of day suit you best. Always use UK times for this. Conversion from your time zone is available on google or similar. This ensures the energies when directing healing will work with you at the correct times. During your allocated times think of me or get my picture, concentrate on what you want to be healed and visualize this illness being put in front of me in your mind. The sanctuary ‘porthole’ has been created to catch these illnesses by the higher energies. I somehow have an ability to change these negative energies with the help of the higher energies. The energies reverse the negatives and send them back to you as positive healing.  Each person can have as many as five different futures. This is determined by the way we behave and the way that we treat others. Being part of this daily sanctuary healing lifts your vibrations and determines through positive behaviour a better future too. Your thoughts coming to me are energies that I can use to help you. That’s why it’s important that you do your bit as well. The more people that take part the more energy I can use to help you. There is a balance here and numbers are limited availability on the sanctuary program. People will join and also leave when they feel the time is right.

What to do. The best times to do the sanctuary healings is just before you would go to bet or if you have a quiet time sometime in the day. The higher energies don’t like noise or bright lights so make sure you are in a reasonably quiet place. You may feel a temperature change, either really cold or really hot after, but don’t worry about this. Make sure you are in a relaxed state of mind, that no one will disturb you. Slow

down your breathing as if you are going to sleep then put your hand on my picture one hand on your head. Then relax listen to your favourite music if this helps to relax. I won’t say the word meditate because some of you will be put off by this but relaxing is the main thing. If you fall asleep don’t worry that’s good. I am pleased to be doing this with you. You can let other people know too, so send this to anyone you know would benefit from this healing breath of fresh air every day. 

Past Healing. If you have had consultations previously, I thank you for consulting and trusting me to help you with your mind body and soul healing. All my healing courses and onward healing methods have been inspired by the higher energies working through me to help your body heal itself. By working directly with the higher energies, it allows me to develop the very best new methods possible for your own healing requirements. 

High energy healing works more on the neurological pathways. It takes two months after healing to divert and reconnect the specific pathways that directly affect health. Bodies physically or mentally usually take a long time to develop any illness or imbalance, so doing something daily to help reverse this makes perfect sense. Where I go to bring the healing down for you is reached from a combination of a life time of healing work from pure energies that you would be very unlikely to be able to tap into directly yourself.

Daily Health. Being a part of a follow up program daily or even by using this program itself is to be considered important in helping maintain the level of energies needed to keep your health reprogramming moving forward. It’s also about your own personal commitment too. It has to be a three-way thing, the higher energies, me and you. As we get older too, we have to be much more aware that our bodies have to be looked after daily. There is no quick fix and no end to looking after yourself properly.

After effects of healing. If you have already had one to one healing appointment[s], especially through virtual blood method you may find that during the first two weeks, going on for six weeks afterwards you may experience different sensations. Happy, nostalgic but at times tired as your body absorbs and works with this new energy. It is a balancing out your mind body and soul while working on the areas needed. Also, the areas you mentioned in your feedback form. If you are tired don’t force yourself to do things, just go with the flow as much as you can. Feed-back is very important to both my work and to me. So, write down anything you feel that is out of the ordinary in your diary this will inspire you to keep going and give you something to look back on later to see how far you have come. Then again, a month later.

Anti-ageing Beauty courses subject to availability. If you have had healing for Anti-ageing for beauty the healing continues to work on your collagen tissue and immune system which normally shows stronger signs of more improvement after six weeks, so be patient. These are not available on donation.

Important healing advice. Do not try to heal your own blood or have energy type healing elsewhere, it will confuse what has already been done, the energies are mainly unseen. As a precaution remember that working with another healer may change your energy field while working with me. It confuses and dilutes what I do and have done for you. So be careful as a less developed healer may unknowingly absorb the energies that I have given you. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep. Have fun, plenty of fresh air, music, good friends, meditation or yoga. 

Healing on the blood and the immune system can bring up hidden enemies like ailments you have had previously, or even new ones waiting to mature. The immune system will try to deal with this more effectively, so don’t worry about this. Sometimes as the collagen tissue is working harder after treatment you may rarely also even get a couple of spots, leave them alone, they will usually go if you don’t pick or disturb them. 

If any symptoms do persist it means that the body has not been able to deal with this at this point so continue to see doctors for all the tests etc. then come back for healing if you want to. It’s much better for the immune system to know and deal with it than for anything to get out of control, so always go to the doctors too. Particularly if you are worried about any specific health or skin condition.

I think it’s always best to consult the doctors about any condition, normally before you consult any alternative or complimentary therapist. This ensures you have a foot in both areas of expertise that often work better together to complement each other. 

Drink plenty of water. Get plenty of sleep, laughter is the best medicine, Silly videos are a good quick way to make you laugh.

Anxiety Stress. For those of you that have been suffering a long time with anxiety, stress etc, I recommend you have someone outside the family to talk to, someone that also understands my healing work. If you feeling guilty after taking out frustration on other family members or those close to you. It doesn’t help them or you. One therapist I can recommend for this is Mindy Kane

A way of life. People ask why I don’t do the life readings anymore, I had to make a decision, health and healing came first. You cannot get someone into the right frame for healing if they have just asked you questions about love life and work. Firstly, they cannot still their minds for healing and two if they have heard something, they don’t really want to hear it upsets the brain patterns. Also it makes it harder for you to absorb the healing so it’s not productive. Readings are only available under exceptional circumstances.

Why daily healing. I found that when people were working with me, they felt so good, even being in the energy I was directing at them. After the healing course had finished, they felt a bit lost without those positive energies. So, healing on a daily basis makes perfect sense. Of course, I cannot commit myself to actually be there for you in person which is why the energies are accumulated. The daily distant healing programme from the sanctuary is perfect for you, perfect for me.

Long term plan, long term goals. As we get older, I always say something is needed to keep the frequencies and the energy field up for the whole mind body and soul increasing these by breathing in these high energies every day.  With anti-aging, some regular top up treatments may be needed depending on how much you need to achieve. This will determine the final ongoing outcome. I advise if it’s possible for you to have a follow up intensive five-day course six weeks after the end of your last course. Possibly also have one day booster after maybe 10 to 15 days following the main healing week, depending on how you feel. This is recommended for maximum benefits, but work can continue slightly slower if not. After that you may need single day top ups from time to time but it is more to maintain the anti-aging process for you. If life has taken more of a toll and age and lifestyle has shown as more adverse effects and you will find the treatment courses and intermediate treatments really help you maintain a balance. Taking you to the next stage, when you are ready, I suggest a week every three months. With really mature skins one extra treatment a week while on the program as well. For more mature skins one additional treatment a week may be needed to supplement as well. However, the requirement does vary with each person, we will go with the flow and you see how you feel. 

It is a porthole into the other dimension that helps me and you. In order for this to be pure I meditate and have a direct link energy wise several times a day. Because everyone is different and because it’s a totally unique service especially designed for each individual. The higher energies will give you what is shown to be best for each person as you progress and move along.

Latest from the healing sanctuary. Courses of treatments are good to give your body a good boost. What is needed is to incorporate the healing energies into your everyday life. The way you lead your life and how you think is very important to keeping the healing energies going and keeping your mind body in soul as much as possible in the high energy that you receive when you are having healing with me. I have recently had the results of my distance healing tested, this time from six thousand miles away. This shows that the healing can be measured at a distance and who ever tunes in with me receives it. I have been working on the power of the mind to help others all my life. It’s taken hours and hours of dedicating my thoughts in a room. The original testing of my brains ability to be telepathic and do diagnosis and healing was confirmed scientifically in Japan in 1994. Since that time, I have been working harder and harder to reach further to help those who come to me. 

Who Can Join? Each person in the daily healing programme must be specifically invited in. There is a monthly donation, this depends on your lifestyle, income etc. Your donation will be privately discussed and agreed on application.

What do I do to join? Send in your picture, name, date of birth, your location and what you need to be worked on, mind, body, soul. Also, your thoughts on your monthly donation. Also. the best times you prefer what time you prefer each day to link in. Twenty minutes twice a day or forty minutes a day. Although you will not be speaking to me directly at the time of your appointments the higher energies and I will be aware of those who are participating in this program and at what times. If you have to change it sometimes don’t panic, you are still at one with me healing sanctuary and the higher energies. Thoughts are living things mentally joining at a different time is fine.

You are responsible for making sure that you continue with the programme, you will not be sent reminders to donate. If you can’t remember, then it’s not a proper commitment. It’s about you taking responsibility for your life. Numbers are limited, if you lapse or when you no longer need the program your place will be taken by someone else who may be waiting. The programme is to help you get stronger mind, body, and soul. By making the commitment to sit quietly every day with the higher energies at the same times, when possible, is showing your faith and commitment. Exchange of energies is good for karma, it isn’t good for anyone’s karma to keep giving without them showing signs of appreciation in one way or another. Sooner or later you have to pay karma back and by doing too much for someone is as bad as doing not enough. It’s all a question of balance.


  1. When I have my programme booked with you, how do I know when I need more intense one to one healing?
  2. If your mind body and soul is maintaining and staying the same or moving up at a steady space then you are obviously getting what you need and, you may not need one to one healing. If, however you are feeling that you are not getting any better, then intense one to one healing, along with a check-up with doctors or specialist before is best. I always recommend you keep your regular blood checks scans and check up with doctors. As soon as you start to feel better this is not the time to stop the daily healing programme it’s a time to keep going. This is a way of life, bodies are like a house they keep needing maintenance all the time to maintain their best and get the best out of them.
  3. Can I ask questions on the Sanctuary program?
  4. I can’t answer questions and give direct advice for those on the distant daily Sanctuary Healing Program. I would be sitting here day and night.


  1. You were tested on your abilities In the Denki University and again more recently to look at someone and diagnose what was wrong with them, you have been well known for this, Why don’t you do them anymore.
  2. It was twenty years ago and I have always been way ahead of my time with my intuitive medical work. The medicine of the future is nothing like it is now. Doctors diagnosing as they are now do not exit. Treatments are not with drugs, antibiotics or operations as we know now, they do not exist. The healing and the source that I work with is in unison with health and the well-being of the future. Therefore to work with today’s methods only knowing what I know is a kind of set-back. All I can do is offer the healing that is in conjunction much more with tomorrow’s methods. The word medicine does not exist, the word diagnosis does not exist, operating theatres as we know them now no longer exist. It is considered barbaric. But this is where you/we are now, so you do have to keep your feet in both camps. Ie The healing world, vs conventional medicine. Taking the benefits of tomorrow’s world healing which is very profound and up front in tomorrow’s health and well-being. Conventional medicine will still be in play for quite a long time. So I will in very exceptional circumstances help with my diagnosis assessment on a medical problem IF it is really needed. Then only if conventional methods cannot find the answer to a problem and you/doctors wish to use and take my assessment into account. My energy healing is designed to balance back the body so its own immune system can wake up again and take over its own healing. Doing the diagnosis to fit in with what is available now takes my mind backwards and away from new research. Once you know something is in your mind. It’s there, you can’t erase it from your mind. You want to go further along that path to progress. You wouldn’t want to be in college degree class and then go back to the nursery school to start again. Thank you for taking the time to read this look forward to hearing from you.

************* Below all Subject to Availability *************

  1. Mindy Kane a councillor is available for appointments by Skype. For long term anxiety, stress, depression and addictions.
  2. Dr Enrique Garcia is available in person or via Skype for pre-booked consultations.
  3. For people that want either enhancement after healing with me on the collagen tissue to improve areas that need a little more, then EPRP in conjunction with Dr Enrique and me for beauty is available. EPRP with Dr Enrique is also available for health.
  4. Don’t let the left brain hold you back. Let the right brain set you free. Come with me on what has taken this lifetime to get my brain to get to this point to help you with.

Love Carol


Print out the following information and send it to Carol via email

IMPORTANT.. See note below..

  1. Your Name ----
  2. e-mail Address ----
  3. Phone Inc Country code ----
  4. Date of Birth ---- dd/mm/yyyy
  5. Best times or time of day you prefer for healing (always UK time) ----
  6. Healing Start, Renewal Date ---- dd/mm/yyyy
  7. Condition[s] you want healing to particularly concentrate on, plus any feedback ---
  8. Register Monthly [ ]. OR Three monthly. [ ]
  9. Your Donation for each month (renew mthly) ----

9a.Your Donation for a maximum of three consecutive months (renew quartly) ---- 10. Method of payment --- £xx (gbp) by paypal via caroleverett.com homepage link, or £xx (gbp) by bank transfer (bacs) Note. If starting out with the sanctuary program, or renewing monthly, or renewing three monthly, please e-mail your form and feedback each month as part of your healing commitment. 

Email to carolevsanctuary@btinternet.com

HS Registration email.

The subject line should contain ONLY < HSRegistration - Your Name >  HS email The subject line should contain ONLY < HSProgram - Your Name > ********************

YOUR MONTHLY DONATION in £UK . What you can afford. Paypal preferred , or bank transfer in UK Donation Advice (Donate what you can afford according to where you live and your personal lifestyle etc. Remember you are receiving approx. 10 hrs over any month of directed healing and 24/7 hours of background sanctuary healing, all generated from the program. You have to value this yourself. There is however a minimum donation of ten pounds a month to cover admin help and expenses.  Perhaps you are in a position to directly or indirectly help someone less fortunate than you get healing, good karma. Funds made available to help pro-bono requests for ‘impossible’ seriously ill child cases. There is usually at least one or more getting this help somewhere at most times.  Nb. Pensioners who rely on a state pension only as their income, or those totally dependent on social security benefits only. If you can’t afford a donation, a friend or someone else you know may help you first. If not, please send your full details and photo anyway for special consideration.  Registration is strictly one person/one registration)   Once registered, what do you do? Think of the healing as a breath of fresh air every day from a very pure place. You are responsible for remembering to send your feedback and donation at appropriate times. You are responsible for sitting in daily to receive healing from the sanctuary. For those not capable of doing this like for children the form needs to be written in for them. You cannot register someone’s name for sanctuary healing without their knowledge if they are capable of being aware, it is their free will. If not capable then the sponsor should set healing times. Animal healing is the same, the sponsor takes responsibility of course. Positive, happy thoughts are always important. Note2..  This is not an alternative to regular check-ups with your doctors or specialist. There is no question and answer service included in the healing sanctuary healing. Feedback of your progress is welcomed by email and used to inspire others. All my time and energy is spent filling up the healing porthole for you to receive energies direct from the healing sanctuary.

To Distance Healing Case/StoryLinks.

To Article about distant healing. At.. www.caroleverett.com/eprp/6000mile-pn.pdf 

To You tube video distance healing.

At .. www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD7tQC_H9eY&feature=youtu.be

To Dr Enrique Garcia Phone +34 675492441 email .. garcianicolas2000@hotmail.com

To Mindi Kane, councillor. at.. www.caroleverett.com/ce-link.html


Thanks again for everything and please share this to anyone you think may find it interesting.

Rory Duff