April 2019 Newsletter

Thank you all for your continued interest in my research. This newsletter continues in the same theme as the last with updates in the variety of areas that I have listed below.

Earth Energy news

Well the sixth and final Emperor Dragon has finally shown itself. On the day before the Spring equinox, the start of the harmony period, it became possible to dowse for the location of this line and what a cracker it is. It is not like its five predecessors as it has an even lower frequency. It may be this reason that it has taken so much longer than the fifth emperor that arrived earlier. Both waves of galactic cosmic energy (from different galactic sources) hit us at the end of December and this one has taken its time to be transduced at our inner core into low frequency sound energy. This last Dragon has been referred to in the prophecies as the Black Dragon. (The associated colour here may be different this time around) It will not be fully developed until later in the year. We must be mindful of the saying:-

“After the Black Dragon there was a bright light in the sky for 12 days.”

If you want to know when this might be, start to measure the widths of the lines again. It is there that we will see the changes. My suspicions are that we will reach full flow in July this year but we shall have to wait and see. I think the reasons it takes this long to build are because the steady stream of cosmic energy is building and the rebounding back and forth in and off the different layers within our Earth also takes time to build up.

As for the locations of these lines and their nodes, I have to wait first until they are confirmed. This can happen in a number of ways but I rely on synchronicity here as well as other dowsers that I know who can dowse these things. There is much work to be done repairing the nodes. With six pairs of lines crossing around the World, there are quite a few places to find and then possibly repair.

When that is done, the first people who need to be made aware of the sacred locations on these lines will be the locals in those areas. This can take a while sometimes. Anyone who has passed my level 2 dowsing course will also be made aware of the locations. Everyone else will have to wait until my next book Grail Ground comes out – which will hopefully be in 2020. Subscribers to this newsletter will probably get updates along the way too.

Awakening Consciousness news

There is a growing sense amongst more and more people that this is fast becoming the most important thing in life to date. Forget all the other mainstream news, it will become irrelevant in this light of this information as everything will be impacted in a positive way if we get it right.

What is wonderful to see when a person hears about these increasing energies and the changing of consciousness for the first time. It seems to feel right to them. It explains so much to them that was previously confusing them. It is as though it was something they have been waiting to hear about all their life.

It is for this reason, and the feedback I have been getting after my short evening seminars, that a small group of us have decided to hold two ‘one day’ conferences at the end of August. The dates will be confirmed but they are likely to be the Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September. They will be held at locations in Taunton, Somerset and in Dursley in Gloucestershire. Each will aim to cover the same ground and address the same questions so you don’t need to attend both – although there will be different shared experiences and probably different suggested outcomes.

The aim is to share what we have learnt and experienced from dowsing earth energies to other meditation groups from other areas. I believe it to be really important that this shared knowledge takes place regularly too so we are likely to run more of these and sharing what has been learn with other related areas. Healing groups will probably be done next time around.

This will not be a conference where the audience just sits and listens to speakers. At least 70% of the time will be spent in discussion groups addressing what can and has been learnt and how the important messages can be shared further to many more people. I truly believe this is an experience not to be missed. More details on this will follow in the next newsletter and on my website.

Different from this though is the Evolution of consciousness ‘one day’ seminar that I am running on the 15th June. This really gets into the detail of what is happening and how it will affect us from a scientific perspective. We will also be running specific mental exercises throughout the day that will build to produce a powerful technique that will help you to survive the coming mental challenges we are all going to face. My NLP and Coaching background will help you here considerably to learn this technique faster and in a way that it becomes unforgettable.

You can find out more information on this and book up for the course here:- https://roryduff.com/evolution-of-consciousness-seminar

You do not need to have read any of my books to be able to attend this course – unlike the Grail Seminar which requires a good understanding before we can take you deeper down the rabbit hole.

If anyone would like me to run a seminar nearer to where you live, please let me know. The only help I would need to do this though is with getting enough people locally together for the event.

Science News

The news this month that really caught my eye was a short you tube video by a chap called Dr Pierre-Marie Robitaille. He was one of the pioneers in the MRI industry that the medical fraternity use to scan the inside of human bodies. What he learnt from this in regards to diffraction and other wave related phenomena led him to see poor science being carried out in other areas.

One of these was in Astronomy. It seems now that the Big Bang theory of the creation of the Universe is really now dead in the water. Don’t expect physics to shout about this for some time though and mainstream media will be probably talking about this in over 10 years time – such is the power of large grants in the wrong hands.

About the only thing still keeping the big bang theory afloat was an experiment done by Penzias and Wilson. They discovered what they thought was Cosmic Microwave background radiation coming from the universe and the left over heat from the initial big bang explosion. Unfortunately for them Dr Pierre Robitaille has since shown that their equipment was actually picking up a diffraction signal from the Earth’s own heat due to the shape of the horn they were using in their experiment. Honestly you could not make it up it sounds such an amateurish mistake. In summary then, their observations were not the last remnant heat signatures left over from a Big Bang.

We know the maths in the Big Bang is highly suspect too with possible pressure densities being flipped into negative ones with the flip of an equation - so Bye Bye Big Bang. I, for one, will not miss you. Nothing creative, like life, can possibly start with an explosion.

If you would like to watch a great video on all this here it is


Social media news

I am glad to say that my You Tube page and my Leyline Links Science…facebook page are doing well with steadily increasing numbers. One of the things I would point out if you have not read the posts is the really great information coming from people adding to the comments below them. It opens up the discussion on many levels which is great to see going on between people. So please do read the comments and question these as well.

I am doing between two to three new posts a week and it takes up quite a bit of time to do them so please also share them when you can.

Courses, Seminars, Workshops news

My first dowsing course of the year was on Sunday 24th of March and was on a lovely sunny day in the city of Bath. What people don’t see is the work that goes into these courses beforehand. Every year I have to walk the lines in the area to check they are still there and not moved too far. This is getting more and more of a tricky exercise as the lines have widened and there is more overlap of them all. This also makes it harder to find an area where beginners can attune to just the frequencies of one line before they can then go on and dowse that line. The good news on the day was that all twelve people were able to dowse between four different types of Earth Energy line by the end of the day and had achieved competency in all 15 areas in my level one course.


For those of you who have read my books Grail Found and Grail Bound, the Grail Seminar is uniquely available only to you. It is being run at Stanton Drew, just South of Bristol on the 18th of May. Those that attend will also get a 120 page workshop manual that contains all the information that I cover on the course as well as places to write notes on the many exercises we will do throughout the day. The Seminar and the Manual contains information that took almost a lifetime of research to find out with investigations into many esoteric areas, ancient writings, highly successful healers, prophecies and visions and little known religions from around the World. All this has led to a new understanding as to how we should be communicating through these Universal Energies with the higher ‘Beings’ living on different matter frequency Worlds and how they can help us during our challenges here in this World. The exercises help build towards successful communication.

Some people are good at these communications but this seminar will help identify where any weaknesses might exist and how improvements in prayer and meditation can be made. If this is of interest, please book in the next few weeks to get a discount on the seminar. Here is a link to the discount page which will get taken down two weeks before the seminar


I am hoping to run another Grail seminar later in the year around October but that will depend on the interest nearer the time. If you are interested in attending a seminar around then, please let me know too.

Book news

A few of you may now that I have completed a new novel called ‘The Grail Hunter’. It is a story about a young woman who storms out of her current life as she is fed up with her work, a lack of career opportunity and her flirtatious boyfriend. She takes the midnight ferry to France without knowing where or what she will do. The journey she then takes brings her to learn about the Cathars, synchronicity and what she really wants to do in life.

As you know though, I can publish my own books if I wanted but for this one I am exploring the idea of finding a publisher who could market and distribute the book effectively. One small publisher has shown an interest but I am not sure they have the capability of promoting the book in the way that it needs to and I am yet to see the synchronicity linked with them. If anyone knows any publishers or literary agents, and who would perhaps like a share in the profits, please let me know. As you know I like to try and work on the basis of synchronicity so just releasing the book when I want. is not how it works. Synchronicity began the book and it was an idea that came originally from my wife and two sons to write a novel that included much of my research so that it could be made more easily accessible. That all began at midnight crossing the Mendips in a snowstorm in early 2018. We were the only car on the road that night. That is a story for another day though.  


Be careful what you wish for in the coming months. This is a double edged sword. Precision in dowsing when asking questions is vital but it is even more vital when you make instant wishes. The intensity of your emotions when you make an instant wish goes a long way to bringing it into fruition in these heady energetic times.

Wishes and curses though work the same way. This may seem strange to say, but it is good to do neither now. The reason for this is that manifestation should be for what you need, rather than what you want. As to what you really need, well that should probably coincide with finding your vocation in life. Therefore you should ask to be shown more synchronicities and to be able to recognise and explore them. This approach allows you to find your path. If you start to get to specific with your desired needs or wants, you will possibly get it but, possibly, along with complications and it will not be long before you have completely lost your path if you are on it, or further from it if you are not.

I develop this theme of ‘asking for synchronicity and how to explore these’ further in my seminars if you are interested. The more ‘in depth’ secrets of Manifestation from the Seers and Sages of our past are also looked at in more details in my one day workshops.

All I would say in conclusion is that we are living at a time when some amazing things are going to happen. We do need to prepare though and this is what my work is all about. So please do share what you can with friends and colleagues and help me with this work.

Thank you for your time