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I have tried to combine in it details about the work that I do for people and the research that I have done over the last 15 years. The connection is my background as a Geologist and my work now as a Geobiologist. By trying to follow synchronicity and a vocational path, I seem to have come across a few of the Worlds greatest secrets. I shall let you be the judge of that though if you wish.
One of those secrets seems to be that there are a few very low frequency sounds that come from the centre of the Earth. Some of these appear to be causing ill health for large numbers of people. In some instances this has even resulted in Cancer and Heart failure. This website will begin to explain why and how and what can be done about that and the potentially harmful effects of living in one place for too long. The good news though is that something can be done about this without having to move home.

In contrast to that it appears that some of the other low frequency earth sounds can be highly beneficial to people. If you live or work on locations where these sounds are found it can be very positive. The good news here again is that we have now learnt what is needed to be done to recreate these wonderful places. Rejuvenation, Manifestation, Inspiration, Creativity, Healing and an increased ability to meditate more deeply are all things that are now possible.
What is strange and most curious is that all these properties are also Grail properties and this is where my research has also led me. I have free documentaries on this site where you can find out more about this Grail research as well as books that you can purchase should you wish.

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A short 1 minute preview about finding the Holy Grail is now available to be seen.

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Aside from being a Geobiologist I am also an author of several books. My latest that has just come out in July 2018 is a guide to Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes. It contains a first ever full classification of Earth energy lines and their nodes. Please have a look at it under the books section or click on the link in the picture below.

Grail Found

This new book is the story of how the Templar Grail was found. For more information on the book, please look at the books page and the book review page.

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Grail Bound


A limited preview edition of the above book Grail Bound is now available only to those people who have purchased the book Grail Found. For more details please click on the above image


Goethe's Fairy Tail - a new translation

This almost unknown work of the German mystic Johann Wolfgang von Goethe provides us with the missing link when it comes to the timing of the Universal prophecy. Rudolf Steiner spent much of his lifetime trying to interpret this work. Because of recent geobiological research a full interpretation has now become possible. Also available now is a recording of the newly abridged translation that you can listen to. Please click on the above image for more information

The Templar Window

A small window in an almost unknown Templar chapel in the South of Spain has 42 mysterious symbols all around it that have never before been deciphered. The local legend says that if ever they were, it would change the World for good.

The fact that this place is also one of the top five most holy Christian places in the World makes it even more of an interesting site. Click here for more information.....  


It seems that where we live and where we spend our time can have a significant influence on our life. A locations Geobiological Energy can be either good or bad for us when it comes to our health and our success.

It all depends on the frequencies of these Energies and how they interact with one another. Fortunately there are things that can now be done to create more harmonious spaces.

Geobiology is the study of how Life affects the Earth and how the Earth affects Life.  The latter is the area under study here.    

This relatively new subject covers several areas but of interest to Rory Duff is the energy that comes from the centre of the Earth. The inner core of the planet is solid Iron and Nickel. This is thought to rotate within the molten outer core. This  rotation occurs for several reasons with one of them being because of the natural spin of the Earth.  The Iron and Nickel core is also now thought to behave like a natural transducer. This means it has the ability to convert one form of energy into another. (Iron and Nickel transducers are commonly used in Microphones and Speakers to convert electrical energy into sound energy and back again)

Gravitational Energy (and the pressure and heat it generates), Rotational movement and quite probably Electromagnetic energy that comes from the Sun (by way of a step down transformer effect) provides for a continuous source of energy arriving at the core of the Earth. This is now thought to be converted into different low frequency Sound and Electrical energy which then emanates as spherical standing waves towards the surface of the Earth and back down again.

These high and low pressure waves can be observed as patterns of lines of concentration zones on the surface of the Earth.

Several types of electromagnetic waves and several groups of very low frequency sound waves can be detected. They are generally found running along straight lines which also regularly cross over other linear high pressure zones.  

It has been found that, where these high pressure zones are found on the surface of the Earth and where they intersect with one another, there can be a major impact on a person’s life.

This is especially the case if we live or work for too long in some of these places.

In many cases living on these frequencies is fine. In some cases it may even be extremely positive for a person, however there are certain specific groups of linear concentrations of energy that have been found to cause stress, depression, illness and disease.

In a few places, at specific times, and where these energies have been 'tuned', they can provide an invigorating experience. You will find greater levels of positivity, enthusiasm, happiness and peacefulness.

Just imagine if you could hear these sounds. Some you would hate and some you would love. Our bodies and their cells are in a constant state of vibration and these sounds either resonate well with ours or they don't.

Rory and the group of consultants can check where you live and work. They can then make assessments and, if necessary, they can deliver solutions that will make major improvements in your life. 

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Is where you live slowly killing you?

Some German Scientists and Doctors seem to think so.

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How can I benefit from a positive Geobiological space ?

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Location Check

For more information on getting a quick check on the Sound and Electromagnetic energies where you live and/or work - click here

Are the frequencies be affecting you ?

The above map of linear energy concentrations just shows three fields of energy across the City of Bath in the UK. In reality there are several more fields of electromagnetic and sound energy. Over 50% of us live, sleep and work in high pressure  ultra-low frequency sound areas. Of this number a further 20% of us will be affected by frequencies that are detrimental to our health. This is especially the case if you have lived there for a long period of time. 

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Are you Stressed or Depressed ?

Have you ever wondered why you might be stressed or depressed for no particular reason. Or perhaps there are reasons in your life to feel this way but the intensity level of your stress and depression is much higher than you think you ought to have. After years of study we know that if you live, sleep or work on any of these lines, it will intensify your emotions. This can be both good and bad for you. If you are being negatively affected in this way, this need not be the case.

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Do you have a persistent health problem that has been difficult to pinpoint why?

Do you have a persistent illness or disease that does not seem to want to go away, despite medical treatment? If yes, it might be that you are living or working on one of the energy zones that is vibrating on a frequency that is detrimental to human cells. This situation could be worsened further if you are living on top of an area that has water in. Due to its potential to store energy, water seems to amplify the negative effect and lead to even worse problems. In addition that if you are using a lot of electrical components, that too will lead to a disharmonious energetic environment.  A location check by one of our consultants will see if where you are living or working may be damaging your health. If you are, they will be able to recommend some solutions that will help improve health.

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Are you looking to create a very special place to live or to work?

Just as some frequencies of these energies can be bad for you, others can be exceedingly helpful. Where they run, where they cross over each other can be places where you can greatly benefit. You may be looking for increased creativity, greater intuition, deeper inner peace or even just higher levels of happiness. Imagine a bath of sound that resonates well with every cell in your body. Just how much more do you think you will accomplish in your life. Our consultants have learnt to understand the patterns of energy that best suit these outcomes and how to tailor solutions so that you can make the most of these energies.

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